Tuesday Tales – Bargain

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Hi everyone and welcome to Tuesday Tales!  Today’s word prompt is “bargain”.  We are back with Miranda and Thatcher in The Thirteenth Knight.  Last week Miranda, dressed as Ewen the courtier, was caught by Sir William as she ventured through the forest.  Will she get free?  

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Miranda swallowed hard.  Her voice trembled as she spoke.  “Sir William, it is I.  Ewen, the courtier, from the palace.”

William frowned at her as his grip loosened.  “Aye.  The lad who set us free.  What are you doing in these woods, Ewen?  It is dangerous.  And how did you find us in the first place?”

Miranda still couldn’t hide the tremor in her voice.  “I was searching the palace.  I found Brunon’s maps.  They led me to you.”

 She heard William curse beneath his breath.  The tall, strong knight let her go and cocked his head further into the woods.  “Come, Ewen.  You need to tell Thatcher what you found.”

 “Yes, my lord.”

 Miranda followed William deeper into the thick, dark forest.  At the moment that the branches above completely cut out the light of day she could see the glimmer of a bonfire ahead.  William held back a bramble of wild thorns for her to pass through.

 Thatcher looked up from the document he was studying with Thaddeus as the two of them stepped into the campsite.  Miranda’s heart thundered in her chest at the sight of him.  Her knees buckled.  His sapphire blue eyes made every nerve in her body purr.  She bit her lower lip wishing for just one kiss.  William’s voice disrupted her thoughts.

 “Thatcher, Ewen has brought news from the palace,” he announced.

 “Miranda?” he demanded.  She could hear the desperation in his voice.  He misses me.  It took every ounce of self control not to throw her arms around him.

 “No, my lord,” Miranda fought out.  “I have maps.  They led me here.”

 Thatcher crossed around the fire to her.  He held out his hand silently for the maps.  She pulled them free from her jacket and laid them in his hands.  He unrolled them and studied them, muttering a string of curses beneath his breath just as William did.

 “We are not safe, Thatcher.  Brunon can find us,” William warned.

 Thatcher stood over Miranda, dwarfing her small frame with his large, muscular one.  “Where did you find these, Ewen?

“It the knight’s wing of the palace.  Brunon has turned your bedchamber into a war room, Sir Thatcher.”

 “Was there anything else there?  Anything of importance?”

 “There were several purple crystals pulsating with light.  I don’t know what they are for.”

 She noticed his stature soften.  “And Lady Miranda?  Is she safe?”

 Miranda smiled.  “Yes, my lord.  She has hidden herself away from Brunon and only sees him when he demands her presence at meal time.”

 A look of relief flooded Thatcher’s face.  “Ewen, you need to make me this bargain.  Destroy any of these maps you find in my bedchamber.  Brunon cannot know where we are.  Study them beforehand so you know where to find us.  Report to us several times a week.  Find out what those crystals do.  And tell Miranda that I love her and please, please protect her.  Make me this bargain and I promise you we will end Brunon.”

Miranda’s heart was light at his confession of love.  She could barely speak.  “Aye.  I promise.  And I feel safe to tell you that she loves you too.  She misses you greatly.”

Thatcher’s smile shone brighter than the bonfire.  “Good.  Now go before night falls.  It is your only chance to get out of these woods safely.  Go.”

 Miranda stood rooted in her place for a moment staring at him, etching him into her memory.  Then she turned and stepped between the large trunks of the trees into the darkness of the forest.

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  1. Oh goodness. These two will be the death of me. What wickedness is Brunon plotting and can Miranda save Thatcher and her king?

  2. So close and yet so far . . . great work. I`m loving this series!

  3. I could feel her heart thumping- very vivid

  4. I’m with Vicki! I love this!

  5. This is coming along great. I’m glad she learned Thatcher loves her. Now if she can only get back into the castle unseen.

  6. I really am loving these characters. I hope she gets back safely into the castle.

  7. Love the way you wove in the suspense of the war with the love and attraction between Miranda and Thatcher. This is a great series!

  8. She must have had a heckuva disguise to fool him. Great TT

  9. Oh darn, I wished she could reveal herself

  10. No one knows it is her. I am surprised. I often heard men brag they would recognize their sweetheart in the dark by her smile only. Perhaps they do not know each that well or everybody smells bad in the MIddle Ages. LOL

  11. I meant smell, which makes more sense than smile. Nice excerpt.

  12. Nice. That’s one mighty disguise.

  13. Nice. That’s one mighty disguise.

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