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Hi everyone and welcome to Tuesday Tales.  I am back with Breaking the Silence (Hard Drive Series #2), the sequel to Breaking the Cycle. 

Rico Choate is a MMA bad boy with a love them and leave them attitude.  That is until he meets Avery Walker, a deaf Marine who lost her hearing when her transport is attacked in Afghanistan.  He falls hard for her, even learning sign language so he can talk to her.  However, Avery’s hatred for all celebrities forces Rico to keep his career in mixed martial arts a secret.  How long can he keep such huge parts of his life separate? 

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His heart thundered in his chest as he pulled up to Avery’s house.  She stood on the porch in a pale blue sundress and white strappy sandals.  The elastic wrap around her injured ankle even blended into her outfit.  In her hands she held the handles of a large picnic basket.  She skipped down the steps to the Jeep.  Rico hopped out to set the basket in the back seat then help her into the passenger seat.  His gaze wandered over her as he jumped back into his seat.  You are beautiful.

She blushed a rosy pink.  I do not normally wear dresses.  The weather is so warm and well…  Her fingers folded in her lap as her cheeks grew redder.

Rico kissed her cheek.  I am so glad you did.  So where would you like to go?

There is a lake near my college.  It is beautiful.  Can we go there?

Absolutely.  Just show me where.

Avery gave him the directions to the lake and updated them as they reached each stop light.  Rico parked in the nearly full parking lot.  Before Avery could unbuckle her seat belt he had the picnic basket and a blanket in his grasp and was offering her a hand to help her out.  She reached for the basket.  With a suave smile he held it out of her reach.

Give it to me she commanded.

Rico set the basket on the ground behind him then draped the blanket over it so he could sign.  How about you take my hand so I will not get lost?

Avery huffed.  You are impossible.

But you love me for it.

Avery’s eyes went wide as she bit her lower lip.  Rico’s heart thundered panicked.  I was kidding.  I did not mean to imply that you love me.

He watched her cheeks flush again.  But I do.  I do love you.  I was not sure…

Rico cupped her face in his hands and parted her lips in a deep, warm kiss.  Whatever she was saying was lost as her hands caressed his arms as her lips melted against his.

As they broke apart, Rico let his hands slip from her face.  I love you, Avery.

He pulled her close for another kiss.  Holding her, kissing her was the only thing he ever wanted to do.  Feeling her surrender, knowing she loved him too was the most incredible feeling he ever had.  He didn’t know how long they were kissing.  He didn’t care.

Don’t forget to check out the other talented authors of Tuesday Tales!

Badge for TT - very small


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  1. What a gorgeously romantic scene! Sweet, sexy but loving at the same time. Beautifully written.

  2. What a beautiful scene. Absolutely lovely.

  3. thenazillivilla

    That is just perfect. The communication between them without spoken words is so very special..x

  4. super! This is very well done!

  5. what a beautiful scene. love it.

  6. Nice ending for the scene.

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