Tuesday Tales – Bite

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It’s Tuesday and time for Tuesday Tales!  The word prompt for this week is “bite”.  This week we are joining up with Thatcher and Miranda in The Thirteenth Knight.  And don’t forget to visit the other incredible blogs by the talented writers of Tuesday Tales!


Thatcher took a bite of the bitter, hard crust of bread as he ducked the low hanging branches still covered with snow despite the new warm weather.  He swallowed hard then tossed the rest on the ground.  Let the birds feast on it.

Thaddeus’s army had been at war for four months.  The battle had been long and extremely difficult.  The enemy appeared from nowhere and it seemed they could not be killed.  There were, however, periods of time when they disappeared.  The army learned quickly not to rest on their achievements.  It took one lesson really.  Thatcher shook his head sorrowfully at the memory. They lost at least a hundred men that day.  The black troops reappeared and the blood bath began.

The white wizard had been immensely helpful.  His power neutralized the black magic of the opposition only allowing a few troops to appear instead of a legion.  And when the black clad soldiers fought without falter into the night he gave Thaddeus’s men a potion to ward off sleep.  The enchanted blue liquid kept them alive, but fighting non-stop for days at a time left them exhausted.

And if the black clad army wasn’t trying to kill them, the vicious bite of a frigid winter was.  They lost nearly as many men to the frozen land.

Thatcher clenched the bound piece of cloth in his fist as he berated himself.  He had promised Miranda he would write everyday.  However, he never anticipated the brutality of this war.  He was constantly in battle.  And when those blessed moments of temporary peace came to him his body collapsed in dreamless sleep where he stood.

But when he saw the stone he held in his hand lying at the bottom of a clear stream, he had to get it to her somehow.  He scooped it out of the freezing water and chiseled a hole into it.  Then he strung a leather string through it.  Granted, it wasn’t the jewels a lady of the kingdom would wear.  He hoped she would like it.

He stopped at the sound of a bird call, peering among the trees for the one who sent it.  A squire from the palace peeked from behind the thickest trunk.

“My lord,” the boy greeted.

Thatcher strode to him and pressed the gift into the squire’s hand.  “Take this to Lady Miranda and go.  It’s not safe for you here.”

With a nod the boy scampered off with the cloth covered package.

Thatcher sighed as he watched him go.  He turned to find the wispy shadow that proceeded the arrival of one of the black clad soldiers.  Thatcher drew his sword as he prepared to fight.

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  1. Oh, the pains of war and separation. I’m sure she will love the gift…I just pray he returns to her!!

  2. I hope they defeat the black-clad warriors soon so he can return to his love

  3. War is hell. I d hope that he can get back to his love soon.

  4. Avery powerful and intense scene. I hope the black shadow don’t follow the boy.

  5. Excellent; I love it!
    Oh my, this group can be dangerous. I read all these wonderful tidbits and I just want to keep reading the rest of the story.

  6. Those damn black clad bad guys! Leave it to Thatcher to send something to his Miranda. Gotta love that guy. He’s a great hero!!

  7. Sounds great. I’m wondering how the battle will turn out and hope he’s going to survive.

  8. My hat is getting dusty.. I hope he makes it back… and soon… She will cherish that stone for sure.. who wouldn’t?…xx

  9. I hope Miranda gets the stone.


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