Tuesday Tales – Evergreen

Badge for TT - very smallHey everyone!  Welcome to Tuesday Tales!  This week’s word prompt is Evergreen.  I am starting a new Steampunk novel.  This is the first excerpt of that tale.

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steampunk workbench

The meaning of life existed on this side of that weathered wood door.  What lay on the other side was misery, deceit and heartbreak.  At least that was what Gideon believed.

He sighed as he slipped the goggles that perched upon his head over his ice blue eyes.  Even though they improved his vision drastically, making it possible to examine the littlest of screws, he still instinctively squinted.  He carefully hooked the tiny screwdriver into the head of the miniscule screw and turned.  Once the screw was tight he reclined back in his chair and exhaled slowly.  Tapping the top of the creature twice, he held his breath as he waited.

steampunk spiderThe small, metal spider clicked across his workbench, its brass legs tapping the wood rhythmically.  Its gears whirled sweetly as it wandered amongst the tools and books until it bumped into Gideon’s bottle of absinthe.  The evergreen bottle rocked to and fro in protest.  Gideon stilled it then picked up his new pet, settling it in the place it began.  The creature cocked its head to him, its multifaceted eyes begging for approval.

A small smile cracked Gideon’s lips as he nodded once to the spider.  It wasn’t bad work for some brass, a few gears, a drop or two of oil and hydraulic fluid and a little luck.  He glanced up at his image in the looking glass.  His smile faded.  It was the first smile that graced his lips in months.

Gideon stood, allowing the brass spider to explore more of its new surroundings.  He pushed the goggles back into his thick, black hair then brushed the dust from his rumpled cotton shirt and chocolate brown trousers.  He shuffled towards the kitchen but stopped short as the wooden front door of his townhouse opened.

“Gideon!” a deep voice echoed among the piles of books.

“I am right here, Edgar,” Gideon sighed.  He glared at the auburn haired man standing in the threshold of his door.

“When was the last time you checked the post?” Edgar dropped a pile of papers on Gideon’s workbench, startling the brass spider.

Gideon laid his hand on the bench, allowing the pet to crawl into his hand.  He held it protectively to his chest.  “When I went outside last.  Two weeks ago.”


“Edgar, what do you want?”

“I wanted to check on my closest friend.”

“I am fine.”

“Gideon, removing yourself from the rest of the world will not bring Sophia and Toby back.”

Gideon tore the goggles from his head with his free hand.  He motioned towards the door.  “Thank you for visiting, Edgar.”

Edgar slowly shook his head as he adjusted his vest and tugged his waistcoat into place.  Without another word he left Gideon standing there, clenching the brass spider to his heart.

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Badge for TT - very small


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  1. Great start! I`ve recently started reading steampunk and look forward to more of yours

  2. Oh wow, so much emotion in this one, and absolutely fascinating with it.

  3. I love the understated emotion and the tease you’ve give us. What happened to Sophia and Toby? I’ve never read steampunk before. I like this story and you’ve sucked me in…again!

  4. I love the new story. Can’t wait to read more. AND very clever to use absinthe.

  5. Hooked on the story and love who you used the word prompt.

  6. Well done … also on using the prompt! nice story.

  7. Very nice. And GREAT photos to go along with the scene.

  8. This piece left me intrigued and reminded me of the Wild Wild West with Will Smith. LOL

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