Tuesday Tales – Fall Scene

Badge for TT - very smallHey everyone!!  Welcome to Tuesday Tales!  We are working with the picture prompt below.  Today I am taking an avenue I haven’t so far on Tuesday Tales.  My excerpt isn’t from The Thirteenth Knight or Breaking the Cycle.  Today’s excerpt would be the first seen from the next in the Black Irish series I will be starting – Trial By Fire (Black Irish #4).  Incidentally, The Troubles (Black Irish #3) comes out in November 2013.

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fall scene

Abbey wrapped her arms tight around herself as she walked along the plank-covered path alongside the lake.  She gazed at the wildfire of brilliant leaves that blazed along the path.  The vibrant crimsons, oranges and golds were beautiful.

She loved this path that circled the lake behind the house.  The neighbors all around the lake took full advantage of it.  For Abbey it was the rare retreat Sloan and she shared.  There weren’t too many occasions that they were without Ame and Ethan.  But when the chance came that someone else was watching their children, they would find their way to the trail.  They would walk the entirety of it, their fingers intertwined.  They wouldn’t talk much.  They would just enjoy being together.  Sloan would stop and pull her to him just to hold her in his arms.  Between their company and his past there was no such thing as peace.  Here there was at least the illusion of it.

She hugged herself tighter as she closed her eyes, her long brown hair blowing in the cool breeze.  She could feel Sloan’s presence wrapped around her – strong and warm.  She could feel his breath on her cheek, his lips pressed against her skin.  Even though he was thousands of miles away locked in a Belfast prison, she could still feel him there.

She jolted at the vibration of her cell phone.  “Hello?”

“Hello, lass,” Liam greeted.

“What have you found out, Liam?” Abbey begged.

“I think I have a plan.  But it requires you, lass, to be here in Belfast.  And for you to do some very questionable things.”

“Will it free my husband?”

“I believe so, yes.”

“Then consider it done.  When do you need me?”

“As soon as possible.  And bring Maggie and your mother.  You are going to need a team.”

“All right.  I’ll let you know when our flight will be.”

“Very good, lass.  See you soon.”

Abbey end the call on her phone.  With a sigh she jogged along the planks back to her house.

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  1. Your description of their love for each other was beautiful. Especially in the lines “They wouldn’t talk much. They would just enjoy being together.” To me that said it all. Love doesn’t always need a lot of action to be complete. Great snippet.

  2. Tia is so right! I loved those lines as well. Wonderfully written!

  3. leaves me anxious to find out what happens- love the name Liam

  4. I love how you used the picture prompt to not only let us know where she is but blending in Sloan’s love. Then, the switch at the end to rescue him from prison.

  5. Loved it!! Excellent job tying the scene to the picture prompt, leading into an interesting story line. I want to read more.

  6. Hi Tricia,
    Thanks for sharing your lovely tale. Do you have an Irish background that prompted your tale?

  7. Oh, I do love it when it’s the woman’s turn to rescue the man!

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