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Happy Sunday Everyone!

I am super excited to share more of my current WIP, Breaking the Silence (Hard Drive Series 2).  If you thought Rico was full of himself before, you haven’t seen anything yet.  Just the perfect bad boy to be humbled by a beautiful, strong woman…right? 

But before we get to our incredible heroine, let’s get a little more of our bad boy.  Don’t forget to stop by the other blogs and check out the excerpts from the other wonderful Sunday Sneak Peek Authors!!

Black and red boxing gloves

He hopped up the outside staircase of the apartment building two steps at a time.  He frowned as he stopped at their peak.  It took a moment to remember which apartment his bedmate from last night lived in.  He ran his hands through his thick, dark brown hair.  With a sexy grin and confident swagger he strode down the hall and knocked on the door.

A small, curvy redhead wrapped in a silk emerald green robe that matched her eyes leaned against the door.  She fluttered her thick eyelashes as she gazed at him.  “Hey, Rico.  Just get done at the gym?’

“Pretty much.  Just stopped for a bite to eat.”

The girl moaned softly as her eyes fluttered shut.  Imagining me hot and sweaty no doubt, muscles rippling as I spar with my opponent.  “And you’re here for?”

“It seems I left my gloves.  Just here to get them.”

“Are you sure that is all you are here for?”  The redhead slid a stray finger across her chest, revealing a tantalizing amount of cleavage and a small slip of lace that matched her bathrobe.


Her eyes popped open surprised.  She smiled slyly again.  “You sure you aren’t here for an encore of last night?  It was incredible.”

Rico gently laid his hands on her shoulders.  “That it was.  But I’m not interested in an encore, sweetheart.  All I want are my gloves.”

She frowned at him.  “You’re not interested in me?  What about what you said at the club?  You told me I was beautiful and that any man would be lucky to have me.”

“You are beautiful.  And I certainly was lucky to have you last night.  But one night was all I wanted from you.  Would you have had sex with me if I told you it was a one night deal?”

She gasped indignant.  Her hand shot across his face like lightning.  Rico gripped his chin as he winced.  She could hit harder than half the guys he met in the octagon.  The slap was followed with a litany of curse word that would make a trucker blush.  Rico analyzed the furious little creature.  Her spitfire was nearly enough to convince him want to stay one more night.  If he did it certainly would be interesting.

The barrage of foul words were finished with the slam of the door.  Before Rico could respond, it was opened a crack and the gloves were thrown into the hall.  He stooped down to pick them up then hurried down the stairs to his truck.

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