Tuesday Tales – Picture Prompt


Hey everyone!  Welcome to Tuesday Tales!  This week is a picture prompt.  This week we’re stepping away from Emma and Gideon.  Instead we are stopping by to visit Max Thomas in the Hard Drive Series prequel, Hard Drive.  Let’s take a look at Max again before Breaking the Cycle!

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Max ran along the back country road, the thumping rhythm of Eminem in his earbuds keeping time to the pace of his stride. He hated running but he had to cut weight and keep his endurance at its peak. And being out here in the middle of nowhere Minnesota gave him time to think.

He turned at the edge of the lake and journeyed down the asphalt highway past the old farmhouse the MMA team used to have bonfires when he started. The grass was growing tall around the weathered structure. The lake lent the perfect background to the scene. Someday, he would live somewhere like this with his wife and children when he was done with his MMA career.

Max sighed. His career. He already had three agents call him wanting to represent him after his first profession fight. They made offers to him that blew his mind. They also brought nothing but confusion. Was he ready for the big time? He only had four fights. Only one of them was pro. He had plans for his future, plans that included owning his own gym and making a difference in someone’s health. Was he ready to give that all up to be a fighter full time?

Tori was no help. All she talked about was what offer he would take. When he asked her to stop, to change the topic to something else, she continued on like she never heard him. He loved her and he knew she only wanted the best for him. But sometimes he just needed a break to let his mind rest. And he needed her in his arms without the constant chatter of his future in MMA. Maybe he would just have to silence her lips with a lot of hot kissing tonight.

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  1. A nice protrayal of his confusion and I answered the question if people ran because the loved it. A neighbor pointed out every runner she passed while driving had a grimace on his or her face.

  2. I’m with him, a great way to shut her up!! Yeah, sometimes a guy wants to think about something else and not talk an issue to death. Great post.

  3. Great job on the physical description and his internal thoughts. I’m looking forward t knowing him better.

  4. Great job describing how he was feeling. As Jean said, sometimes a man doesn`t want to talk an issue to death.

  5. Great descriptions here … well done

  6. I loved being inside his head, amongst his swirling thoughts and emotions. It’s great how you worked the picture prompt into this scene.

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