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Breaking the Cycle – Post Sixteen

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Breaking The Cycle

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Chloe pressed a kiss to her mother’s cheek then walked to her car in the parking garage. She drove home in silence. She took a long, hot shower, pulled on her pajamas and crawled into bed. Then she stared at the ceiling unable to sleep.
She nearly scooted off her bed as her cell phone chirped. She pressed the call button. “Hello?”
“Hey, Chloe,” Max’s voice came through the phone. “Where have you been? I’ve tried calling. It goes to voice mail.”
“I’ve been at the hospital. No cell phones,” she hurried.
“How’s your mom?”
“Getting better.”
“That’s great.”
“So how did the competition go?”
“Our guys did really well. Not bringing home any hardware but we are bringing home a lot of wins.”
“Great. So are you out celebrating?” And with who?
“No, Chloe…

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A Character Interview That Went Very, Very Wrong

I want to start this blog post with an extra special Thank You to my dear, dear friends Jean Joachim and H.N. Sieverding.  Once again I’ve borrowed their fantastic ideas and broke out of my shell to give it a try.  Hopefully mine works half as well as their’s did.  Click HereAnd Here to see what I mean.


Things around the Andersen household have been a little more chaotic than usual – overly humid Iowa summers which never works well with Ali, Jake still adjusting to the Central Time Zone, two extremely long car trips in a week, Mom working 24/7.  There is a lot of late night noise as a few of us deal with insomnia.  Couple that with a couple of playful cats – well, you get the idea.  So I wasn’t too shocked when last night I woke up hearing some noise.  But as I listened close I didn’t hear a child or cat.

Nope.  I heard the deep, silky brogue of a certain 6’6″ sensual Irishman with black hair, blue eyes and a temper.  One who hasn’t been too happy that he’s not been interviewed for a blog yet.  Then I heard the soft, delicate voice of a certain medieval Queen.  I sprung out of bed.  This CAN’T be good.  I watched silently as the impromptu interview began.


Sloan:  Have a seat.

Cassandra:  I’d rather not.  I know about you.

S:  I don’t bite.  (He rakes his eyes over her body.)  I might nibble a bit.

C:  I’m not amused.

S:  Sit.  (Cassandra settles into a seat.  Sloan sits across from her.  With an evil grin he begins.)   So, is there a man in your life?

C:  Aren’t you married?

S:  Do you answer all questions asked of you with a question?

C:  Only when I don’t like where they are going.  Yes.  My husband, Matthew.  He’s the love of my life.  And a KING.

S:  I’m a billionaire.

C:  Are you overcompensating for something?

S:  Hardly, Angel.  I asked my question because I heard there is a love triangle in Queen of Savon.  Something about you and Victor?  Tell me about that little affair.

C:  I would hardly call it an affair.

S:  Oh, really?  Chapter Seven… (Sloan slides finger over e-reader to flip pages).


C:  All right.  I was intimate with him.  Once.  We were betrothed.

S:  Betrothed?

C:  Engaged.

S:  Just say engaged then.

C:  (Cassandra shoots Sloan an icy glare)  Then Victor deceived me and turned me over to my enemy.

S:  Hmm…likes bad boys.  I’ve still got a shot then.

C:  (She smirks.)  Hardly, Angel.

S: (This time he glares at her).  You’re a sorceress.  You know magic, spells, potions?

C:  Yes.

S:  Do a spell for me.

C:  Do I look like a trained monkey?

S:  So you can’t do one.

C:  Oh, I can do one.  I have thought of plenty while conversing with you.

S:  Then why won’t you show me one?

C:  I’ve met Abbey.  She is a very sweet, dear, patient woman.  I wouldn’t want to…displease her.  And all the spells I’ve conjured in my head would certainly displease her.  Especially in the bedchamber.

S:  I will let that one slide.  Abigail is full of spit-fire.  Just like you.  Why do you think Tricia writes hell-cat heroines like the two of you?

C: To deal with asinine heroes.  Like you.

S:  While we’re on the subject, what do you think of our beloved author?

C:  I am honored to be in one of her novels.  I think she’s very talented.  I respect her tremendously.  However, I don’t believe you and I feel the same.

S:  What makes you say that?

C:  I hear you two fight.  You are constantly harassing her.  It gets very vocal.  Very loud.


S:  Ah, Angel.  That is just two Irish tempers clashing.  Besides, the only lass I have wrapped tighter around my finger than Abigail is Tricia.

C:  You truly believe that?

S:  Let’s just say that ours is a very…passionate relationship.

C:  (She gasps as her eyes grow wide.)  Surely you jest!

S:  Hardly, Angel.  And as they say, there’s nothing better than make-up se…

C:  (Holds up her hand to stop him.)  That’s all I need to hear.  If you will please excuse me, this interview is over.  (Gets up and races away into the night.)

S:  (Chuckles amused.  That is until he realizes I’m in the room).  Uhoh.  Luv, I can explain…

T:  Yeah.  Good luck with that.  It’s about to get really loud in here…

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Tuesday Tales – Hand

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Hey everyone!  It’s time for my favorite time of the week – Tuesday Tales!  Today our word prompt is “hand”.  This week we are back with Thatcher and Miranda in The Thirteeth Knight.   Don’t forget to check out the other incredibly talented author from Tuesday Tales and their excerpts!


Miranda curled herself into a ball as she sat in the window seat of her bedchamber.  She clenched her silk handkerchief in her tiny hand.  Brunon had taken control only two days previous.  The terror of his brief reign echoed throughout the kingdom.  His magical black clad thugs had already spilled too much innocent blood.

And soon that murderer will claim me as his bride.  The thought made Miranda’s stomach churn.

Her heart ached for Thatcher.  She didn’t know where he was.  She didn’t know if he was well or half dead.  All she knew was what she had heard from Brunon himself as he conversed with his second-in-command during supper.  The brave knight was alive.  For now.

Her uncle, however, would soon be put to death.  Brunon demanded the gallows be constructed in the palace courtyard.  She trembled as the local craftsmen toiled to build the terrifying structure.  Their backs were torn apart if they did not obey.  The men’s hands bled as they formed the platform that would end their monarch’s life.

Miranda curled herself tighter as the door opened.  A courtier stepped into her bedchamber and bowed.

“Lady Miranda.  The seamstress is coming to measure you for bridal gown,” the young man announced.

“Thank you,” she muttered.

Miranda glanced at the courtier as he bowed again then turned to leave.  She sized up the young man then sprung to her feet.  “Wait.”

“Yes, my lady.”

Miranda smiled at him.  “I need your help.”

“How may I serve?”

“First, I need to know where Brunon is holding Sir Thatcher.”  Miranda felt her face flush embarrassed.  “Second, I need to borrow a set of your clothes.”

The courtier shot her an uneasy look.  “All right, my lady.”

“Good.”  Miranda wrapped her hand around his bicep and led him to the door.  “Hurry with your task.  And be careful.”

She smiled as the courtier stumbled past Brunon’s guards and hurried down the hall.  She shut the door silently when he was gone.

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Tuesday Tales – Antique Store Picture Prompt

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Hi everyone!  It’s Tuesday – time for Tuesday Tales!  This week we are using a picture prompt.  I’m taking a break from The Thirteenth Knight.  This week’s excerpt is from my WIP, Breaking the Cycle.  Last time we caught up with Max and Chloe, Chloe had just met Max’s dad.  Don’t forget to check the excerpts of the other very talented writers of Tuesday Tales!

antique store

Chloe and Max talked with Max’s dad for a few more minutes before they said goodbye.  They stepped outside and began their trek back to the car.

As they passed an antique store, Chloe stopped and peered into the window.  Her eyes caught an old, brightly painted metal fire truck.  “Max, wait.  I haven’t bought your nephew a gift yet.”  She pointed at the fire truck.  “Will he like that?”

Max smiled at her choice.  “Absolutely.”

Chloe and Max stepped inside the small store filled with all sorts of ancient trinkets.  The room was cast in a soft gold glow.  Chloe gazed at a gold pocket watch then glanced at Max.  I don’t quite see him as a pocket watch kind of guy.  Chloe carefully picked up the fire truck and carried it to the counter.  As the small, rotund woman wrapped the truck, Chloe turned to Max.

“Max, I always wondered.  Why did Jack constantly pursue you to work for Hard Knocks?  You know so much about mixed martial arts.”

“Because I used to compete.”  Max sighed.  “In college.  I was going to be the next Rico, the next up and coming star.  But I tore my ACL apart in a match.  After three grueling surgeries, I gave up.”  He gently brushed a lock of her hair from her shoulder.  “That’s why I admire you so much.  You have gone through so much with your CVS, been hospitalized so many times.  It makes my little injury look pathetic.  And you still get up and live your life after it all.  You are so strong to go through it all and still smile.”

Chloe felt her face flush pink at Max’s compliment as she accepted the bag from the shopkeeper.  He took her other hand in his.  After thanking the shopkeeper, they walked hand in hand back to the car.

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