Chapter forty-two

Abbey shot straight up in bed.  She found herself alone.  Warm spring sunlight bathed the loft.  She ran a hand through her rumpled bed head then wrapped the thick white down comforter around herself.  Thankfully Barker had given her the day off now that he hired a part-time waitress.  She would certainly have been late for work.

Abbey felt humiliated.  It was just as she suspected.  She fought against herself not to take her relationship with Sloan past the point of no return knowing once she gave him what he wanted he would leave her.  Now that they slept together, he was gone.

Abbey laughed miserably to herself.  At least she lost her virginity to her husband.  Sloan may be her husband on paper only but he was still her husband.

Abbey’s stomach growled as the savory aroma of breakfast drifted from the kitchen below.  She slid from the bed, wrapping the comforter around her naked body.  She carefully descended the “L” shaped suspended staircase from the loft.

Sloan stood over the stove in his black Armani suit scraping at a large cast iron fry pan with a spatula.  A chopping block of vegetables and a glass bowl of egg residue sat on a charcoal colored marble island.  He turned as he heard the sound of the comforter slipping across the wood floor of the penthouse.  He smiled warmly at her.

“Good morning, Luv.  Sleep well?” he greeted.

Abbey giggled as she kicked the comforter ahead of her with each step she took into the kitchen.  “I did when you would let me sleep.”

Sloan laughed as he took hold of her hips.  Like a child he lifted her and sat her on the island.  He then handed her the plate sitting next to the stove.  “Breakfast,” he instructed.  “Spinach and tomato omelet with feta cheese.”

Abbey murmured her thanks as she stabbed at the eggs.  She was starving.  It made sense since she forgot to eat dinner the night before and spent the whole night burning calories.  She watched as he finished his own breakfast.

“You’re dressed awful fancy to be cooking breakfast.” Abbey commented, her mouth full of egg.

Sloan scraped under the omelet in the pan to loosen it.  “I am leaving shortly to fly to San Francisco for a few days.”

Abbey stopped chewing.  “Oh.”

Sloan slid the omelet onto his plate then set the spatula and pan on the counter.   He picked up his plate and turned towards Abbey.

“We need to go over some details, Abigail.”  Sloan cut free a piece of omelet with his fork and slipped it in his mouth.

“Alright,” Abbey answered uneasily.  What details did they need to go over?  Details about their relationship?  What more did he want?

“While I am gone you are not to leave this penthouse, understood?”Sloan instructed.  “Robert will be staying behind.  If you need anything, you will call him and he will get it for you.”

Abbey set her plate down, shaking her head.  “No, Sloan.  I have a job.”

“Then you will call in and tell your employer you will not be there.”

“No, Sloan.  I won’t”

“Abigail, I will give you whatever money you lose not working.”

“It’s not that.  Sloan, I need this job.”

Sloan laughed.  “No, you don’t.  I will provide for you.”

I can’t trust you will.  You lied to me before.  Why wouldn’t you again?”

Sloan stared at her, fighting the hurt her words caused.  But he understood.  It would take some time for her to heal from the betrayal from him and Michael.  He smiled.

“Alright.  Robert will drive you to and from your job.  But when you are not at work you are here.  Non-negotiable.”

“I can’t go get a cup of coffee?” Abbey whined.

Sloan laughed.  “Not without Robert.”

Abbey’s face darkened as she pouted.  Sloan set his now empty plate in the sink.  He leaned on the island with his palms pressed on the marble on either side of Abbey.  Abbey’s pout melted away with Sloan’s kiss.  The way his lips pressed against hers it almost felt like he was trying to memorize the way she tasted, the way her lips felt.  Was he going to miss her?

Their lips parted.  Sloan’s brogue was deep and somewhat sad.  “I have to gather a few more papers before I leave,” he murmured.

Sloan helped Abbey down from the counter before he disappeared into his office.  Abbey shuffled from the kitchen, clutching the comforter to her.  She stopped short as Robert appeared from the foyer.  Abbey didn’t hear him come in.

Robert chuckled as his eyes raked Abbey’s tousled figure.  He certainly knew what happened between her and Sloan the night before.

“You’re stuck with me, little girl,” he announced.

Abbey wrinkled her nose at him in disgust.  With a huff she stomped up the stairs to the loft to get dressed.


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