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To Tweet or Not To Tweet…

So while I’ve been studying how to get ahead in the writing/publishing business (seriously – did I just call it a business?  This “second job” that I completely love – a business?  Someone slap me now…) I’ve found several strong recommendations to promote through social media – blogs (hi everyone!), Facebook (I have five pages for my books) and several other sites.

Including Twitter.

Now Twitter is a perfectally great site.  I just can’t get into it.  Why?  I asked myself that.  I came up with this…

1.)  My life isn’t interesting.  I wish I could relate my undercover duties as a covert spy.  Alas, when I am not writing I manage an office.  Not really exciting.  The most danger I’ve been in were the three paper cuts I got last week.  Oooooh…not so scary (painful but not scary).

2.)  I’m a mom.  I know there are lots of moms on Twitter.  But pretty much all I talk about are my kids.  My face to face friends get tired of hearing about them.  I’m pretty sure the Twitterverse would too.  They are amazing kids.  Just FYI.  I’m not biased either.

3.)  I have a tendancy to ramble on affectionately about non-animate objects.  Like Kenny…

I could go on for a couple dozen Tweets about Kenny.  They would get old fast.  By the way – how did Kenny come into my life?  Refer to List Item #2.  (This would be middle child Jon and his FTC team – Go Cougarbots!)

So why did I join Twitter?  Because I do hope to come up with some witty things to Tweet – or witty quotes to post.

Why do I stay on Twitter?  That’s classified.   

My twitter address is @triciaandersen.  Feel free to come check it out – I might even say something witty someday!



It’s almost Christmas…

And it would truly be silly of me not to make a plug about Christmas gifts (being an indie author and doing my own marketing and all…).  With that being said here comes the shameless plug…

Do you have a child in your life that would love a new, unique children’s book?  Or do you have a friend who is a die hard romance novel lover?

Take a stop at for the book lover in your life!

BI2 – Chapter Seven

Tomorrow starts another week of school and work.  Jake is safely back at school.  Time to start the routine again!


BI2 – Chapter 6

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I am thankful for all of you!!


BI2 – Chapter Five

So I could be accused of going on sabbatical.  I have been working on a BIAW (Book In A Week) exercise with the other incredible writers in my RWA Chapter (dare I call them sisters?).  So I haven’t been typing – I’ve been writing.  And boy – do I have alot of material to share!


Getting the Word Out

(My three kids – Jake, Alex and Jon at the CVSA 2012 Walk in June)

Another post that has nothing to do with writing.  It is a subject near and dear to my heart.  And it’s a plea.

Tomorrow night on Grey’s Anatomy they will be profiling an illness called Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome.  I’m not a fan of this by any means.

In reality – my daughter Alex has it.  She’s been symptomatic since her first birthday.  She wasn’t diagnosed until she was two.  She didn’t find the right medication until she was two and a half.  It’s a really long time for someone so little having a violent vomiting spell every three weeks like clockwork.

So here is my plea – if you are home…and bored…please turn Grey’s Anatomy on and watch.  You may get a chance to learn a little about Cyclic Vomiting. 


I Have an Authors Event on Goodreads tomorrow!

I will be having a Authors Q & A on Goodreads tomorrow –

So if you are bored tomorrow and have a question to ask stop by!  I would love to answer it!

BI2 – Chapter Four

For you, Tina – my ever patient, faithful friend…



Unfortunately this doesn’t mean I have any text to blog yet.  I will soon – I’ve been writing!  The book I’ve been reading has been put on hold.  I love it…I just can’t get into it.

There is just a swirling vortex going on in my head – and writing it might finally make sense.

First of all, I am not only excited to announce that I am a member of Romance Writers of America.  I am blessed, excited, thrilled to announce that I am also a member of the From the Heart Chapter of Romance Writers of America.

Before these memberships I was completely lost, unsure where I was going or how to get there.  After talking to some of the wonderful writers in these groups I’ve realized I’ve been standing on the threshold the whole time.

Which, with the daily grind and the second book in the works, has started the chaos in my mind.

I’ve worked plotlines in my mind.  I’ve tried to figure out Yahoo Groups (not easy).  I’ve tried to navigate the ins and outs of Goodreads.

I’ve gone to blasting Linkin Park and the Sucker Punch soundtrack in my earphones to study my online course in contemporary romance.  I’ve gone back to blasting heavy metal at any other given time (Alex is missing her Demi Lovato and Katy Perry).

I’ve retreated to my mind to sort out the mess.  And of course who is standing there waiting for me with that stupid sexy smirk.  Yep.  Sloan.

Ugh.  More studying.  More chaos.  The man summons it – I’m sure of it. 

(Especially that now, after a book and three chapters, he finally has a “model” for a physical body).

What is worst part of all this?

I couldn’t possibly be happier.

BI2 – Chapter Three

This weekend is Jake’s last football game so we have another long road trip ahead of us.  The upside is that I have plenty of time for this…

Unfortunately it means I probably won’t get much writing done…