Tuesday Tales – Sweet

Badge for TT - very smallHello everyone and welcome to Tuesday Tales!  This week’s word prompt is “sweet”.  Last week Gideon got a quite a shock at Katarina Hellwig’s request.  What will Gideon do?

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absintheGideon didn’t remember his walk home.  His mind raced.  What Katarina said could not be true.  It just couldn’t.  General Hellwig was not a murderer.  It was true he dealt with his men with a firm hand.  Yet he wasn’t oppressive.  It was like a father dealing with a band of wild, unruly sons.

He unlocked the door of his townhouse and shoved it open, slamming it closed behind him as he passed through.  He slumped on his stool next to his workbench then poured himself a generous glass of absinthe.  He winced as he drained the tumbler.  He fought to keep the image from his brain.  He had to.

When General Hellwig’s men found themselves with a night off they would frequent the taverns near the dirigible base.  Although the camaraderie was just what Gideon needed he grew to hate the trips.  More than once he found the General in the alleyways consorting with riffraff – just the type of low life scum that murdered Sophia and Toby.  Their pockets already looked lined with ill-gotten gains.  Gideon never understood what the General was doing.

He lowered his head, resting it on his workbench with a sigh.  Now he did.  It suddenly all became crystal clear.

steampunk workbench

Gideon rose to his feet and paced away from the bench.  It was time for more pleasant thoughts.  His lips curled in a smile as he remembered Emma.  Her soft curves beneath her pale blue gown, her perfect chiseled features, her jeweled blue eyes made his heart rage.  He groaned as he fantasized of her sweet red lips.  What would she taste like?  Every fiber of him demanded to know.  He shook himself to his senses.  Had the brief encounter with the blonde extinguished his undying love for Sophia?  Sophia was his everything.  Was he ready to betray that?

Even if he’d like to seek vengeance on the General for Sophia and Toby’s murders he couldn’t.  He couldn’t tarnish his precious wife’s memory.

Gideon stopped his pacing and stared at the front door with a puzzled frown.  There was a gentle knock.  He crossed the room and tugged it open.  He met Emma’s beautiful, brilliant smile with a look of shock.

“Oh good, Captain Alexander.  You are home,” her voice sang soft and sweet.

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  1. NICE!! I like his inner turmoil and I can’t wait to see what the lovely Emma is doing at his door.

  2. Wonderful scene and the thoughts from the past help to give us better insight into Gideon. Wonder what Emma has planned?

  3. Great post! I can`t wait to see what Emma is doing at his door myself.

  4. This is heating up nicely. So what is Emma up to? I think he’s going to find out. I like the way you’re bringing them together, slowly. Looking forward to the next installment. Well done!

  5. His internal struggle is so palplable…but the man is sooo screwed when it comes to Emma. lol

  6. Emma isn’t giving up on the Captain so easily. I wonder how this visit is going to go?

  7. Love how you brought his inner emotions to life …. can’t believe I’ve got to wait for a week to find out what happens next ….

  8. His torment comes across so ctrongly in this scene, as does his shock when Emma stood at his door.

  9. Great scene; I feel his pain and the confusion with his battling emotions. And … you got sweet in there twice!

  10. Hi Tricia,
    I don’t trust the General. Sounds to me he might be a dirty dog. Nice job.

  11. Beautifully written, I wonder if he will be persuaded by Emma and if so what form his revenge will take.

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