Tuesday Tales – Rough

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Hi everyone!  Welcome to another Tuesday Tales!  This week’s word prompt is “rough”.  This week we are back with Thatcher and Miranda in The Thirteenth Knight.  Miranda, dressed as the courtier Ewen, is caught between Thatcher and Brunon.  However neither knows it’s her.  Will she be found out?

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Relaying information to both Thatcher and Brunon was exhausting.  Miranda had been doing it for weeks.  Holding the deception for Brunon was terrifying as she continued providing him false information.  Sooner or later he would see through her deception.  And if he discovered that his newest stooge was actually his betrothed?  She trembled at the thought of his reaction.

And Thatcher – to deliver the critical information he needed to stay one step ahead of Brunon was heartwrenching.  To see his radiant sapphire eyes, to see his angled, beautiful face, to bask in the warmth of his smile and not be able to tell him her true identity shredded her heart.

Miranda tugged on a final boot and trudged from her room.  Being one of Brunon’s men now, Ewen had free reign to come and go from the palace.  She pushed at the large, rough, wooden entrance door to open it. 

Miranda jogged down the dirt path weaving between the forest trees in the direction of the knights’ newest campsite.  It took a better part of the morning before she arrived.  She searched among the men for Thatcher unable to find him.

“Ewen, what the devil are you looking for?” Thaddeus chuckled as he caught Miranda’s arm in his hand.

“Sir Thatcher,” she replied as she smiled at her uncle.  I’ve even fooled my own flesh and blood.  “I have my report.”

“He’s down by the stream.  He’s been by himself all morning.”

Miranda made her way through the trees until she heard the trickle of water.  Through the clearing she could see the large, majestic frame of her knight.  She fell to her knee before him, bowing her head low.

“My lord,” she breathed.

Thatcher glanced down at her.  “For the millionth time, Ewen.  Stop bowing to me.  You are part of this band.  Rise.”

Miranda watched as he gazed over the stream forlorn.  She frowned.  “What is troubling you, my lord?”

Thatcher sighed.  He spoke, his voice rough with emotion.  “I miss Miranda, Ewen.  It’s been too long without her.  I fear Brunon has done to her.”

“My lord, Brunon has not harmed Lady Miranda.  She has been in hiding from him.  And he seems to less that interested in seeing her.  That is, until their wedding.”

“I won’t let her marry him, Ewen.  That is for certain.”

Miranda paused.  “My lord, what if I could sneak Lady Miranda here to you?” 

Thatcher’s gaze spun to her.  “You believe you could get her from the palace?” 

“Aye.  As I said, Brunon has no interest in her as of now.  But she cannot stay with you.  You cannot run off with her.  Brunon will send his black clad soldiers and that will be the end of you.  And most of the kingdom.”

“Aye, I know that, Ewen.”

“All right.  Then tonight.  Here.  At this stream.  I will bring you Lady Miranda.”

The smile that spread across Thatcher’s face was brighter than the blazing sun overhead.  “Thank you, Ewen.  You are a true friend. 

“You are welcome, my lord.”

Miranda scampered through the woods towards the path.  She stopped and turned to watch Thatcher.  The joy on his face at the thought of seeing her made her heart race.

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  1. Oh goodness, as much as I long to see them have some time, I fear what may happen! I`ll be a nervous wreck until next week. 😉

  2. And it’s making my heart race, too!! Can’t wait for them to get together. Just hope they will be safe.

  3. Oh my gosh…you’re killing me dragging this story out this way…I fear so much for them both!!

  4. This is great. I hope Ewen/Miranda can pull the meeting off without getting caught

  5. I hope Lady Miranda is brought to the him without any dram. I’m sitting on the edge of my seat.

  6. Another great post! Well done.

  7. Great job. I am always drawn right into your story. I feel as if I’m by the stream as a voyeur on this scene.

  8. What a teasing end to this week’s offering. Will she be caught before the evening arrives? Tantalising.

  9. I can’t wait for the meeting

  10. love this!! I think this is awesome and that she got to see how much he wants to be with her is super special.

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