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Tuesday Tales – Hug

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Happy Tuesday!  It’s once again time for Tuesday Tales!  Today’s word prompt is “hug”.  We are back with our untitled Steampunk romance.  When we left last week, Gideon found Sophia’s murder, but also found out she was unfaithful.  Will he confront Emma?  Let’s find out!!

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The Hellwig mansion was deserted.  Not a single soul fluttered about on one of Katarina’s whims.  The way the shadows hugged the walls of the darkened rooms made the house seem haunted.  Gideon shuddered as he sprinted up the grand staircase.

He stopped as he reached the final flight of steps leading to the library.  Voices floated down to him.  He slipped to the servant staircase and ascended silently.  He spied out through the crack in the door.

Katarina paced the floor before the large spider web window.  Emma was restrained in a bear hug by another of Katarina’s thugs.  She could not move a limb.  Gideon glanced to the humidor.  The door was open and the interior glowed an eerie green.  The poison had already been placed into the contraption.

“It seems my new toy needs to be tested,” Katarina proclaimed.  She spun at Emma.  “You have not been the good, faithful servant you promised to be, my dear.”

“I coerced Gideon to build the humidor.  Those were your wishes.”

“Yes, but I had rules.  Did I not?”

A slow, evil grin spread across Emma’s face.  She tossed her long, blonde locks then winced as the henchman tightened his hold.  “Kill me.  I have nothing else to live for.   But I must thank you, Katarina, for fulfilling your promise.  You told me you would find a husband for me.  You did.  Unfortunately, I lost him before I could tell him how much I loved him. Your lies took care of that.”

Katarina swept across the scarlet carpet until her nose pressed against Emma’s.  “I demanded that you not fall in love with him or he with you.  Bed him if you must.  But no love.  Gideon Alexander belongs to me.  I have worked a long time to possess the man.  I had his wife’s lover murder her so I could have him.  Then the man became a recluse.  Now once my husband is dead he will be mine.”

“Gideon has a good, pure heart.  He could never love a black hearted woman such as yourself.”

“Once his contraption implicates him for my husband’s murder I will be his only salvation from the hangman’s noose.”

“Gideon would hang before he would choose you.”

“You need not worry, my dear.  You will not be alive to see it.”  Katarina cocked her head towards the humidor.  The thug shoved Emma inside the wood box.  It suddenly came alive with a moan of gears.  The green mist slowly thickened into a fog that snaked around Emma’s screaming body.  The room was silenced as the door slammed closed on its own.  The click of a lock was the only sound.

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Tuesday Tales – Mirror Picture Prompt

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Happy Tuesday!  It’s once again time for Tuesday Tales!  Today we have a picture prompt – a mirror.  We are back with our untitled Steampunk romance.  When we left last week, Gideon discovered Emma’s betrayal.  What will he do now?  Let’s find out!!

And don’t forget to check out the incredible excerpts from other very talented Tuesday Tales authors!


Gideon stormed through the streets of London as his temper raged.  When had he let Emma under his skin?  He desired her, he fell in love with her.  And the whole time she was leading him to murder.

When his anger subsided he found himself at the tavern door.  Several stiff drinks would drive Emma from his mind.  He opened the door, stepped inside and slumped onto a barstool.  The barkeep scuttled off to get his liquor.

Gideon fixed his eyes on the mirror behind the bar as he waited.  His gaze traced the graceful silver curls of the frame.  His focus never wavered as he grasped the glass of absinthe and swallowed it.

That was when he saw it in the reflection of the glass.  He spun to get a closer look.  Behind him sat Katarina’s thugs.  One held the silk red rose that Gideon made for Sophia.  The bastard had killed his precious wife.  He rose from his stool and settled at a nearby table to attack.

“Where did you get that?” the other ruffian inquired.

“Sophia gave it to me one morning when I rose from her bed.  I was fascinated so she gave it to me.  It is a shame I had to kill her.  Katarina paid me handsomely to do so though.”

“And your son?”

“With my family in the country.  That imbecile believed Toby was his.  Sophia had to summon him to her to hide the fact I fathered the child.  I shared her bed from the day he left to serve until the day I took her life.”

Gideon’s blood turned to ice.  Sophia, his Sophia, was unfaithful?  She said she loved him.  The evidence in the man’s hand proved otherwise.

Instinct demanded the thug’s blood, demanded revenge.  He slowly exhaled.  No amount of alcohol would take away the betrayal of two women.  He slammed his fist on the table and rose.  He might not be able to get answers from Sophia.  He would get them from Emma.

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Sunday Sneak Peak

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Happy Sunday Everyone!

I am super excited to share more of my current WIP, Breaking the Silence (Hard Drive Series 2).  If you thought Rico was full of himself before, you haven’t seen anything yet.  Just the perfect bad boy to be humbled by a beautiful, strong woman…right? 

But before we get to our incredible heroine, let’s get a little more of our bad boy.  Don’t forget to stop by the other blogs and check out the excerpts from the other wonderful Sunday Sneak Peek Authors!!

Black and red boxing gloves

He hopped up the outside staircase of the apartment building two steps at a time.  He frowned as he stopped at their peak.  It took a moment to remember which apartment his bedmate from last night lived in.  He ran his hands through his thick, dark brown hair.  With a sexy grin and confident swagger he strode down the hall and knocked on the door.

A small, curvy redhead wrapped in a silk emerald green robe that matched her eyes leaned against the door.  She fluttered her thick eyelashes as she gazed at him.  “Hey, Rico.  Just get done at the gym?’

“Pretty much.  Just stopped for a bite to eat.”

The girl moaned softly as her eyes fluttered shut.  Imagining me hot and sweaty no doubt, muscles rippling as I spar with my opponent.  “And you’re here for?”

“It seems I left my gloves.  Just here to get them.”

“Are you sure that is all you are here for?”  The redhead slid a stray finger across her chest, revealing a tantalizing amount of cleavage and a small slip of lace that matched her bathrobe.


Her eyes popped open surprised.  She smiled slyly again.  “You sure you aren’t here for an encore of last night?  It was incredible.”

Rico gently laid his hands on her shoulders.  “That it was.  But I’m not interested in an encore, sweetheart.  All I want are my gloves.”

She frowned at him.  “You’re not interested in me?  What about what you said at the club?  You told me I was beautiful and that any man would be lucky to have me.”

“You are beautiful.  And I certainly was lucky to have you last night.  But one night was all I wanted from you.  Would you have had sex with me if I told you it was a one night deal?”

She gasped indignant.  Her hand shot across his face like lightning.  Rico gripped his chin as he winced.  She could hit harder than half the guys he met in the octagon.  The slap was followed with a litany of curse word that would make a trucker blush.  Rico analyzed the furious little creature.  Her spitfire was nearly enough to convince him want to stay one more night.  If he did it certainly would be interesting.

The barrage of foul words were finished with the slam of the door.  Before Rico could respond, it was opened a crack and the gloves were thrown into the hall.  He stooped down to pick them up then hurried down the stairs to his truck.

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Tuesday Tales – Nudge

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Happy Tuesday!  It’s once again time for Tuesday Tales!  Today’s word prompt is “nudge” and we are back with our untitled Steampunk romance.  When we left last week, Gideon and Emma had just finished the humidor.  What will Katarina think?  Let’s find out!!

And don’t forget to check out the incredible excerpts from other very talented Tuesday Tales authors!

The two men who struggled the humidor to Katarina’s library gave Gideon an ill feeling.  He could not imagine a lady of her standing acquainting herself with such ruffians.  He searched for Emma against the blazing sunset that burned through the spider web window.  Her beautiful shadow was hidden in a corner.  He chuckled to himself.  Tonight her shadow would darken his bed also.

Katarina beamed as the men nudged the humidor into its final place.  It looked regal and magnificent with its dark stained wood and red leather.  Little did anyone but the occupants of this room know that it was a death trap.

“Show me how it works,” Katarina demanded.

Gideon strode to the door of the humidor and opened it.  “When someone steps inside the door will seal itself closed.  The chamber will become airtight.  However, to hasten the death of the occupant along, a fog of this poison will release killing them in moments”.  He held up a vial of green, iridescent liquid.

Katarina snatched it quickly from his hand and replaced it with a crimson velvet satchel.  By the weight of it he surmised it was his pay. “Good work, Captain Alexander.”

“Thank you.”  He nodded to the beauty in the corner.  “Emma’s help has been invaluable.”

Katarina’s laugh was icy.  “I agree.  I could not have done this without Emma.”

“Done what?” he inquired.

“Persuade such an honest, good man as yourself to kill.”

Gideon’s face darkened.  “Persuade me to kill?”

“Yes.  She was sent to you every day with one command – to do whatever it took to convince you to obey my wishes.  Even seduce you.”

Gideon’s glare snapped to Emma.  She curled herself into the depths of the corner, hiding from his anger.  His face twisted in fury.

“Thank you for your service, Captain Alexander,” Katarina purred.  “You are dismissed.”

Gideon’s eyes shot from Katarina to Emma.  Without a word he stormed down the staircase leaving them both behind.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!

Being Irish, I love to celebrate this day.  I have since I was little.  I have my green on, my Irish Beef Stew is simmering in the crockpot and I am ready to celebrate!!

BlackIrish_SM. wpid-Heartland_MED.jpg. TheTroubles_LRG

The best way to celebrate is to give a present to YOU!  Comment below to win e-book copies of each of the Black Irish Series – Black Irish, Heartland and The Troubles!!  I will draw later on tonight.  Good luck!!


If you want to hear me talk about the Black Irish Series and one of my favorite alpha males, Sloan O’Riley, tune in to The Hummingbird Place tonight at 6:00 pm CST.  We’ll be talking all books Irish!!  Join us!!


For my readers over 21, I have an extra surprise for you.  When researching the name Black Irish on Google, I found movies, a band and an alcoholic drink!  My hubby and I have tweaked the recipe – here’s to a very Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Black Irish

2 shots Irish Whiskey (we like 2 Gingers)

1 shot Kahlua

1 cup coffee ice cream

1/2 cup ice cubes

Mix all the ingredients in a blender and combine until milkshake consistency  A word of warning – this is a VERY strong drink!!


Sunday Sneak Peek

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Hey everyone!  It is time for my Sunday Sneak Peek again!  Admittedly, last week didn’t feel like a sneak peek.  Breaking the Cycle has been published for two months. 

When I published Breaking the Cycle, I got lots of great feedback.  One major question was would there be a sequel.  I also heard just how much readers loved one of my secondary characters, Rico.  Would they get to learn more about Rico?

Well, ladies and gents – I have great news!!  My Sunday Sneak Peek is the first six paragraphs of my newest WIP, the sequel to Breaking the Cycle – Breaking the Silence (Hard Drive Series #2).  And who is our hero?  Rico!

Black and red boxing gloves

The brilliant sunlight glaring down on the white pavement of I-494 was nearly blinding.  Rico reached across the bench seat of his truck, grabbing his sunglasses.  He slid them over his eyes, the speed of his vehicle never slowing.  Everything was one fluid motion just like it was in the octagon.  He grinned, his smile as dazzling as the summer highway.  I am just that incredible.

He glanced at the clock embedded in the dashboard.  He was late.  The drywall he waited on started the backlog of his day.  He hurried as fast as he could while still doing the best job he could.  Of course, his work was flawless.  Like I said.  Incredible.

However, this was not the day to be late to Hard Drive.  His sparring partner and one of his best friends, Max, was out of town negotiating their next big fight.  Rico growled.  Many of the guys at the gym hated fight camp.  He and Max loved it.  He couldn’t wait to get started.  He already began eating better and amped his training.  When Max got home they would get ready for war together.

While Max was gone it left Chloe, his wife and co-owner of Hard Drive with him, alone and in charge.  Rico promised them both he would help her when she needed.  He was supposed to be there to lead class in ten minutes.  The gym was at least fifteen minutes away.  He slid his truck between two cars and pressed the gas to the floor.

He barely slid the vehicle into park and ripped the key from the ignition before he grabbed his bag and jogged into the gym.  He let go a sigh of relief as his eyes fell on Mark warming up the kickboxing class.  The big man waved tiredly in Rico’s direction before he turned to correct a student’s cross.  Rico tugged his shoes off.

“About time.”

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Tuesday Tales – End

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Happy Tuesday!  It’s once again time for Tuesday Tales!  Today’s word prompt is “end” and we are back with our untitled Steampunk romance.  When we left last week, things were getting heated between Gideon and Emma.  Did they give into their passion?  Let’s find out!!

Gideon’s resolve nearly broke, the undeniable hunger of desire nearly consuming him.  The fire was quickly extinguished when Emma whispered in his ear, “I want this.  But Katarina demanded this morning to know when the humidor would be ready.  Forgive me, love .”

Gideon drew a steadying breath then chuckled.  “Yes.  I suppose our play will need to wait.  We have a project to finish.”  His mouth grazed hers.  He felt her gasp as she melted against him.  “Fortunately, we are near the end.  Another day of hard work and we will be done.”

Gideon slowly released her with an evil grin, watching as she forced air in and out of her lungs to calm herself.  He tugged his shirt on over his head then picked up his hammer.  He strode to the humidor to begin his task, watching intently as Emma scampered into the kitchen to make breakfast.

Gideon devoted every moment of the day to finishing the humidor, stopping only to take a nibble of food once in a while and a brief trip to the apothecary to get the needed items for the poison.  Emma was by his side assisting through the day.  Her help was invaluable.  He looked up into her eyes, seeing the fire burning in the deep blue depths.  The sooner the humidor was done the sooner they could turn their attention to each other.  He was sure he was about to become a hermit again but not because he feared the world.  Once he got this beauty in his bed he wasn’t about to leave.  By the sultry smile that graced her lips he knew she felt the same.

Night fell as Gideon laid the last stroke of paint on his creation.  He took Emma’s hand in his as they surveyed the final project.  “I will walk you home,” he offered.  He gazed down at her.  “Unless you wish to sleep her tonight.”

She pressed a kiss to his lips.  “I am exhausted.  When I am with you I want to give you everything I am.  Not tonight.  Please walk me home.”

He smiled.  “I understand.  While you are there you can also let Katarina know it is finished.  She can send her men to retrieve.  I will present it to her tomorrow night.  Then I will return here with you to celebrate.”

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Sneak Peek Sunday


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Welcome to Sneak Peek Sunday!  Today I want to share an excerpt from my novel Breaking The Cycle.


An evil grin spread across his face as he slid into park. There was no better place for him to be. Instinctively, he had driven to Hard Drive.

He stared at the dark windows of the empty gym as he climbed out of the car and strode to the trunk. Popping open the lid, he reached inside for the neglected, blue duffle that had slid into the far corner. Then, he slammed the trunk closed, each step to the building hard with purpose.

Max unlocked the door. The motion-detecting lights popped on in greeting. He grinned as he focused on his goal. Four punching bags hung in the corner waiting for him. He pried off his tennis shoes and unzipped the duffle, pulling free a pair of red and black gloves. They weren’t as thick as boxing gloves. These were designed to inflict far more damage on an opponent.

Max tugged each glove on his hands, securing the Velcro closure with his teeth. He took a moment to let the feel of them sink in. His blood ran lava hot in his veins. His heart pounded in his chest. His blue eyes turned to ice as he focused on one of the bags. Crossing the gym, he lowered himself into an attack stance.

He punched, the force in his fist doubling the bag. He moaned. He had forgotten just how good this felt. He was a recovering addict getting a taste of his favorite vice. And he needed more. Much, much more.

He jabbed again. He hated Liz for every word she had said to him. He crossed, the bag resonating with the impact. He hated the hell Chloe was going through. He half stepped, his leg lightning as it struck the vinyl. He hated himself for thinking the very thoughts Liz had said as he waited for the banker to close his account. His hate flowed through him with every punch and kick.

“Holy hell.”

You can find Breaking the Cycle at Sweet Cravings Publishing, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and All Romance E-books.

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Tuesday Tales – Pale

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Happy Tuesday!  It’s once again time for Tuesday Tales!  Today’s word prompt is “pale” and we are back with our untitled Steampunk romance.  When we left last week, Gideon and Emma were sharing a tender moment in the library.  Where will their relationship go?

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Gideon stared out the window at the pale full moon.  He could not sleep.  His thoughts kept him from his dreams.

He closed his eyes, memories of him and Emma in the library filling his mind.  The taste of her sweet lips, the feel of her soft curves pressed against his body should have sent him into a raging inferno of desire.  But it was that kiss that concerned him, that kept him from slumber.

Even when Emma kissed him, her kiss was timid and untried.  When he touched her she trembled.  It reminded him of his wedding night with Sophia.  There was no denying it.  Emma was a maiden.  She had never been with a man.

And he was being a brute.

Gideon punished himself for his lecherous actions until the break of dawn.  He just began to doze when a knock on the door startled him awake.  He attempted to shake sleep from his senses as he climbed from between the sheets and tugged his trousers on.

A small, seductive smile graced Emma’s lips as her eyes raked over Gideon’s bare, sculpted chest.  “Why, Gideon.  Not quite up yet?”

He fought back a growl at her words.  He needed to keep his desire in check.  “Come in, Emma.”

She sashayed into the house, her pale blue gown whispering with each step.  She sat in the seat offered.  Gideon reached for the nearest shirt.

“Please, do not put that on for me,” she purred.

Gideon cleared his throat.  “Emma, have you been with a man?”

She stared at him.  “No.  Katarina told me if I served her she would find me a husband of decent standing.  Why?”

Gideon exhaled hard.  “A maiden like yourself should save yourself for herself for her husband.  Not waste her innocence on a man like me.”

She rose slowly and crossed the room, her hips swaying.  She crept her fingers across his bare flesh.  “Gideon, it is my body and my life.  I will share them with any man I please.  And right now, you are the one I wish to share it with.”

Gideon pulled her against him, parting her lips with a devouring kiss.  She sunk against him, surrendering to him.  He heard her moan as she threaded her fingers in his thick, black hair.

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