Tuesday Tales – Silver

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It’s time for another Tuesday Tales!  This week’s word prompt is the word Silver.   This week I want to answer the most asked question from last week – how would Thatcher react when he learned the truth about Ewen.  Well…

Miranda stumbled between Brunon’s men as they dragged her mercilessly to the throne room.  She dropped her head forward allowing the oversize hood of her cloak to hide her face.  The men stopped to a sudden halt as they arrived before the throne.  Brunon slid his slight frame upright.

“We found the cur, Your Excellency,” the thug with the tightest grip on Miranda’s arm announced.  He shook her violently for emphasis then forced her to her knees.

Brunon slowly stood taking one step after another until he hovered over Miranda.

“You insolent traitor,” Brunon spat.  “I trusted you to serve me.  I had hopes for you to become one of my men, Ewen.  But you betrayed me.”

Miranda remained silent, keeping her head low.  Brunon slowly slid his sword from its scabbard, the silver glint of the blade radiating in the sunlight that shone through the multi-colored windows of the throne room.  He continued.

“I want to see the terror in your young eyes when I end your life.”

Brunon grasped Miranda’s hood and ripped it from her head.  She looked up to her betrothed with defiant green eyes.

“Miranda,” Brunon breathed in surprise.  The sudden deep murmurs that filled the throne room echoed his amazement.  He erupted in laughter.

“You,” Brunon accused.  “You have been the spy.  You.  You have given our tactical movements to the King.  And why?  For your precious knight Thatcher?  Have you secretly plotted my demise so you can find yourself in his arms once again?”

Brunon grasped Miranda and pulled her to her feet.  He rummaged in his linen shirt until he pulled free a vial of thick crimson liquid.  The glass was wrapped in a thin strand of silver and hung from Brunon’s neck by a silver chain.

“Do you know what this is?” Brunon questioned Miranda.  She stayed quiet but slowly shook her head no.  Brunon continued.

“This is your brave knight’s blood.  I took it from him as he hung in the dungeon.  I don’t need to draw my sword to attack Thatcher.  I can destroy him with his.  It will be an excruciating death.”

Miranda felt her stomach turn.  Her face turned a ghostly pale.  “Do not please.  I beg you.”

Brunon’s lips curled in an evil smile as he caressed Miranda’s cheek.  “You will obey me.  You will do exactly what I wish.  And you will become my bride.  Understand?”

Miranda’s breath trembled as her eyes filled with tears.  She nodded.

“Very good.  To your chambers,” Brunon ordered.  He glanced at his men.  “Guard her door.  Do not allow her to leave.”

Miranda trudged ahead of Brunon’s men as they disappeared down the corridor towards her bedchamber.

Thatcher studied the new documents Ewen brought him.  He smiled warmly.  Inside the parchments Thatcher had found one of Miranda’s favorite hair ribbons.  He pressed the ribbon to his lips affectionately wishing to see her again.


Thatcher spun around.  He found Xavier, one of his best soldiers, scrambling down the dirt road to him.  Thatcher turned to meet him.

“What is it, Xavier?”

“Brunon captured Ewen.  He knows what Ewen’s been doing,” Xavier reported breathlessly.

Thatcher shook his head sadly.  Brunon would punish the boy severely, probably kill him for betraying the Count.

“Ah, poor lad,” Thatcher sighed.  “We could mount an attack to free him.  It may be too late…”

“No, Thatcher.  That is not the trouble.”

“Then what is?”

“Ewen is not real.  Ewen is Lady Miranda!”

Thatcher’s heart slammed in his chest.  Nearly every day his beautiful love came to him, assisted him, brought him information to end Brunon’s tyrannical reign.  Yet Thatcher never knew.  Those eyes seemed so familiar…

Thatcher’s nerves quaked in disbelief and panic.  He did not know what Brunon would do to Miranda now that he knew the truth.

“Xavier, get the King,” Thatcher ordered.  “We need to mount an attack.  Now.”

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  1. This is my fisrt visit to this story and it drew me right in.

  2. Wonder if Thatcher will be able to save Miranda in time

  3. Oh no! I hope Thatcher gets there in time! Such a cliffhanger you leave us with. Love it…love each man realizing who Ewen is and their reaction.

  4. Wonderful story! I love that Miranda fooled him. This is an exciting tale and I’m hoping Thatcher and his men arrive in time. Love historicals with drama. Well done!

  5. Wow, this looks hard to do every week. I suck at following prompts or getting into a weekly writing routine like this. Okay question for ya…so like your little banner shows up at the top, is this really an ongoing story like a chapter by chapter type of thing? Like that will turn into a novel? Very good by the way. Silver-licious 🙂

  6. I love that Miranda was able to elude both Brunon and Thatcher into thinking she was a male spy. I wonder if she’s going to find her way past those guards? Great story line.

  7. Ah, I hope Miranda is reunited with her true love. Being rescued from the tower….

  8. Lets hope Thatcher doesnt walk right into a trap ….. not much for historic stories, but really getting pulled into this one!

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