Tuesday Tales – Building

Badge for TT - very smallHappy Tuesday and welcome to another Tuesday Tales!  Our word prompt today is “building”.  We are back with Thatcher and Miranda in The Thirteenth Knight.  Again this section was preceeded by one I wrote a while back:  Tuesday Tales – Silver

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castle wallMiranda had hardly changed from her courtier’s clothes to her crimson gown trimmed in gold before she was summoned to Brunon again.  She did not have to ask why.  The sounds of battle outside the palace echoed throughout the halls.  The building itself shook with the sounds of war.

Brunon greeted Miranda in the entrance hall, an evil smile wisping across his gaunt face.  “Come, my beloved,” he crooned as he beckoned to her with thin fingers.  “I have a simple task for you.”

Miranda lowered her head.  “Yes, Brunon?”

He motioned to the wall that surrounded the palace.  “I want you to stand on the wall.  I want you to address the king’s army.  And I want you to tell Thatcher you never loved him.”

Tears filled Miranda’s eyes as she shook her head.  “I cannot do that.”

Brunon pressed his lips into a thin line as he pulled free the vial in his hand.  He clasped his skeletal fingers around it and closed his eyes.  The thick crimson liquid began to bubble.  Above the building sounds of battle, Miranda could hear Thatcher’s anguished roar.

“Stop!” Miranda begged.

Brunon released the vial.  “Will you obey me?”

Miranda couldn’t speak.  She could only nod as she fought back her sobs.  Brunon gestured towards the door that led to the wall.

Miranda’s sudden appearance silenced the fighting.  She closed her eyes as she heard Thatcher call her name.  She took a deep breath.  “I’ve come out to speak to you, Sir Thatcher.”

“My love, hide yourself.  The war…”

“There is no need to fight.  I am marrying Count Brunon.  I love him.

“Miranda, you are speaking nonsense.”

“I have never spoken truer in my life.  The lie I told was to you when I said I loved you.  I never have.  I never will.  You do not possess my heart.  Those were sweet words I spoke to trick you.”

“Miranda…”  Thatcher’s voice was low and dangerous.

 “I only agreed to marry you so I would not die alone.  You were a better option than the townspeople feeling pity for me.”

Miranda finally forced herself to look in Thatcher’s eyes.  The deep blue pools were full of hurt, anger and betrayal.  She swallowed back a whimper.  “So fare thee well, Sir Thatcher.  Return to the putrid little hovel you came from.  I will remain here in royalty with my one true love.”

 Thatcher spun on his toe and stormed towards the woods.  His cold, hate filled glare was the last image of him for Miranda before he disappeared.  She rushed into the palace, getting inside the door before she collapsed in sobs.

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  1. Great scene. I can feel Miranda’s anguish and Thatcher’s anger and feelings of betrayal.

  2. No! No! No!

    Oh gosh, that was such a powerful scene. Well done!

  3. Such a powerful scene between Miranda and Thatcher. Awesome scene this week.

  4. Such power and untruthful from Miranda’s lips. I hope she can make things right between them

  5. OMG – please let him see through this lie. He can’t just believe this.

  6. love mid evil romance- nice writing

  7. Break my heart why don’t you!!! AAARRGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such pain and sorrow. Beautifully done. Thatcher must come to his senses.

  8. Tricia,
    I am wiping away the tears. No Thatcher, can’t you tell she’s lying?

  9. I do hope Thatcher is able to tell she’s lying…and that they are able to make things right between them!

  10. heart-wrenching! AND I’m with Sarah, he’s got to know she’s lying.

  11. Wow that is a powerful scene, I hope Thatcher soon realises how much she has sacrificed for him and returns for her.

  12. What a painful scene. Good Job.

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