Tuesday Tale – Attitude

 Hey there! Welcome back to Tuesday Tales! This week’s word prompt is “attitude”. We’re back with Reese and Lily in The Heartbreaker. 

Reese went back to Las Vegas to fight after his agent threatened to not only ruin him but those he loves. Lily is still in Braden but pregnant and about to marry a man she doesn’t love. Is there any hope for them? Let’s find out!

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Crowds of people bustled through the Las Vegas airport. Lily tried to keep up with Connor as he nearly dragged her across the concourse. He was like a kid at Christmas getting ready to open his presents. Lily was just trying to not throw up. Again.

Tears burned her eyes as they passed one of what seemed like a thousand posters slapped on the walls advertising the fights the next day. Her eyes met the image that tore her apart. Reese, dressed in his tight fitting spandex fight shorts, stared back at her. She fought back a whimper as Connor tugged her along.

So did you arrange us a sweet ride, Buddy?” Connor questioned excitedly.

Lily rolled her eyes and huffed. Buddy had been grinning like a crazy Cheshire Cat since they boarded the plane in Cedar Rapids. It made no sense. Buddy warned her to not marry Connor. He even proposed to her to keep her from marrying Connor. Why was he now arranging their wedding so happily? The change in attitude was baffling.

“Of course, man. Only the best for you,” Buddy reported. “Got any big plans for the honeymoon?”

“Gonna gamble. Gonna hit the strip clubs. Then when we get home we have an appointment with the adoption agency. I’m sure as hell not raising the spawn of Reese Cooper.”

Lily fought her grip from Connor. She winced as he tightened it nearly breaking her hand. “Connor, please. I don’t want to give up my baby.”

“Lily, no man in Braden is going to touch you now. You’re lucky I’m marrying you.”

“Sounds like a great plan,” Buddy agreed, his crazy smirk still plastered on his lips. “Let’s get our bags then get to the car. Can’t wait to get this weekend started. Just down this escalator ahead.”

Connor almost skipped to the moving staircase, leading Lily behind him with the vice grip on her fingers. She kept her eyes to her feet. She hated her fiancé. And she was about to marry him in the town where the man she loved more than her own life was about to fight. Things couldn’t get worse.

“What the…”
Lily looked up at Connor than ahead where his eyes were locked. At the foot of the escalator was Reese waiting for them, his strong arms crossed over his chest. His grin was nearly as crazy as Buddy’s.

“Our ride is here,” Buddy crooned into Connor’s ear.

Connor stepped off the escalator and stormed to Reese, yanking Lily in tow. “Get the hell out of my way, Cooper. I’m marrying her. And you are the last man going to stop us.”

“Really?” Reese dared. He clamped on to Lily’s wrist gently as he stood toe to toe with Connor, glaring him down. Cowering, Connor let go.

Reese pulled Lily to him, cupping her face in his hands. “Hey, Lilybug,” he whispered. Slowly, softly he pressed his lips to hers, taking the first chance he could to part them to deepen the kiss. Lily didn’t want to kiss him. He broke her heart and left her alone and pregnant in Braden. But Reese Cooper was a craving she just couldn’t get out of her system. She melted into him, sighing as she surrendered.

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  1. Let’s hope Reese is able to get Connor out of Lily’s life. Nice post today!

  2. Hooray for Reese!! Now it’s time to knock Connor flat! Great story,

  3. Yay for Reese!! Now to get Connor out of the picture.

  4. I wanted to punch Connor out. Good job making the readers hate it. Conner was never a voable option. Just got back from Vegas, they have slot machines in the grocery stores and the car rental agency.

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