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Hello and welcome to another Tuesday Tales!  This week’s word prompt is library. We are back with Thatcher and Miranda in The Thirteenth Knight.  Now, in between the previous post and this one is the first Tuesday Tale I ever wrote on the prompt “package” (you can find it here).  Don’t forget to stop by and visit the blogs of the other incredibly talented authors of Tuesday Tales!


Thatcher sat on the large boulder jutting out from the hill as he took his turn as sentry.  He searched the landscape before him scrutinizing every single detail.  Everything was still.  He exhaled.  It still didn’t seem right to him.

It had been four weeks since the black clad men attacked.  Since then there had been no trace of them.  For the first few days the royal army was on guard anticipating the ambush.  None came.  Slowly Thaddeus sent scouts to the far reaches of the kingdom to see if the enemy had chosen a new target.  While they were gone the soldiers remained at the ready.  But time took its toll and they slowly let their guard down becoming more and more relaxed.  Thatcher was silently thankful.  Had they been attacked it would have been a massacre.

He smiled as he opened the book in his hands.  Miranda has been overjoyed with his gift.  She returned the squire to him with a gift of her own.  She knew how much Thatcher loved to read.  She snuck into her uncle’s library and found a book she knew he would love.  She was right – he loved it.  However he loved the sweet loving message she scrawled to him inside the front cover even more.

He found the place where he had left off and began to read.  He barely finished the page when he heard the sound of boot steps behind him.  He gripped the handle of his sword and brandished it as he spun around.

One of the soldiers under his command approached him with his hands raised in submission.  “At ease, sir,” the soldier addressed.  “I am here to report that the final scout has returned.  King Thaddeus requests your presence.”

Thatcher rose to his feet.  He nodded his thanks to the soldier as he slipped his sword in its scabbard.   He clenched the book in his hand as he accompanied the soldier to the camp.  Thaddeus smiled as Thatcher approached.  He addressed his troops.

“There is no sign of the black clad soldiers in our kingdom.  It seems that we have defeated them.”

“How?” questioned Thatcher.  “Does anyone recall dealing a death blow to their source?  They certainly weren’t human.”

“I agree the circumstances are strange, Thatcher.  We have two options.  Either we wait here for an attack that may never occur or we return to the palace and defend the heart of our kingdom.  I am ready to return home.  What do you wish to do?”

Thatcher did not answer.  He did not need to give an answer.  The twinkle in Thaddeus’s eyes confirmed the king knew how he felt.  He desperately wanted to go home.  Miranda was home.  And he desperately
needed Miranda.

“Very well, then,” Thaddeus concluded.  “At daybreak we will break camp and head for home.”

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  1. I love that Thaddeus knows of their feelings…I do hope that circumstances allow them to marry. Thaddeus is King…he can place Thatcher in an appropriate station after his service to the king has been so good and strong 🙂

  2. Thaddeus knows who Miranda loves, which is great but will they be able to marry. That is if the black-clad warriors don’t attack unexpectedly

  3. I suspect that the black army is just lying in wait . . .

  4. Enjoyed todays post.

  5. I wonder whether the black army is waiting for them to return home…

  6. YAY! Thatcher is going home to Miranda! Whew, so glad he’s safe. Love this story!!

  7. A book can be one of the most loving of gifts. Great post

  8. I like a man who reads!!!

  9. That black army better keep their distance…xx

  10. I wondered how you were going to work ‘library’ into your genre. Excellent job!

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