Tuesday Tales – Hard, Rough and Dirty

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Hello, everyone and welcome to Tuesday Tales!  The word prompts for today came from a challenge – could we use the words hard, rough and dirty together?  Preferably without it being about sex?  Challenge accepted! 

My excerpt comes from Trial By Fire (Black Irish #4).  This is hopefully the last excerpt from that tale.  Next week I hope to introduce you to a new hero, Gideon, as we take a step back to Victorian Steampunk England.

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building deck

Abbey clenched the warm coffee mug in her hands as she pushed the back door of her parents’ house open with her hip and stepped out into the cool spring morning.  She roused Ame and Ethan out of bed specifically for this trip to Grandpa and Grandma’s.  It wasn’t anything earth shattering by any means.  But she wasn’t going to miss it for the world.

Sloan was not your typical man.  He intimidated anyone who came near him.  He was a Greek god with an Irish bent.  He played rugby.  He worked out.  He swam daily.  No one compared to him in creativity.  But she never actually saw him do any sort of manual labor.  Not that she doubted he could.  Sloan could do anything he set his mind to.  But, coming from a small rural town where manual labor was the norm, watching him actually work intrigued her.

She smiled slyly at the piles of lumber that were stacked across the back lawn.  The boys were all mulling around, a couple rather grumpily for being waken up so early on a Saturday morning.  They were all there to help Gordon build the deck that her Mom had wanted since they moved to Minneapolis.  Liam was even awake and ready to build.  Abbey giggled.  Bet he didn’t think he was doing this when he visited from Belfast.  Her brow knitted in confusion as Logan appeared from around the garage.  How’d he get roped into this?  The glare Logan shot Sloan answered that question.  Another chuckle erupted from her throat. 

 Sloan picked up a four by four in his large, gloved hands and inspected it.  “Hmm,” he hummed to himself as he slapped the wood against his palm, breaking free some of the residual dirt that clung to it. “Rough…Hard…Dirty.”  His gaze met hers, his ice blue eyes twinkling.  Abbey could read the message they said.  Her husband may have been talking about the board in his grip, but his thoughts were far from it.  She felt her face flush hot as her mouth went dry.

 “Don’t you need the boards to be clean?” she squeaked out in protest.

 Robert shot her a glare.  “It’s a footing, Abbey.  We’re about to sink it into concrete.  Plus it’s going to be exposed to the elements.  So, no.  Are you planning on playing supervisor this morning?  Where are your kids?”

“Maybe I am.  The kids are watching cartoons with their Grandma.  Looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed,” Abbey quipped back.

 Robert snarled at her before he returned the pile of lumber he was sorting.  Abbey grinned as her husband winked at her in victory.  She settled into a lawn chair to watch construction begin. 

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  1. Ah, women watching men work…it’s always a very good time 😉

    I can’t wait to meet Gideon…you had me at ‘steampunk’

    • I agree!

      I can’t wait for everyone to meet Gideon. I will admit I’m a little anxious. I’ve been studying Steampunk for weeks. But I have a feeling Gideon won’t disappoint.

  2. absolutely loved the “double meaning” of the way you used the prompts. Great!

  3. Great use of the prompts. I love how you put them all together like that with no other words. Good excerpt too,

  4. I’m with Iris. I like your double meaning! This is a great scene.

  5. Clever use of the prompt words. 🙂

  6. Something so sexy about men doing manual labor! And the twinkle in Sloan’s eyes. Love it! Also love the way the guys are not happy to be there, but are pitching in because they’re family and that’s what family does. Great post.

  7. Great post! Love the twinkle in Sloan`s eyes.

  8. Great post to use – the one where you got all three prompts in, and all together!

  9. Where can I buy Trial By Fire? I have read all the others and anxious to read Black Irish 4.

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