Chapter thirty-four

Sloan stretched his arms across the back of the club booth as he observed the scene before him – business rivals sharing secrets, acquaintances laughing, couples dancing with a bump and grind that preluded to what would finish in the bedroom.  He watched the club life like a panther lazing in the rainforest stealthfully watching his prey.  But his prey wasn’t found in this chaos.

Sloan took a sip of his whiskey.  At least Abbey wasn’t at the diner tonight.  He made every effort to let her know how much he disapproved of her job.  He could envision her waiting on dangerous men in her faded turquoise uniform, her skirt too high for his tasted in front of such clientele.

Sloan respected her reasoning for staying at the diner.  She needed to learn to trust again.  She had been betrayed by not one by two men at the same time.  But it didn’t mean he had to like her being there.

Sloan set the glass tumbler of whiskey on the table.  He glanced up as he felt the burgundy patent leather of the booth seat shift.

“What can I do for you, Amber?” he greeted cooly.

Amber’s blue eyes twinkled as she tossed her long blond hair from her shoulder, revealing a stunning, low cut, tight ice blue dress.  “Oh, where can I begin?  No matter where I start it ends with you naked in my bed.”

Sloan flashed her his sexy smile.  “No.”


“How many times do we have to do this, Amber?”

“When was the last time you had sex, Sloan?” Amber chided.

“Amber, it is none of your concern.”

“So it really has been a year, huh?”

Sloan glared at her.  Amber drug her fingers sensually across his chest then wrapped his tie in her fist.  She continued.  “Sloan, don’t you remember us together?  It was incredible.  You can’t tell me part of you doesn’t want that again especially after a year of being celibate.”

Sloan pulled his ted free from her.  “I can honestly tell you I don’t want to sleep with you again.”

“Why not?” Amber demanded, the fury etching in her perfect porcelain face.

Sloan lifted his left hand to his face.  He turned the back of his hand to her, flexing the ring finger bearing the simple gold band.  “I am a married man, Amber.”

Amber laughed incredulously.  “For a green card, not for love.  I love you, Sloan.”

Sloan shook his head.  “You lust for me, not love me.  And I’m not with my wife for a green card.”

“Then why are you here if you care for your…wife?” Amber demanded.

“For the visa I am here with.  To meet with business investors.  To make money.  It’s the only reason I come to these night clubs.”

“And me?” Amber screeched.  “And our nights together?  What was I?”

Sloan stared deep in her eyes.  “A diversion.  Just like the other women I spent the night with.  Amber, I made no promises of love to you when we were together.  I was honest with you.  No relationship.  No love.  Just sex.”

Amber’s face twisted in anger.  “Well, I never…”

Sloan slipped his phone from his pocket and typed briefly.  He tucked it back in his pocket then removed a few dollar bills, dropping them on the table.  Sloan took a final swig of his whiskey then stood.

“Where are you going?” Amber growled following him.

“Leaving.”  Sloan gave her one final glare.  He strode through the packed club to the door.  The black Hummer sat patiently waiting.  Sloan opened the door and took his seat inside.

Gordon watched him from the rear view mirror.  “That was quick, young one.”

“So was your response to my text,” Sloan replied.  “I finished what I needed to do.”

“Yes, but months ago you would stay out until the wee hours of the morning.”

Sloan stared out the dark tinted window.  “Doesn’t appeal to me anymore.”

Gordon chuckled as he pulled out into New York City’s busy Saturday night traffic.  “Home then?”

“I suppose.  Where else would I go?”

“I know of a great little coffee shop in Greenwich Village.  How about a cup of coffee, young one?”

Sloan smiled as he returned Gordon’s gaze in the mirror.  “Still, the penthouse.”

The amusement in Gordon’s eyes faded.  Sloan’s smile grew as he continued.  “To take you home.  I will take the Hummer to Greenwich Village.”

“Are you sure that is a good idea, Sloan?  Going out in Manhattan alone?” Gordon’s voice gravely warned.

“Yes, Gordon.  I will be fine.  Trust me.”


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I am the author and illustrator of the children's book "The Peculiar Princess". I am also the author of two adult fantasy romance novels, "The Sorceress of Savon" and "The Woodcutter King of Muladin". Along with being an author I am married to a wonderful guy and have three beautiful children. I coach youth track and field, sew and chase my children around to their various activities.

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