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Happy Tuesday everyone and welcome to Tuesday Tales!  We are back with Miranda and Thatcher in The Thirteenth Knight.  And when you are done reading, please check out the other incredible inserts from my talented friends at Tuesday Tales!!

There is a gap from last week’s story to this week’s.  The reason is that I wrote it months ago.  And I apologize…it’s the scene where Miranda sneaks off to see Thatcher (sorry!!).  You can find it here… Tuesday Tales – Light

After a sweet night in Thatcher’s arms, what could possibly be waiting for Miranda the next day?  Let’s find out…

purple crystals

The heat from Thatcher’s kisses still burned Miranda’s lips.  She rubbed the tender flesh, moaning softly as she made her way through the dark hallways to the knight’s bedchambers.  She pulled her fingers away to readjust her cloak.  She was sure she wore her courtier’s clothes more than she wore her gowns now.

She stepped inside Thatcher’s room finding everything as it normally was.  The purple crystals glowed softly, the black shadows inside a little more erratic than normal.  There were new maps pinned to the wall.  Despite the passing of time the room still smelled of Thatcher.   Miranda moaned again as memories of the previous night filled her mind.

She was distracted from her thoughts as a piercing white light filled the room.  She squinted against it as she attempted to find its source.  The purple crystals suddenly flashed pure white, pulsing out beams of light in waves that filled the room.  Riding out of the crystals on the waves drifted the black shadows.  Each fell to the floor then stood on newly formed legs.  A small army of black clad soldiers slowly filled the room.

Miranda screamed.  She grabbed a walking staff leaning against the wall and swung at each of the crystals with all her might.  As she made contact with each crystal it fell to the floor shattered. When the last crystal was destroyed the room fell dark.

She felt a powerful hand clench down hard on her shoulder.  A foreign voice spoke.  “The Master will wish to speak to this one for shattering his stones.”  Her breath was ripped from her lungs as she was dragged roughly from the bedchamber towards the throne room.

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Badge for TT - very small


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  1. Holy moley, what an ending!

  2. great build up of excitement

  3. What a great scene! Love your description. I could feel that hand on my shoulder, too. I also read the “light” episode. Not enough detail about their night together, thought. LOL. Hmm, what did they do, alone in the woods with no supervision? Can’t imagine! Love this story and love this couple.

  4. What a powerful scene and a shocking ending. I hope she’s not found out

  5. ohhhhhh, excellent scene! Great writing.
    I love the amethyst crystal pic to go with the post.

  6. Great post and what an ending!

  7. Wow, wonder if she really destroyed soldiers or if the crystals only appeared that way? intriguing ending

  8. Love the scene. I could see it all in my mind’s eye.

  9. Hi Tricia,
    It started out as such a pretty crystal. 🙂

  10. Intense, I hope she finds a way out.

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