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We’re back for more Tuesday Tales!  This week our word is funny.  And I have finally come up with a title for this story – The Thirteenth Knight! Don’t forget to stop by and check out the blogs of the other talented writers of Tuesday Tales!

great hall

The Great Hall of the palace was buzzing.  The lords and ladies of the land laughed and ate and drank.  Miranda sat on her wooden seat beside her uncle’s throne watching the merriment.  Her stomach anxiously fluttered.  Thaddeus would soon return with his knights.  It wouldn’t be long before he would choose her husband.  She glanced around at the loud boisterous men then cringed.

Not even the court jester and his funny antics could bring her any joy.  She glanced up as Court Brunon strode by her side.

“Good day, Lady Miranda,” he crooned.

“Good day, Count Brunon.”

“Can I interest you in a cup of wine?  A walk in the garden?”

“No, thank you.”

“Are you sure, my lady?  A beautiful day like this.  A walk would do you good.”

“Again, no thank…”

Miranda startles as the slamming doors of the Great Hall cut off her words.  She watched anxiously as Thaddeus stormed through his court with his knights at his heels.  Despite her apprehension she rose and hugged him.

“Uncle, you are back.  How was training?” she greeted.

“A little more adventurous than I had planned, little one.”

“Your majesty,” Brunon interjected.  “There are 13 knights in your company.  I believe tradition dictates there should only be twelve.”

Thaddeus’s eyes drew to slits as the glared at Brunon.  “There are thirteen because I am king and I supersede tradition.  Besides I need more protection for both Miranda and I.”  Thaddeus took Miranda’s hand in his.  “Let me introduce you to the latest addition to my company.”

Miranda followed her uncle as they traveled through the assembly of knights until the end.  She gasped as her eyes met those of the thirteenth knight dressed in his royal uniform and armor.

“Thatcher!” she breathed.

“My lady Miranda,” Thatcher replied.  Miranda’s heart thundered in her chest as she was captured by his sapphire blue eyes for several moments before he dropped to his knee in a low bow.  He took her hand in his and pressed a chaste kiss to the back of it.

“Sir Thatcher fought valiantly when we were attacked and protected me from those that wished me harm,” Thaddeus beamed proudly.  “I am honored to make him part of my thirteen.”

Miranda felt her head swim.  She thought she would never see Thatcher again.  She cried every day since she was taken from her home.  Now he was here kneeling at her feet, his lips against her skin.  Her voice trembled as she spoke.  “I think I am going to step out into the garden to get some air.”

“I will accompany you,” Brunon volunteered.

Miranda lifted her hand up in protest.  “No.  I would rather be alone.”  Without another word she retreated from the three men and the frivolity of the Great Hall.  She ran through the halls of the palace until she reached the garden.

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  1. Love the happy surprise for Miranda. Thatcher must be proud. Great story I look forward to every week.

  2. What a wonderful surprise for Miranda!

  3. What a wonderful, if overwhelming, surprise for Miranda! Will Thatcher be sent after her to protect her? I would love to see their proper reunion!

  4. Things may be looking up for Miranda

  5. I so love Thatcher 😀 Go Thatcher go! *pom poms waving!*

  6. Love the time period and Thatcher

  7. I hope they work through this happily very soon.

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