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Tuesday Tales – Sweet

Badge for TT - very smallHello everyone and welcome to Tuesday Tales!  This week’s word prompt is “sweet”.  Last week Gideon got a quite a shock at Katarina Hellwig’s request.  What will Gideon do?

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absintheGideon didn’t remember his walk home.  His mind raced.  What Katarina said could not be true.  It just couldn’t.  General Hellwig was not a murderer.  It was true he dealt with his men with a firm hand.  Yet he wasn’t oppressive.  It was like a father dealing with a band of wild, unruly sons.

He unlocked the door of his townhouse and shoved it open, slamming it closed behind him as he passed through.  He slumped on his stool next to his workbench then poured himself a generous glass of absinthe.  He winced as he drained the tumbler.  He fought to keep the image from his brain.  He had to.

When General Hellwig’s men found themselves with a night off they would frequent the taverns near the dirigible base.  Although the camaraderie was just what Gideon needed he grew to hate the trips.  More than once he found the General in the alleyways consorting with riffraff – just the type of low life scum that murdered Sophia and Toby.  Their pockets already looked lined with ill-gotten gains.  Gideon never understood what the General was doing.

He lowered his head, resting it on his workbench with a sigh.  Now he did.  It suddenly all became crystal clear.

steampunk workbench

Gideon rose to his feet and paced away from the bench.  It was time for more pleasant thoughts.  His lips curled in a smile as he remembered Emma.  Her soft curves beneath her pale blue gown, her perfect chiseled features, her jeweled blue eyes made his heart rage.  He groaned as he fantasized of her sweet red lips.  What would she taste like?  Every fiber of him demanded to know.  He shook himself to his senses.  Had the brief encounter with the blonde extinguished his undying love for Sophia?  Sophia was his everything.  Was he ready to betray that?

Even if he’d like to seek vengeance on the General for Sophia and Toby’s murders he couldn’t.  He couldn’t tarnish his precious wife’s memory.

Gideon stopped his pacing and stared at the front door with a puzzled frown.  There was a gentle knock.  He crossed the room and tugged it open.  He met Emma’s beautiful, brilliant smile with a look of shock.

“Oh good, Captain Alexander.  You are home,” her voice sang soft and sweet.

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New Release!! – Simple Man by Lydia Michaels

Simple Man, by the fantastic Lydia Michaels, was released TODAY!!


SIMPLE MAN by Lydia Michaels

SimpleMan_LRGMonths after Shane Martin’s sister vanishes, life crashes down and he finds himself the guardian of a nephew he never knew existed. Blissfully ignorant, Shane trades in his musician status, full of late nights and fast women, for midnight feedings and lullabies. But when Kate McAlister, his prissy, stuck up caseworker, arrives unexpectedly, he realizes he could lose everything.

Kate isn’t impressed by Shane’s messy bachelor pad, rocker image, or sexy tattoos. As a matter of fact she finds it all very sophomoric. The sooner she’s off the case the better. Everything from his long hair to his sarcastic attitude threatens her professionalism. But when he lowers his guard and asks for help, she discovers a side to this tattooed musician she can’t resist. Behind this simple man is an unsung hero.

Book Trailer:

Simple Man is told strictly from the male hero’s POV and takes readers on a comical and heartwarming journey.


When Duce left, Shane sifted through the bag. There were tiny diapers, wipes, some sort of yoga mat thing, a bunch of creams. He laughed when he saw something called Butt Paste. That was self-explanatory.

There was something resembling a miniature turkey baster. He found clothes, itty-bitty socks, a knit cap, a few rattles, two containers of formula, some bottles, and a small booklet with doctor’s visits listed in it. He recognized the writing as his sister’s and a strange, sad nostalgia settled over him.

Was she here watching him now? “He’s beautiful, Noel,” he whispered. “I’m gonna do this. Don’t worry. I’ll figure it out and I’ll take good care of him for you. You’ll see.”

By the time Duce returned Shane was reading the bottle of formula. “What’s that?” his friend asked as he plopped down the paper takeout bag of food.

“Formula. I didn’t find any food. Do you think I should wake him to eat?”

“Uh, isn’t there some rule about never waking a sleeping baby?”

Shane shrugged. “Maybe I should make up a bottle so it’s ready when he does wake. He’s been sleeping for two hours. He’s gotta be hungry.”

Shane wished he had Internet. He wasn’t really computer savvy, but people were always talking about finding shit online. Duce was staring at him with a peculiar look. “What?”

“I think you should give him back.”

“Give him back? There is no back. I’m it.”

“He’s just all perfect and small. What if you fuck him up?”

“Hey, don’t curse in front of him. And I’m not going to mess him up. I just need some practice. I’ll figure it out.”

“Maybe you should ask someone who has kids what to do.”

Shane reached for an egg roll. “I don’t know anyone with kids. I have to take a class and I have a crap load of reading material.”

“When do you take the class? Maybe that was something you should have done beforehand.”

“It starts tomorrow night. I’ll be fine.”

They ate and zoned out to some reality TV. Baby Shane was so quiet they’d almost forgotten about him. Then Duce’s face began to twitch. “Dude, what’s that smell?”

Shane sniffed and choked. Whatever it was, it was powerful enough to make his eyes water. “Aw man, did you fart?”

“Wasn’t me.”

In unison, they slowly turned to the baby who still slept soundly. He leaned over and sniffed, almost gagging as he jerked back. “Holy crap! How could something so pintsize smell that bad?”

Duce covered his mouth and went to the window, quickly opening it to let some air in. The little guy made a tiny nook-nook sound and his miniature fist curled up by his chin in a dainty stretch. He looked like the fighting Irish.

“It’s moving,” Duce whispered as though the baby were a bomb about to detonate. And suddenly an explosion happened.

Baby Shane’s face screwed up tight, turning an unnatural shade of red. His mouth opened wide, showing nothing but pink gums, and an unholy squawk roared out of him.

They jumped and stared as the baby screamed, his little chest working in quick breaths as he drew in only enough air to force out another shrill, squawking cry.

“Do something!” Duce demanded.

Shane panicked. He reached for the book and began to thumb through, not sure what he was looking for.

“Don’t fucking read! Pick it up!” Duce snapped.

Shane tossed the book on the couch and quickly kneeled in front of the angry baby. He wailed and Shane began to freak. Was he in pain? Ugh, the smell coming off of him was burning the back of his throat. “Sweet Jesus, he stinks!”

He quickly removed the soft blanket. Shane was strapped down with some sort of five-point harness a person needed a degree in engineering to figure out. He pressed buttons and undid latches, shaking with the urgent need to make him stop screaming.

Sweat seeped through the baby’s tiny cotton jumper. The closer he got the worse the stench became.

“I thought babies were supposed to smell good?” Duce said, fanning the front door to let some air in.

“So did I. I can’t figure out how to unbuckle him!”

“Hit the red buttons on the side. You gotta get the handle out of the way.”

Sweat trickled into his eyes as he tried to dismantle the carrier. Finally he had the harness undone. “Now what?”

“Pick it up!”

“He stinks!”

Duce scowled. “So, my ear drums are about to burst. You gotta get in there. Tough it out. Take one for the team!”

Shane carefully picked up the screaming baby. He held him in front of his chest like a potted plant. He was so incredibly light. “What now?”

“I don’t know. You’re the one who’s supposed to be Mr. Mom. Comfort it. Pat its back. Sing or something!”

Shane stood and awkwardly turned, swaying slightly. He didn’t want to shake him and break him. He sang the first song that came to his mind, wincing at the lyrics about loaded guns.

Duce’s mouth fell open. “Teen Spirit? Really? How about Rock-a-bye Baby?”

“I don’t know Rock-a-bye Baby. Nirvana’s the first thing that popped into my head.”

“It’s not really appropriate, Shane,” Duce said coolly as if he were suddenly more qualified than him with babies.

“You wanna try?”

“No, I’m set.”

He continued to sing Teen Spirit and eventually Baby Shane quieted. Blue eyes stared back at him and slowly the world began to settle.

Shane was sweating and Duce looked petrified.

“Hi,” Shane said. The baby blinked. “I’m your Uncle Shane.”

“I don’t think he can talk.”

“No shit, Sherlock.”

Buy Links:

D3S_2065editAward winning author, Lydia Michaels, writes all forms of hot romance. She presses the bounds of love and surprises readers just when they assume they have her stories figured out. From Amish vampyres, to wild Irishmen, to broken heroes, and heroines no man can match, Lydia takes readers on an emotional journey of the heart, mind, and soul with every story she pens. Her books are intellectual, erotic, haunting, always centered on love. Lydia Michaels loves to here from readers! She can be found of Facebook or contacted by email at


Other Titles by Lydia Michaels
















Cover Reveal for Her Deviant Lord


Cover Reveal

Her Deviant Lord,

Pleasure Garden Follies, Book 3

by Layna Pimentel

Releasing November 11, 2013

Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing

Genre: Historical Erotic Romance

Warning: This book has elements of: light bondage, and ménages.

Length: Novella


Bastian Wycliffe, the Earl of Wendelhem, has finally moved on…or so he thought. En-route to a hunting trip after over-indulging the night before, he endures a frightful and terribly embarrassing swoon. He’s seen a ghost and her name is Cordelia Waite, the Duchess of Downsbury.

Mrs. Weylen, formerly a duchess, has a secret. All it took was the chance meeting in the inn that fateful night for her memories to come back and haunt her. She makes haste returning to London incognito with the intent to clear up misconceptions and to deliver an ultimatum to her former lover.

Yet, when a new found obsession refuses to accept the truth, and her imprisoned husband discovers she’s still alive, their lives and relationship may be in danger. Second chances have never been more precarious.

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Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Layna discovered her love of reading at an early age. When she isn’t devouring salacious romance novels or writing, she enjoys losing herself in researching ancient history and mythology, weaponry, and hiking. She lives in Northern Ontario, with her husband and two daughters.

Layna is a member of the Romance Writers of America, and is a monthly contributor at 69 Shades of Smut. For updates on her upcoming releases, or to leave her a comment, you can find at:





Tuesday Tales – Railing

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Hello everyone and welcome to Tuesday Tales!  This week’s word prompt is “railing”.  We are back with Gideon in my untitled Steampunk romance.  Last week Gideon was walking to the home of Katarina Hellwig, the wife of his commanding officer in the Queen’s Army, to see what she wants of him.  What does she want?

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red stairsThe walk from Gideon’s townhouse to the mansion that housed the Hellwigs took nearly an hour.  The butler silently escorted him inside.  Gideon took in his surroundings.  The chandelier, the railings, the gas burning sconces were a bright, polished brass.  The floor was an alabaster marble.  All of the furnishings were a blood red.  The scene was truly garish.

Without a word, the butler motioned Gideon up the grand marble staircase, the brass railings a stark contrast to the stone.  He thanked the servant with a nod.  With a frown that creased his brow he ascended the stairs.  The peak of the staircase led to an expansive, extraordinary library.  The walls on every side were lined with dark stained cases full of books.  Thick, plush chairs of the same blood red velvet were scattered throughout the reading area.  A large floor to ceiling window overlooking London was spiderwebbed with steel creating a circular pattern.  The same gas fueled sconces that Gideon saw on the main floor lit the library in a golden glow.Beautiful-Library-12

Standing in front of the window staring out on the autumn afternoon was an ebony haired beauty.  Her long, flowing curls brushed her back with each subtle move she made.  Her gown was the same shade as the furniture in her library.  She turned slightly, her emerald green eyes flaring wickedly at him.

“Captain Alexander.  It is good to see you,” Katariana Hellwig greeted, her voice smooth but cold.

“Please, m’lady.  I am no longer a Captain,” Gideon protested.  “Gideon will do.”

Her laughter was chilling.  She sashayed from the window to him, her layers of petticoats shuffling beneath her.  She slowly dragged her fingertips against his shirt, gently scraping his hard chest through the fabric.  “Very well.  Gideon.”

“You summoned me,” Gideon reminded, his voice laced with impatience.

“Yes.  I have heard of your intelligence and your skill with tinkering.  I want you to make me a contraption.”

“A contraption to do what?”

“Kill my husband.”

Gideon flinched at her words.  “I cannot.  I respect your husband.  He was my mentor, my friend.  I will not assist you with this.”

Her coy smile made him shiver.  “He killed your wife and son, you know.  My beloved husband is the one who has been sending those thugs into the streets to steal from the hard working families of London.  He has been the one giving orders to plunder them for all their work.  He was the one who instructed them to go to any lengths to get what he wants, even kill.”  Katarina grasped his stubbled jaw in her hand to focus his attention solely on her.  “He gave the specific order to murder your wife and child.”

Gideon fought back a growl.  His heart burned in sudden hatred.  His mentor – the man who murdered his Sophia?  His Toby?  He thought for a moment.  It made sense.  A house like this was impossible for a General of the Queen’s Army.  This belonged to those of great wealth.  Where else could he possibly have found the funds for this lifestyle?  And the General was furious when he announced his retirement from the dirigible fleet.  How better to keep him in the force than to end the reason for him to go home?

He swallowed back his rage as he pulled free of her grip.  “I will think about it and send a messenger to you with an answer.”

Katarina smiled softly.  “I think not.  I will send my assistant with you.  Emma!”

Gideon noticed a shadow drift out of the corner of his eye.  His breath caught in his throat.  A young woman rose slowly from a gaudy gold embroidered lounge.  Her soft, golden hair was bound to the top of her head in a bun.  Her skin was like porcelain.  Her crystal blue eyes twinkled like diamonds.  Her small frame was delicate with gentle curves at her hips and breasts.  The pale blue gown she wore added to the ethereal vision.  He swallowed hard.  No woman stirred any emotion in his heart except Sophia.  None.

This vision before him set fire a desire deep in his soul he couldn’t quench.  He shook himself back to his senses and returned his gaze to Katarina.  “If I choose to undertake this project with you, I will send word.  Do not send anyone to me.  Understand?”  Without another word Gideon spun on his toe and stormed down the staircase.

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The Cover Art for The Troubles (Black Irish #3) Is Here!

Here is the cover art of The Troubles (Black Irish #3) is here!!  I love it!  What do you think??


Tuesday Tales – Fall Scene

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Happy Tuesday and welcome back to Tuesday Tales!  This week we are working with the picture prompt below.  We are back with Gideon in my untitled Steampunk romance.  Since last week’s excerpt Gideon has received a message from Katarina Hellwig, the wife of General Hellwig, Gideon’s former commanding officer in the Queen’s Army.  In it she has asked to meet him concerning a project she would like him to undertake for her.

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fall scene

Gideon stepped out onto the stoop of the townhouse, closing the door softly behind him.  He tugged his charcoal wool frock coat closer to him to block out the chill of the autumn afternoon.  Slowly descending the steps, he spun on his toe and silently stalked down the lane.

Gideon looked up between the branches of brilliantly colored leaves to the clear blue sky.  He let go a soft snort as his eyes caught the object floating overhead.  A dirigible carrying passengers to the Colonies chugged a path across the horizon.

dirigible pilotHe sighed.  A year ago, he spent every moment of his life on a dirigible as a pilot for the Queen’s Army.  He loved every second he served for his country.  That was until he came home to find his beautiful wife murdered and his son missing.  By the amount of blood shed he could only assume Toby was murdered also.  He slumped to the floor amongst the carnage.  He didn’t have the willpower to even summon the constable.  He felt his life slowly crumble.

 He glanced once more at the vehicle floating in the sky.  He would board a dirigible once more.  When he saved enough money he would travel to the Colonies to start a new life, leaving London and the torturous memories of his family’s murder behind.

 Gideon glanced to the townhouses stacked neatly beside each other like the leather bound tomes on his bookshelf.  He couldn’t understand why General Hellwig’s bride, Katarina, needed him.  He left the military life behind.  He left all life in London behind.  His life consisted within the walls of his home.  What could she possibly need from him?

He shuffled along the lane ignoring the chatter of those around him.  He wanted to get this talk with Katarina over with.  The sooner it was, the sooner he could return to his refuge.

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Tuesday Tales – Evergreen

Badge for TT - very smallHey everyone!  Welcome to Tuesday Tales!  This week’s word prompt is Evergreen.  I am starting a new Steampunk novel.  This is the first excerpt of that tale.

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steampunk workbench

The meaning of life existed on this side of that weathered wood door.  What lay on the other side was misery, deceit and heartbreak.  At least that was what Gideon believed.

He sighed as he slipped the goggles that perched upon his head over his ice blue eyes.  Even though they improved his vision drastically, making it possible to examine the littlest of screws, he still instinctively squinted.  He carefully hooked the tiny screwdriver into the head of the miniscule screw and turned.  Once the screw was tight he reclined back in his chair and exhaled slowly.  Tapping the top of the creature twice, he held his breath as he waited.

steampunk spiderThe small, metal spider clicked across his workbench, its brass legs tapping the wood rhythmically.  Its gears whirled sweetly as it wandered amongst the tools and books until it bumped into Gideon’s bottle of absinthe.  The evergreen bottle rocked to and fro in protest.  Gideon stilled it then picked up his new pet, settling it in the place it began.  The creature cocked its head to him, its multifaceted eyes begging for approval.

A small smile cracked Gideon’s lips as he nodded once to the spider.  It wasn’t bad work for some brass, a few gears, a drop or two of oil and hydraulic fluid and a little luck.  He glanced up at his image in the looking glass.  His smile faded.  It was the first smile that graced his lips in months.

Gideon stood, allowing the brass spider to explore more of its new surroundings.  He pushed the goggles back into his thick, black hair then brushed the dust from his rumpled cotton shirt and chocolate brown trousers.  He shuffled towards the kitchen but stopped short as the wooden front door of his townhouse opened.

“Gideon!” a deep voice echoed among the piles of books.

“I am right here, Edgar,” Gideon sighed.  He glared at the auburn haired man standing in the threshold of his door.

“When was the last time you checked the post?” Edgar dropped a pile of papers on Gideon’s workbench, startling the brass spider.

Gideon laid his hand on the bench, allowing the pet to crawl into his hand.  He held it protectively to his chest.  “When I went outside last.  Two weeks ago.”


“Edgar, what do you want?”

“I wanted to check on my closest friend.”

“I am fine.”

“Gideon, removing yourself from the rest of the world will not bring Sophia and Toby back.”

Gideon tore the goggles from his head with his free hand.  He motioned towards the door.  “Thank you for visiting, Edgar.”

Edgar slowly shook his head as he adjusted his vest and tugged his waistcoat into place.  Without another word he left Gideon standing there, clenching the brass spider to his heart.

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