Monthly Archives: September 2012

One of those posts I swore I would never write

I’ve been gone a while.  Nope, not throwing some sort of WordPress protest.  Lots going on and very little computer time.  My oldest is now in college and we are spending nearly every weekend traveling to his football games.  And, on less pleasant news, I’ve been put back on my meds for my Intracranial Hypertention.  I cried, I protested…I lost.

But not the reason for my post.

I’ve read messages and posts where the author writes they are giving up on their dream of getting published.  The pressure of being rejected is too much.  I swore I would never write a letter or post saying that.  I love the fight too much.

Well…it seems that I told a wee little fib.

I’m not saying that I’m giving up.  I’m just strongly considering it.  And it’s not the rejection (not that there hasn’t been – there has).  I actually had a bite of sorts.  I won’t go into details.  Not that I’ve been sworn to secrecy – I’m admittedly a little superstitious.

My possible decision comes down to one major, glaring factor I can’t get around.  Money.  Basically, I don’t have any – or not any that isn’t earmarked for kids activities and football trips. 

Money is needed to buy books to sell to make more money or to get into groups that could help me succeed in getting closer to my dream.  I don’t want anyone to help me with it.  I just wish I knew why I have to have so much to get from point A to point B.

It seems ridiculous when there is potential that I bail out now.  But the way I see it – if you have a car that is falling apart, do you constantly throw money at it?  And is it possible that my writing career is just that – an old clunker?  Maybe it’s time to put the checkbook away and haul it off to the dump.

Anyway…off my soapbox (and my admittedly selfish tirade).  I’ll be thinking long and hard over the next few days.  Until then…