Tuesday Tales – Long

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Hello and welcome to another Tuesday Tales! This week’s word prompt is “long”. We are with Thatcher and Miranda in The Thirteenth Knight. Please don’t forget to check out the excerpts from the other talented authors of Tuesday Tales!!


Bootsteps echoed through the long hallway as Brunon’s soldiers escorted Miranda to her bedchamber. After what she had just witnessed, she knew she would have nightmares for weeks.

Brunon summoned all the members of the palace to the throne room. The four dungeon guards that watched over Thaddeus and his knights were shackled together. They knelt on the floor, unable to stand from the beating they had already been given.

Once every member of the house had assembled, Brunon began his interrogation. He tortured the four men slowly as he demanded to know why they set free his prisoners. The men pleaded their innocence in strained, weak voices. They told him over and over it was not them. Someone small, possibly a child, overpowered them and sent them to sleep. They remained resolute until their very last breath, until the last man fell into the puddle of their collected blood.

Miranda shuddered. It was not only the scene that horrified her. It was the joy that beamed from Brunon’s face as he murdered his guards that sickened her. Brunon had no sense of mercy in his heart. She needed to find the source of his invincible army and quick. She needed her valiant Knight.

Once the men were dead, Brunon turned his fury on the rest of the palace. He declared to them all he would find whoever aided these traitors and those found would suffer the same fate. Several servants he dismissed quickly. They were too old, too young or too frail to accomplish such at feat. He stopped far too long at Miranda, studying her before he spoke.

“What about you, Lady Miranda? Were you part of this plot? It was your lover who was freed, was it not?” he demanded.

Miranda gathered all her courage and stared deep into his gray eyes. “Me, Count Brunon? I am but a woman. How could I overpower such large men? And I am under constant guard. How could I aid them?”

Brunon growled at her response then dismissed all who remained. Miranda wasted no time fleeing the throne room and the horrific sight.

She sat at the edge of her bed and slowly brushed her long, brown hair as she listened for noise outside her door. Once she heard silence she dashed to her wardrobe and pulled free the quilt. Quickly she changed from her gown back to the courtier clothes she had been given.

There was no time to waste. It was time for Ewen to find some answers. And maybe, if the answers were worthwhile, to risk delivering them to Sir Thatcher. Herself.

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  1. Here’s hoping she gets the answers she’s looking for.

  2. I just love that she is taking matters into her own hands…I just hope she finds the answers and a way to end this siege.

  3. You go, Girl! I hope she finds the answers she seeks.

  4. jean joachim

    Go, Miranda!! She rocks. What a bad guy Brunon is. I can’t wait to see him get his. Sir Thatcher will save the day. Loving this story!

  5. Agree with everyone else, lets hope she’ll get some answers!

  6. A very vivid scene on many levels. I hope Miranda makes her escape and reaches Thatcher safely

  7. I love how you set the scene. I can “see” it in my mind’s eye. Well done.

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