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Gotta love Tuesdays!  It’s time for Tuesday Tales!  This week’s word prompt is yellow.  We continue with Thatcher and Miranda in The Thirteenth Knight.  Don’t forget to check out all the rest of the incredible fiction writers of Tuesday Tales!


Winter snow had blanketed the kingdom in a pure, cold frost.  Snowflakes drifted from the sky, twinkling against the light of the full moon.  The scene from forest to field was peaceful.  But the tension in the palace was anything but peaceful.

Thaddeus gazed down at the beaten, bloody soldier kneeling before him.  The blaze in the fireplace warmed the throne room in a glow of yellow light.  It couldn’t melt the chill in his veins.  The report this man brought had happened before.  He hoped it would never happen again.  He lost a brother to it.

“There is nothing left of the outpost?” Thaddeus questioned.

“No, sire.  There were three outposts attacked.  None are left.  I was the only one who managed to escape mine,” the soldier breathed.

“These outposts were along the shore?  Possibly the work of invaders from the sea?”

“Nay, sire.  Mine is in the northern country.  Far from the water.”

“And their armor?  Which kingdom were they from?”

“That is the problem, sire.  They wore no armor.  They were dressed in black.”

Thaddeus glances at the men surrounding the perimeter of the room.  Each of his thirteen knights watched the soldier in trepidation.  William stepped forward from the group.  “How could they survive the blows given to them without armor?”

“I don’t know, my lord,” the soldier confessed.   “We fought back.  We gave it everything we had.  Something protected them from our attack.”

“Black magic,” Thatcher breathed.

Thaddeus sunk onto his throne.  “We will summon the army.  A quarter of them will stay here and protect the palace.  We will lead the rest and find whoever is terrorizing my kingdom.  We will not rest until they are found and put to an end.”  Thaddeus waved his hand to the soldier.  The wounded man slumped to the floor, exhausted from his injuries.  “William, please help him to the physician for treatment.”

William scowled as he crossed the throne room and helped the soldier to his feet.  He led the man from the room.

“And Thatcher?”

Thatcher strode to the throne and knelt before Thaddeus.  The king smiled sadly as he continued.  “Prepare my house and family for our departure.”

Thatcher nodded as he rose to his feet.  Thaddeus watched as he disappeared down the hall towards the living quarters.


Thatcher stared at the wooden door as he took a deep breath.  He lifted his hand and knocked on it with his knuckle.  After a moment the door was wrenched open.  Miranda stared at him in surprise.  She was still dressed in the sunshine yellow gown she wore earlier that day.  She had not yet prepared for bed.

“Thatcher, what are you doing here?” she demanded.

He nudged her inside her bedchamber and closed the door.  He turned towards her.  “I have been sent by Thaddeus to prepare the household.  We leave tomorrow once the army arrives at the palace.”


“Three outposts in the kingdom have been attacked.  All the occupants were killed except one soldier who escaped to report to us.  We are going to find who is threatening the kingdom.”

“You are going to war.”

He sighed.  “Most likely, yes.  We are going to war.”

Miranda turned and paced away from him.  He could sense the worry filling her.  She suddenly spun towards him.  “Tell my uncle you are staying here to look after the house.”

“I cannot do that, Miranda.”

“You would rather go to war?  Here you are safe.  Here you are with me.  There you could…”  Her voice faded at the thought.

“I have to go, Miranda.”

Her lips pressed into a thin line.  “I see.  I see where your heart lies.”

Thatcher crossed the bedchamber to her and took her hands in his.  “My heart lies with you.  I have to protect you.”

“How can you protect me from miles away?”

“If Thaddeus is alive, the throne is not vacated.  There is no reason to harm you.  You are only in true danger if Thaddeus dies.  Therefore I will defend Thaddeus.  Even if it takes my last breath.”

Tears filled her emerald green eyes with his words.  He gently grazed her cheek with his fingers as he smiled at her.  She grasped his tunic in her fingers and drew him to her, parting his lips with hers.  Thatcher startled at first.  He pulled her closer as he deepened the kiss, weaving his strong fingers in her brown curls.

Miranda gasped as they parted.  “When you return, I will do whatever it takes to stop my uncle’s plans for my wedding.  I can marry no other man.  I will marry only you.”

Thatcher smile grew wide at her words.  “Then, my love.  I will have to make sure I come home to you, won’t I?’  He reluctantly pulled free from her embrace as he pressed a final kiss to her lips.  “I need to continue on with my duties.  Promise you will write to me?”

“Of course.  If you do the same.”

“Aye.  Of course I will.  I love you.”

“I love you also.”

Thatcher gave her one last smile as he opened the door and slipped into the hall, closing the door behind him.

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  1. I must confess I am curious about the dark magical beings that seem to have run roughshod over those outposts. I surely do hope our lovers find a way to be together.

  2. Oh no….now he leaves, but I simply adore the reasons for his departure, such deep and true love. I pray that he lives…but how can they fight against black magic?

  3. I love they way they love each other. Assassins are among the kingdom so it seems. I hope Thaddeus has a great plan. Great snippet.

  4. Thatcher is a truly dedicated man. Love his valor and bravery. But you’d better bring him back from war or I will have YOUR head! So loving this story. Can’t wait for the next installment.

  5. Interesting these soldiers or whatever they are.

  6. I have no idea how you’re gonna fix this, but I hope love wins out 🙂

  7. Always so beautifully written…. I just know I am gonna need my hat…xx

  8. Let’s hope he’ll be back!

  9. This is getting exciting, can’t wait to see what happens next.

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