Tuesday Tales – Court

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Welcome again to another Tuesday Tales!  This week’s word prompt is “court”.  We are visiting Miranda and Thatcher again in The Thirteenth Knight.  Be sure to stop by the blogs of my talented friends of Tuesday Tales and see their take of the work “court”!


Miranda slipped through the corridors of the palace, desperately searching in each door and chamber she came to.  She whimpered as each quest came up empty.  She stomped her foot stubbornly.  She refused to give up hope.

She pressed herself against the wall as she approached the throne room.  The bodies of the dead guards had been removed and the blood spilt cleaned.  Now Brunon held mock court with his men and the lords that foolishly aligned themselves to him.  She scowled.  When Thaddeus took the throne again she would make sure those traitors were rightly punished.

She snuck past the throne room and continued down a corridor she had never ventured.  She stopped for a moment.  This corridor led to the bedchambers of Thaddeus’s thirteen knights.  While her uncle had been on the throne it would have been indecent for her to venture here.  Now that Brunon was in power, if it would save the kingdom she did not care what anyone thought.

She glanced from one room to the other finding still nothing.  Her eyes spied the final room at the end of the hall.  Even by the outside it was far smaller than the others.  She tiptoed to the doorway and stepped inside.

Her breath escaped her as she surveyed the room.  She wasn’t sure what amazed her more.  Amongst the meager furnishings she saw tokens of home, tokens that were dear to her.  To Thatcher.  She instinctively grasped a nearby linen shirt and buried her face in it to breathe in the smell of him.  Oh yes.  This was Thatcher’s room.

However, the tokens of home weren’t the only items in the room.  There were also maps of the surrounding area hammered into the wall with nails.  Each map was marked carefully with the location of Thaddeus and his knights’ encampments.  In the corner of the room next to the head of Thatcher’s bed was a large lavender crystal pulsing and glowing in an unnatural light.  Scattered throught the rest of the abode were smaller versions of the crystal also glowing and pulsing as the mother rock.  Miranda had no idea what dark magic the crystals produced.  If it took her last breath she would find out.

Miranda carefully inspected the maps on the wall for the most recently noted parchment and smiled.  She pried it from the wall, rolled it up and stuffed it inside the courtier’s embroidered coat she wore.  She then tucked Thatcher’s shirt alongside it.  She steeled her courage as she thought of the least guarded way out of the palace.  She spied outside the door for anyone approaching.  She silently ran down the corridor for the nearest door to the courtyard to make her escape.

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  1. Have missed this..Need to go and read back a little but it still has me hooked..xx

  2. Oh gosh, I hope she doesn`t get caught. I~m a nervous wreck!

  3. Oh my goodness, you’re driving me nuts! Please tell me she makes it to safety…I hope she manages to save the day!

  4. I hope she makes good her escape

  5. Loved the description. I felt as if I were there with her walking through the tunnel. And the crystals, I wonder what magic they are going to reveal.

  6. a woman on a mission … I like it!

  7. AH, leave it to brave Miranda to be doing skulduggery in the background. Can’t wait for her to be reunited with Thatcher!!

  8. I hope she gets away without discovery.

  9. i hope she makes it out safely, maybe the map will lead her where she needs to go

  10. edge of the seat here!!! Well done!

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