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The Wait is Over

Have you had a chance to see my profile on Goodreads yet?

When I finished Black Irish, one of the first questions I received was “When will the next novel come out?”

Well – the wait is over!

The beginning will be a little slow.  I am once again typing as I write.  And just like Black Irish, this new book doesn’t have a title yet.  So for right now I’m calling it BI2.  I hope you enjoy!



I’m On Goodreads!

I am very excited to announce that I have been accepted into the Author’s Program at Goodreads!

If you haven’t had a chance to stop by the Goodreads website ( it is a social site for book lovers.  You can share your favorite books with your friends and they share theirs with you.  It’s like a gigantic virtual book club!

So to celebrate this news – and a certain day coming up next Tuesday *coughmybirthdaycough* (which, incidentally, is why my favorite holiday is Halloween), I have a present for my friends.  Between now and Tuesday the first 39 readers (since I will turn 39 on Tuesday) who go to the Author’s Profile of my Goodreads page ( and add me as their friend or send me a message – I will send them a coupon for a free e-reader copy of one of my books from Smashwords!  (I can’t send hard copies of the books at the moment – maybe in the near future I can!) 

It’s very simple really (I have a bad habit of making things sound more difficult than they are)…

1.)  Click on my Authors Page on Goodreads ( and add me as a friend or send me a message.

2.)  Let me know which book you would like and how to get the coupon to you by sending the title of the book and your e-mail address to me.  You can send these either by message on Goodreads, comment below this blog post, leave me a message on Facebook ( or send me a message on my website (

3.)  If you are already my friend on Goodreads let me know and I would still love to send you a coupon!

My hopes are that if you enjoy the book you will go back to Goodreads and rate it.  And if you really love the book – tell a friend about it!

Thanks – and Happy Reading!!

Belly Dancing

Not about writing or publishing…yet…

I tried my hand at belly dancing this week.  Brian bought me classes for my birthday.  I was excited.  Then I watched videos on YouTube – then I was terrified.  My body couldn’t do what the girl in the video did!

Come to find out – it wasn’t too bad.  Acutally it was a lot of fun!

The class I am in is friendly and fun.  And it’s a huge workout.  I was feeling it just limping up the stairs after class!  The only downside was watching myself in the mirror (yikes!).

It’s great exercise – it’s something I can do at home – and once I’m confident enough to dance for my husband it might have some added benefits. 😉

That is, of course, if I make it all eight weeks…

A Decision

So almost a month ago I wrote a post deliberating whether I should stop chasing my dream of being an author.  I thought long and hard.

And I realized that would be a silly idea.  Not many people can say they are able to live there dreams.  I may not be living my dream full time but I am living it.  And that is all that matters.

I am also proud to announce that I am a member of the Romance Writers of America (RWA).

Admittedly I made this decision quite a while ago.  I’ve done something else also – I started the sequel to Black Irish.  I was hoping to add it to this post.  But with Halloween costumes and football games…it’s not quite there yet.  So keep checking back – it should be soon!