Chapter sixty-two

Abbey stumbled across the concourse of the Belfast International Airport.  Despite leaning against her husband’s strong arms, she could barely stay on her feet.  All she wanted to do was puke.

Abbey still didn’t understand why Sloan bought airline tickets.  He owned a jet.  Abbey guessed aloud that the jet wouldn’t make it across the ocean.  Sloan assured her it would.  When Abbey pressed he didn’t answer. 

Even thought there hadn’t been any turbulence to speak of Abbey was still convinced the trip would have been easier in the jet.

Gordon, Bartholomew and Robert followed behind the couple.  They were fuming and on edge.  Something really bothered them about being in Belfast.  What could possibly bother them so much.

Abbey glanced over her shoulder as she felt something brush against her.  Gordon held out a pair of sunglasses to her.  She didn’t notice over her churning stomach that all four men surrounding her donned a pair sometime between the plane and here.

“Put them on, Abigail,” Gordon ordered.

“Why?” Abbey objected.

Sloan opened his lips.  Abbey put her hand up to silence him.  “I know, I know.  Non-negotiable.”  She took the glasses and slipped them over her eyes.  There were tinted deep brown, had big lenses and were super stylish.  Gordon had great taste just like Sloan.

“Where do we go now?”Robert growled.

“Liam will be here shortly,” Gordon answered as he warily scanned the crowd.

“How about we go to the restroom so I can throw up?” Abbey suggested half heartedly.

Sloan wrapped his arm around her concerned.  “You are feeling ill?”

“Nauseous, yes,” Abbey answered.  “I don’t think the plane ride agreed with me.  Maybe it’s the effects of my concussion.”

“I’ll walk with you to the restroom,” Sloan volunteered.

“I think I’ll be alright.”  Abbey laughed weakly.  “Just keep those expensive boots away from me if you value them.”

They all turned at the sound of many approaching footsteps.  A group of at least a dozen men marched in their direction, their focus locked on the five travelers.  The men were all dressed in black.  The other common denominator Abbey noticed among them – they were all very large men.  Like the four men that became her family over the past year every one of them oozed danger.

One of the men was slightly in the lead of the group.  He was roughly the same age as Gordon, slightly shorter than Sloan with a stocky build.  He sported close cropped red hair and electric green eyes.  Sloan let go of Abbey and nudged her behind him.  The man stopped toe to toe with Sloan.

“Sloan O’Riley,” the man greeted flatly.

“Liam,” Sloan responded.

Abbey glances from one man to the other uneasily as they locked stares for several moments.  Liam cracked a smile as he wrapped Sloan in a big bear hug.

“Never thought I’d lay eyes on you again, boy,” Liam confessed.  “It’s great to see you.”

Sloan returned the hug, thumping Liam on the back with the palm of his hand.  “It’s great to see you too, Liam.”

Liam let go of Sloan then hugged Gordon.  “Gordon, my brother.  Welcome home.”

“It’s good to be home, brother,” Gordon replied.

Liam shook hands with Robert and Bartholomew, greeting the men he had only met once or twice.  Then her turned and discovered Abbey.

“Who is this?” Liam asked surprised.

Sloan gazed into Abbey’s eyes.  “This is Abigail,” he introduced.  “Abigail, this is Liam.  He’s an old friend of mine.”

“I didn’t realize you added a lass to your ranks, Sloan,” Liam laughed.  “It’s nice to meet you, Abigail.”

Abbey opened her mouth to return the greeting but stopped as Sloan cut her off.  “Abigail is my wife.”

Liam’s laugh disappeared.  “I see.  A wife, Sloan?  Is that the best decision for you to make in your situation?  Especially to bring here?”

Abbey frowned at Liam.  What was wrong with Sloan being married to her?  What situation?  Why shouldn’t she have come to Belfast?

“I hate to break up another discussion of Sloan’s actions even though Sloan’s actions seem to be a constant topic amongst the three of us,” Gordon interjected.  “But I would feel better if we found some place much more private.”

“Of course,” Liam nodded.  “We have vehicles outside.  Come with us.  We’ll take you to the house.”


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