Tuesday Tales – Laughter

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It’s Tuesday – that means it’s Tuesday Tales day! Today’s word prompt is “laughter”. We will once again join Thatcher and Miranda of The Thirteenth Knight. Please remember to stop by and check out the other incredible blogs of the Tuesday Tales authors!

snow covered hills

Thatcher glanced around at the deserted town square. Carts still full of fruit, breads and colorful scarves laid scattered throughout the street. He tugged the reins of his horse towards the well in the center of the square. This place used to be filled with noisy chatter and boisterous laughter. Children played and ran through these streets. What possibly could have attacked them?

He looked up as Thaddeus and the other knights approached. The king shook his head sadly. “This town too.”

“What could have possibly caused this?” Thatcher demanded.

“I fear I know. These seem to be the same sort of me who attached my brother’s castle to cut off my linage. Thankfully he had enough forethought to send my niece away to safety.”

Thatcher exhaled slowly at the thought of Miranda. She already escaped with her life from these monsters once and fell into his. He’d give his life to keep it that way.

Slowly, silently the men rode back to the army encampment littered all over the snow covered hills. Thatcher slid from his mount and trudged towards his tent. Miranda filled his thoughts. She haunted his dreams. He promised to write and he would keep that promise.

He stopped short as he caught something out of the corner of his eye. Like a shadow it flickered then was gone. It returned but with more of his brothers. Thatcher dashed through the snow and mounted his horse again.

“Thaddeus!” he shouted.

Thaddeus strode through the tents. “Thatcher, what the devil?”

Thatcher simply pointed as one black garbed soldier after another popped out of the frozen terrain.

“Prepare the troops,” Thaddeus commanded. “Arm the white wizard. We are dealing with black magic, boys. Let the battle begin!”

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  1. Great excerpt! Very stirring.

  2. Exciting excerpt! Black magic comes into play. My money is on Thatcher to defeat them. Nothing more motivated than a man besotted with a princess. Love this story.

  3. Excellent excerpt! The battle is about to begin and I fear for Thatcher…and for Miranda back at the castle!

  4. This is getting exciting. I can’t wait to see how Thatcher handles the battle. Great excerpt.

  5. Battle ahead – great post this week. Can’t wait to find out more about the black magic.

  6. Very tense, great hook 🙂

  7. OMG.. This just gets better and better… well done you…xx

  8. I can’t wait to see how you describe the battle

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