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I am so excited to share another excerpt of Breaking the Silence (Hard Drive Series #2).  Now that we’ve met our beautiful heroine, it’s time to find out why she won’t talk to Rico…

“Yes. I’d like an iced tea, please,” Chloe ordered with a smile.

“And for the gentleman with you?” The barista pointed her pencil over Chloe’s shoulder. She cast a glance back at Rico, noticing him bopping and weaving to see who was working. He almost looked like he was in the octagon. She shook her head and turned back to the girl taking her order. “Nope. He’s just tagging along with me.”

The girl smirked at her. “Your boyfriend is cute.”

“He’s not my boyfriend. More like an annoying brother.”

“Oh. Too bad.” The girl winked past her then typed on the cash register. Chloe could tell by the motion behind her Rico never picked up on the flirting. Or if he did, he didn’t care. This really must be some girl.

She paid for her drink then took a step back. She felt the sudden pain of an elbow in her spine. “She’s right there,” Rico hissed in her ear.

Chloe glared at him then slowly looked to where he nodded. It was hard to watch without being obvious. She studied the blonde barista as the girl took the order from the cashier. She stepped to the cooler to pull out a jug of dark liquid then fetched a plastic glass. She added ice cubes then poured the tea into the glass. She capped it with a lid and set it on the counter. Chloe approached with a smile, then subtly moved her fingers in the direction of the barista. The blonde’s smile blossomed across her face as her raised her hand and her fingers also moved. Chloe picked up the glass and a straw then turned towards the door. She was nearly to the truck when Rico caught up with her.

“That was it? You didn’t even talk to her!” he demanded.

Chloe turned to him. “Yes, I did.”

“I didn’t see you speak to her.”

“Rico, you didn’t notice?”

“Notice what?”

“That girl, Avery, is deaf.”

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