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Happy Tuesday and welcome to Tuesday Tales!  Today’s word prompt is “sun”.  This week we’re back with Thatcher and Miranda in The Thirteenth Knight.  I do apologize – it is a little long.  I promise it’s worth it!  Don’t forget to stop and check out the blogs of the other talented writers of Tuesday Tales!!


Thatcher closed his eyes as he moaned.  His muscles were numb.  His stomach stopped aching days ago.  His breath came in short, raspy gasps.  He clenched his eyes tight.  He could not give up.  He had to survive to save his Miranda.

His eyes slit open as he heard the heavy wood door to his cell creak open.  He clenched his hands into fists.  He didn’t care how weak he was.  He would not take another beating.

He could not see who entered clearly in the darkness of the dungeon.  All he could discern was that the person was small.  The figure scurried across the room to him.

“What do you want?” Thatcher growled.  His demand was silently answered by the tinkling of metal.  His hand fell free from the wall.  Moments later his other hand was released also.

Thatcher slumped to the floor, his legs too weak to support his weight.  The small figure wrapped its arms around him to lift him.

“Sir Thatcher, you must hurry.  You must get his majesty out of here before he is executed,” the voice whispered.

Thatcher nodded in agreement.  He summoned his strength and stood.  With the small person’s help he stumbled from the cell.  In the dim light of the torches hanging from the walls of the corridor he could see his rescuer was a young courtier.  But there is something about this young man that is familiar…

“Who are you?” Thatcher questioned as the young man dashed into Thaddeus’s cell.  He rubbed his frozen muscles until the courtier reappeared supporting the monarch with his small frame.

“My name is Ewen.  I have just recently been employed at the palace, just before Brunon took power.”

The two men struggled to gather their strength as Ewen quickly freed the rest of the knights.

“How did you get past the guards?” Thaddeus inquired.  “We were under heavy guard.”

“Your majesty, there is no time.  You must escape.  There is a door at the end of this corridor that leads out into the forest.  Beware, it is daytime.  If you are not careful you will be seen.”

Thatcher stood and breezed past Ewen.  “I am not leaving without Miranda.”

Ewen grabbed his linen shirt to stop him.  “My lord, if you go into the palace you will be recaptured.  I promise you I will protect my lady.”

Thatcher glared down the corridor leading to the palace.  With a huff he spun on his toe and retreated in the other direction.  Thaddeus and the other knights followed.  Thatcher dropped his shoulder and forced the door in the rock open.  They all cringed as the sun blinded them, flooding the corridor in white light.  Thatcher glanced one last time at their rescuer before following the rest of the men to freedom.


Miranda slipped into her bedchamber.  She quickly peeled the linen shirt, tunic and leggings from her body.  She freed her long, brown hair from the cap, shaking it loose as it fell.  She quickly tugged her gown back on and laced it closed.

She took the courtier’s clothing and tossed it onto her quilt.  She rolled it up in the blanket then stashed it in the furthest corner of her wardrobe.

She settled into her window seat reveling in the sunlight as she inspected the vial the apothecary had delivered to her.  The sleeping potion he brewed for her to help her sleep worked perfectly.  The four large guards fell unconscious within seconds of breathing the vapors in.

Miranda sighed as she gazed out the window.  Despite the urgency of the moment, holding Thatcher in her arms for just a few moments made her heart race.  She wished she would have escaped with him.  Brunon would be furious to find Thaddeus and his knights missing.  If she were gone too, he would send his mysterious black garbed men after them.  Until she could figure out how to stop them, she would have to stay captive to Brunon.

She smiled content as she basked in the warmth of the sun.  As long as her Knight was free, she too would soon be free.

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Badge for TT - very small


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  1. Miranda rocks. Beautiful and smart. I hope she can figure out soon how to get over on Brunon.

  2. Woohoo she helped them escape. Now It’s her turn to get away from that evil man. I bet Thatcher risks everything in saving her.

  3. Well done. Liked it!

  4. I sure hope she can figure out a way to get free! Great excerpt!

  5. I love a strong and enterprising heroine! Three cheers for Miranda. Now Thatcher will come to her rescue. Love, love, love this story!

  6. What a beautifully strong heroine!! Great job!!

  7. loved it– can’t wait to see if she gets free

  8. Wonderful scene. I love love this one!! The rescuer becomes the rescued!

  9. I hope she gets her feedom

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