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I missed last Sunday’s Sneak Peek and I was bummed.  I am so excited to share another excerpt of Breaking the Silence (Hard Drive Series #2).  My last two posts have been about our bad boy MMA fighter, Rico Choate.  Now, it’s about time to meet our beautiful, strong heroine…

Black and red boxing gloves

He stepped into the small shop with a gleaming smile. He glanced around. The dark stained shelves were lined with mugs, bags of coffee and other trinkets. Another set of shelves were lined with books for patrons to read. Sofas and overstuffed chairs were scattered among tables with mismatched chairs. Sitting on those chairs and sofas were lovely ladies already cooing at his presence. He laughed. I might just have to get a date or two before I leave.

Rico sauntered to the counter where a tall, lanky redhead waited to take his order. After paying for a cup of coffee, he stepped back, winking at a girl sipping on a glass of iced tea. His eyes raked over her as she giggled. He grinned then glanced up behind the counter.

He lost his breath. He felt his pulse pick up a notch. The last thing on earth he believed in was love at first sight. But at the moment he was a true convert.

The barista behind the counter barely came to his chest and he was six foot, one inch. Her long, blonde hair wisped in curls around her shoulders. Her frame was small with the most perfect curves in all the right places. Her lips were a soft, very kissable pink. And when she looked up at him to hand him the cup of coffee, her eyes glittered a clear, sapphire blue. She set the cup of coffee on the counter with a smile. Then she turned to fulfill the next order.

She never said one word to him. Him. Rico Choate. MMA superstar Rico Choate. His picture was on posters, in magazines.

And she didn’t say one word. He was baffled. He picked up the cup and rushed out the door. It wasn’t until he parked his truck at Hard Drive that he realized he hadn’t gotten one number from any of the women in the shop.

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  1. Rico is definitely a piece of work, isn’t he! I’ve known men like that. Great excerpt.

  2. Oh, yes, it may be time for Rico to be brought down a notch or two and I bet your heroine is the perfect girl to do it. 🙂

  3. Cathy Brockman


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