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It’s my favorite time of week – it’s time for Tuesday Tales!  This week’s word prompt is green.  We are continuing where we left off last week with Thatcher and Miranda. And don’t forget to stop by and indulge in some more incredible stories written by the other incredible Tuesday Tales writers!!

medieval window

Miranda stared out the glass of the window seat in her bedchamber.  The lofty branches of the evergreen trees framed the beautiful scene below.  Miranda could see acres and acres of forests, streams, villages and farms.  The palace, which was nestled on a cliff to protect it from those wishing the crown harm, provided the breathtaking view.

Yet none of it was a balm for Miranda.

Miranda had not left her bedchamber since she arrived.  Her nurses bathed her, clothed her in the finest silk embroidered gowns and brought her food.  They could not coax her from the room.  Thatcher filled her thoughts during the day.  He invaded her dreams at night.  Miranda had no peace.

Miranda wiped the tears from her emerald green eyes as she heard a knock on the door.  “Come,” she choked.

The large wood door to her bedchamber was pushed open.  A large man, similar in height to Thatcher, stepped inside.  He had auburn red hair and emerald green eyes similar to Miranda.  His broad barrel chest made him huge in Miranda’s eyes.

Miranda did not wonder who this man was.  She knew.  She stood on trembling legs then fell to her knees.  “Your majesty,” she breathed.

The man reached down to her with a large hand to help her to her feet.   “None of this formal address, Miranda.  To you I am Thaddeus.  Or Uncle if you prefer.”

Miranda shook her head.  “I am afraid there is some mistake, your majesty.  I am just a poor miller’s daughter.”

Thaddeus gently took Miranda’s right hand and turned it palm up.  He ran his finger over a small birthmark.  It was twisted in the shape of a cross.  Thaddeus then turned over his own right wrist.  He too bore the cross birthmark.

“There is no mistake, Miranda,” Thaddeus assured.

“The girls in the village used to tease me about my birthmark.  They called me odd, strange.”

“You are not odd.  You are royalty.”

Miranda shook her head confused.  “I do not understand.”

“Let me explain.”  Thaddeus led Miranda to the window seat then sat down beside her.  “Shortly after you were born, your home was attacked by a mysterious army with dark, evil magic.  Your father, my brother, sent you away with a trusted servant to keep you safe.  Your parents and everyone in the castle were murdered.  The servant had family in the village you were raised in.  He left you with his cousin, the town miller, the man you knew as your father.  The servant then came here to report to me where he left you.”

“Why did the army not attack the palace?”

“Your father was next in line for the throne.  I have no heirs and at this point I will not sire any.  However he did have an heir.  You.”

“He sent me away to preserve the crown.”

“And to protect you.  You were the world to him.”

Miranda smiled weakly at her uncle.  It was difficult to feel sorrow for a father she never knew.  She folded her hands in her lap.  “So now what will happen?”

Thaddeus beamed at her.  “First I want you to feel comfortable here.  This is your home.  Once you are comfortable I will find you a suitable husband.  Together you will rule in my place.”

Tears rushed to Miranda’s eyes as a sob escaped her throat.  Thaddeus looked down at her concerned.  “You already have a young man?”

Miranda nodded.  “The farmer’s son,” she whimpered.

“Ah, little one.”  Thaddeus shook his head.  “I am sorry.  I cannot marry you to anyone less than a lord.”

Miranda buried her face in her hands as Thaddeus wrapped his arm around her to comfort her.  Miranda could not be comforted.  It was no use.  Thatcher was lost forever.

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  1. Awww. Poor Thatcher and Miranda. What a heart break for them both.

  2. Love how she finds out her history but unhappy she MIGHT not be able to marry the man she loves.

  3. To marry beneath her… yet to lose the one true love you have- life is not fair
    great scene

  4. Happy to learn the true story but HEY! She better not lose Thatcher for eternity! Love this story. Now get them together!

  5. Gosh darn rules for royalty. I do hope love finds a way.

  6. Surely there must be a way…maybe she will renounce her position in line? I’m excited to see what happens in her future.

  7. While all seems lost. I can’t believe Thatcher will let Miranda go that easily. Great scene.

  8. Thaddeus should change those rules. Especially with true love hanging in the balance. Well lets just hope that Thatcher becomes strong and advances in the kings army. There is still hope.

  9. Love ALWAYS finds a way, right? Right??? It’s like a rule or something. 🙂

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