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Hey everyone!  It is time for my Sunday Sneak Peek again!  Admittedly, last week didn’t feel like a sneak peek.  Breaking the Cycle has been published for two months. 

When I published Breaking the Cycle, I got lots of great feedback.  One major question was would there be a sequel.  I also heard just how much readers loved one of my secondary characters, Rico.  Would they get to learn more about Rico?

Well, ladies and gents – I have great news!!  My Sunday Sneak Peek is the first six paragraphs of my newest WIP, the sequel to Breaking the Cycle – Breaking the Silence (Hard Drive Series #2).  And who is our hero?  Rico!

Black and red boxing gloves

The brilliant sunlight glaring down on the white pavement of I-494 was nearly blinding.  Rico reached across the bench seat of his truck, grabbing his sunglasses.  He slid them over his eyes, the speed of his vehicle never slowing.  Everything was one fluid motion just like it was in the octagon.  He grinned, his smile as dazzling as the summer highway.  I am just that incredible.

He glanced at the clock embedded in the dashboard.  He was late.  The drywall he waited on started the backlog of his day.  He hurried as fast as he could while still doing the best job he could.  Of course, his work was flawless.  Like I said.  Incredible.

However, this was not the day to be late to Hard Drive.  His sparring partner and one of his best friends, Max, was out of town negotiating their next big fight.  Rico growled.  Many of the guys at the gym hated fight camp.  He and Max loved it.  He couldn’t wait to get started.  He already began eating better and amped his training.  When Max got home they would get ready for war together.

While Max was gone it left Chloe, his wife and co-owner of Hard Drive with him, alone and in charge.  Rico promised them both he would help her when she needed.  He was supposed to be there to lead class in ten minutes.  The gym was at least fifteen minutes away.  He slid his truck between two cars and pressed the gas to the floor.

He barely slid the vehicle into park and ripped the key from the ignition before he grabbed his bag and jogged into the gym.  He let go a sigh of relief as his eyes fell on Mark warming up the kickboxing class.  The big man waved tiredly in Rico’s direction before he turned to correct a student’s cross.  Rico tugged his shoes off.

“About time.”

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  1. That’s an intriguing snippet. Rico sounds a little full of himself. 🙂

  2. Karen Michelle Nutt

    Rico definitely likes himself. lol

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