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Happy Tuesday!  Today’s word prompt is camera or noisy. I used both!  Since cameras weren’t part of the medieval age, I’m skipping The Thirteenth Knight this week.  This week’s excerpt is from Breaking the Cycle.  Don’t forget to check out the other incredible writers at Tuesday Tales!

mma octagon

The thunderous cheering was deafening.  Chloe scanned the cavernous arena.  Despite the fact the crowd was engulfed in darkness she could tell the room was at least three stories high, a football field wide and packed to capacity with MMA fans.  The black was pierced with split second shots of light from the flashes of camera phones.  She turned back to the violent metal beast she stood beside – the chain link octagon waiting for tonight’s competitors to do battle.  Five of Hard Knocks’ members were fighting tonight including Rico and Mark in his debut match.

She pulled her team jacket tighter around her then shot a glare at Max.  “Is it always so noisy?”

“It isn’t too bad.  There are worse arenas.  This one is pretty quiet.”

“Why am I here?  Why suddenly does Jack want me to go to competitions?”

“When we first started I made a deal with Jack that I would travel and you would stay home.  With you being sick all the time I was afraid of you having an episode away from home and needing hospitalization.  Now that we know it’s CVS and the medication is working, not to mention Jack promoted you to full trainer, he thinks you should start attending some of the competitions starting with this one.”

“Why this one?”

Max pointed to the sign over the octagon.  “Hard Knocks is one of the sponsors.”

Chloe stared at the sign for a few moments then turned back to Max.  She nodded to the camera that Max left on the outer edge of the octagon.  “What is that for?”

“Jack wants pictures for the website.  He up in a luxury box somewhere.  He figures if you and I are down here we might as well get a few shots.”  He picked up the camera.  Without warning he pointed towards Chloe.  Before she could raise her hands to block her face the flash blinded her.

“Hey!” she protested.

She heard Max’s laughter as she tried to rub the spots from her eyes.  She looked up angrily but lost herself in the amused brown depths of his eyes.

“I probably broke Jack’s camera with that picture,” she pouted.

“Any picture of you would make this camera priceless.”

Chloe sighed at his words.  Her gaze wandered from his eyes to his lips.  She remembered the couple times he dared to kiss her.  Even though she still held on to a bit of fear, a deeper desire in her wanted to feel his lips on hers again.

Her mind wandered to the gift bag he gave her, the one that sat on her dresser at home.  From lip gloss to condoms.  She reached into the pocket of her jacket and wrapped her fingers around the tube of lip gloss.  She was going to have to try it later.

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  1. lol…what a gift bag. I bet they’ll have fun trying everything in it out 🙂 I missed Thirteenth Knight…but this was a fun diversion. I really like Max…

  2. Looks like an awesome gift back to me. Lip gloss and condoms. lol Great use of the word prompt camera.

  3. Think things could lead to a whole lot of fun.. Max is my kind of guy..

  4. Love this new story. My question is: she brought the lip gloss, did she bring the condoms also? Woo hoo. This is gonna heat up.

  5. Lip Gloss to Condoms, that would make a great book title. 🙂 love this TT — Davee Jones

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