Chapter fifty-two

Happy Fourth of July!

Abbey was never so happy to be at work.  Waiting on patrons at the diner assuaged her self-contempt for her actions at the club.  She was so happy she volunteered to take Mitzi’s shift also so Mitzi could have a Saturday night out with her friends.

Things were also very quiet in Abbey’s life.  When Abbey stepped across the threshold of her apartment she turned off her cell phone.  Sloan gave it to her so he could reach her at all times.  It was non-negotiable.

Bet her never figured she would turn it off on him!

Although Abbey was able to bury her guilt on Saturday under plates of food and satisfied customers, it was back in full force Sunday morning as she woke up.  The diner was closed.  She was alone.  Abbey got to spend the day beating herself over being so desperate.

Abbey crawled from under her sheets and shuffled across her bare apartment.  She opened the refrigerator and sighed.  It was empty.  Her stomach growled in objection.  On Sunday mornings Abbey woke up to the best French toast she ever tasted made just for her by her husband.  This morning she woke up to nothing.

Abbey glanced as she heard a knock on the door.  She pushed the refrigerator closed then stepped over to the door.  Abbey peered out the peep hole.  She stepped back silently, staring at the door panicked.  If she just stayed quiet he would never know…

“Abigail!”  Sloan’s voice boomed through the metal door.  “Open the door!”

Abbey trembled at his voice.  She could hear his fierce anger in his brogue.

“Abigail!” he shouted.

Abbey paused a moment more before she unlatched the locks and tugged the door open.  Sloan glared at her, his six and a half feet dressed in a skin tight t-shirt and designer jeans filling the entire doorway.  His large hands clung to the door frame, his fingertips scraping against the painted metal.

“Why did you turn your phone off?  What part of non-negotiable did you not understand?” he demanded.

Abbey shrugged as she looked away.  “I just did,” she muttered.

“Abigail, if I hurt you the other night in any way I deeply apologize.  I would never intentionally hurt you.”

“You didn’t hurt me.  It’s not that.”

“What is it then?”

Finally Abbey looked into his eyes.  She could see the hurt and desperation radiating in the clear blue.  She threw up her hands exasperated.

“I was an idiot, ok?” she cried.  “I threw myself at you like some desperate slut.  It was killing me watching those women crawling all over the guy I love and it made me jealous.  I am embarrassed by the way I acted.”

Sloan said nothing.  Abbey watched as that sexy smirk spread across his face.  She shook her head at him confused.

“What?” Abbey pleaded.

“I heard you,” Sloan purred.

“Heard what?”

“The part after the women crawling all over me.”

Abbey stopped and thought for a moment, playing her rambling words back to herself in her mind.  The realization of what slipped from her mouth stunned her.  She looked up.  In the moment she was lost in her thoughts Sloan had crossed the apartment to her.  He held her chin in his hand as he gazed into her eyes.

“And for the record, I love you too,” he whispered.

Abbey wrapped her arms around his shoulders as she sunk into his kiss.  There was no denying it.  Her dingy apartment wasn’t home.  This man with his warm lips, his strong arms, his beautiful eyes – this was her home.

Sloan nuzzled his nose against Abbey’s.  “I am a little disappointed though.”

Abbey’s brow furrowed.  “Why?”

Sloan’s smile made her heart race.  “I thought you were open to making love anywhere, anytime.”  Sloan nodded over Abbey’s shoulder towards her twin bed nestled in the corner.

Abbey returned his devious smile with one of her own.  “I didn’t say I regretted that.”

A low growl erupted from Sloan’s throat.  He stretched his foot behind him and nudged the door closed.


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