Tuesday Tales – Sand(y)

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It’s another Tuesday Tales! This week’s word prompt is sand(y). And don’t forget to check out the other fantastic writers on Tuesday Tales!



Thatcher and Miranda talked and laughed as they wandered along the sandy bank of the stream, dreaming the plans for their wedding.  Miranda felt Thatcher tense beneath her fingers holding his hand as they ascended the path to their village.  She watched the euphoria drain from his eyes, the sapphire blue becoming cold.

“You have changed your mind,” Miranda whimpered.  “You will not marry me now.”

Thatcher gazed down to her.  The warmth returned to his eyes.  “I had planned on waiting until I spoke to the commander of the king’s army before I spoke to your father.  However, I cannot wait that long.  I will speak to your father now.”

“But you are tense.”

Thatcher cocked a half smile at Miranda.  “It is not a simple task, Miranda.  I am asking your father for you, his daughter he loves so dearly.  I have always believed he found favor with me.  But is it enough to allow me you as my bride?”

Miranda rose on her toes and pressed a kiss to Thatcher’s cheek.  “He loves you, Thatcher.  He will be overjoyed for you to be my husband.”

“I hope so.”

Thatcher clasped Miranda’s hand tighter as they strolled along the dirt roads of their village.  They stopped as they approached the lane that led to Miranda’s cottage.  The road was filled with the king’s soldiers and noblemen.  Miranda’s father was amongst them.  Miranda ran to the group of men with Thatcher on her heels.

“Father, what is happening?” Miranda pleaded.

The man standing beside her father turned, his gray eyes gleaming in a mysterious triumph.  “Ah, Lady Miranda,” he greeted.

Miranda looked at her father, her emerald green eyes bewildered.  “Father, what is he saying?”

“I am Count Brunon,” the man introduced.  “You are Lady Miranda, daughter of Lord Roderick, the late brother of the King.  I am here to take you home to the palace.”

“But this is my home.  And my father.  “Miranda looked pleadingly at the man she had always known as her father.

“Does he look like your father?  Your hair is dark, my lady.  His is sandy blond.  Did your mother have dark hair?”

Miranda shook her head no silently.  Brunon motioned to the carriage, “Your belongings have been gathered.  We must go, my lady.”

Thatcher rushed past Miranda and Brunon and approached Miranda’s father.  “Sir, I have come to ask for Miranda’s hand in marriage.  Please give me that reward and keep her here in our village.”

Miranda’s father shook his head sadly.  “Forgive me, Thatcher.  There is nothing I can do.”

Thatcher turned, his sapphire eyes narrowed in rage, as Brunon’s laugh echoed through the street.  “His majesty will certainly not give her hand to a poor son of a farmer.  Let us go, Miranda.”

Miranda stared at Thatcher as tears streamed down her cheeks.  Her dreams were shattered.  She heaved a heart wrenching sob.

“Now, my lady.”  Brunon grasped Miranda’s arm and shoved her towards the carriage.  Thatcher charged the tall, thin man.  No man would treat his love in such a way.

A half dozen swords froze Thatcher in his place.  He watched helplessly as Miranda stepped into the carriage.  The soldiers mounted their horses.  With a shout, the procession surged to life and disappeared around the corner.

Thatcher stared down the empty dirt road.  “Then my choice is made,” he growled.  “His majesty won’t give me her hand as a farmer’s son.  I have better fortune to win her hand as his trusted knight.”

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I am the author and illustrator of the children's book "The Peculiar Princess". I am also the author of two adult fantasy romance novels, "The Sorceress of Savon" and "The Woodcutter King of Muladin". Along with being an author I am married to a wonderful guy and have three beautiful children. I coach youth track and field, sew and chase my children around to their various activities.

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  1. He’ll become a Knight I bet 😉

  2. Love this story! I think Thatcher has grit and will pursue Miranda and I’m going to enjoy going along for the ride. This was an intriguing surprise. I’m looking forward to more as I’m falling in love with this couple.

  3. From light to dark, high hopes to desolation and then Thatcher’s determination not to be thwarted. Great tale.

  4. Oh, such heartbreak to topple poor Miranda all at once…her father is not her father, she cannot marry the man she loves…

    I truly hope Thatcher makes good on his promise!!

  5. Awww, a great dark moment! I hope the best for Thatcher… He’s an awesome character. 🙂

  6. He’ll fight for her in true “old-fashioned” ways!

  7. Loving this! I hope he carries through on his promise.

  8. She waited so long to confess her feelings to him and this is such a blow to her. Why was she there if that wasn’t her father. Would love the background on that. Poor Thatcher, he will be a knight, I’m sure of it.

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