Tuesday Tales – Picture Prompt: Autumn Lane

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It’s time for another Tuesday Tales!  This week we wrote to a picture prompt provided by the lovely Tai Vicari.  We start where I left off last week with Thatcher and Miranda…

walk in the woods

Thatcher stepped from his tent clasping his book tightly to his chest.   He inhaled the warm autumn air.  The army had spent two weeks in this forest practicing drills.  It was the most intense training he had during the three months he was a member of the King’s Army.  Today was a well deserved day of relaxation.  Thatcher looked up as he heard his name called.

“Thatcher!” a large soldier several years older than Thatcher shouted.  “Come with us to the village for a pint of ale and a bar wench or two!”

“Thank you but no,” Thatcher declined.

“Of course Thatcher won’t come with us,” the large soldier’s tall, thin companion replied.  “Thatcher has no use for alcohol and certainly no use for women.  All he has use for are those good strong knights.  Tell me, Thatcher.  Why are you so fascinated with the king’s knights?  Is it more than admiration?”

The two men stumbled away doubled over in laughter.  Thatcher’s sapphire blue eyes narrowed in furious slits.  He cast a glance over his shoulder towards the cliffs to the palace.  Yes, he spent an extraordinary amount of time serving the knights as a squire to men that were half the man he was.

However, contrary to his companion’s opinions, it was for a woman- one who lived in the king’s palace.

Thatcher strolled silently down the leaf strewn dirt road to find a quiet place to read.  He jumped to the ready, drawing his sword as he heard horses.  He dropped to his knee as he saw three knights approaching.

“Thatcher, where are you going?” the first knight demanded.

“To find a quiet place to read, sire,” Thatcher answered.

“No you are not.  Get your horse and load our things.  We need a squire to accompany us.  We are training with the king.”

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  1. Wonderful story this week.

  2. Poor old Thatcher, he’s out of luck as far as finding a quiet corner to read in.

  3. Aw, no quiet place to read…but perhaps by going where the knights are training with the king he will see his beloved?

  4. Nothing worse than not being able to find a place to read! Nicely done.

  5. Aha! Is his patience paying off? Will his training with the King bring him closer to Miranda, his lady love? And I hope he trounces those gay-bashers in the pub, too. Love this story!

  6. Ugh, I hate bullies! <>

  7. Thatcher is missing Miranda …. hope she’ll be back soon!

  8. Go Thatcher, Go! Get Miranda, yay!

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