Tuesday Tales – Giggle

  Hey there! Welcome back to Tuesday Tales! This week’s word prompt is “giggle”. We’re back with Reese and Lily in The Heartbreaker. 

Reese went back to Las Vegas to fight after his agent threatened to not only ruin him but those he loves. Lily is still in Braden but pregnant and about to marry a man she doesn’t love. Is there any hope for them? Let’s find out!

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“Get your hands off my fiancé!” Connor shouted, drawing the attention of the travelers around them.

“Reese,” Buddy hinted.

Reese broke the kiss, not pulling away. “Envelope is in my back pocket.”

“Are you serious? I’m not fishing around your ass.”

“It’s been nearly twelve weeks. I’m not letting her go. Get it.”

“Fine.” Buddy dodged around Connor, tugging free an envelope poking out of the back pocket of Reese’s jeans. He waved it at Connor. “Two thousand dollars, Connor. A limo. A prepaid luxury hotel room. All the gambling and strippers you can do in three days. All you have to do is break off your engagement.”

Lily wanted to protest. Connor certainly wouldn’t sell her out. But she was frozen, confused, in Reese’s arms. From the corner of her eyes she saw Connor snatch the envelope from Buddy and study the contents. He was silent for a brief moment before he looked up at her. “Keep the ring, Lily. I got it for twenty bucks from the pawn shop. It isn’t worth trying to sell back. Have a nice life.” Whistling, he started to walk away. “Where’s my ride, Buddy?” 

Buddy looked at Reese. Reese sighed as he reluctantly let Lily go. “Fine. We could just let the son of a bitch wander around the airport.”

“Your plan won’t work then,” Buddy reminded.

“I know. I’ll hurry. Come on, Connor.” Reese led the man through the crowd towards the baggage claim, disappearing from sight. Lily could have sworn she heard Connor giggle.

Lily shook her head silently as tears filled her eyes again. “I don’t…” She spun around at Buddy. “Why did you bring me here? I thought you hated Reese for leaving.”

Buddy took her arm and led her away from the crowd. “I did. Then the truth came out.”

“What truth?”

“Reese’s agent, Roxy, showed up at my bar to shoot a quick documentary on his life in Braden to show for promotion for the fight. She told me why he left. He never told her he was healed. He planned to retire and never step foot in the octagon again. His life was in Braden, not Las Vegas. She had to get the information from his doctor. She threatened to sue him if he didn’t leave immediately and take this fight. He didn’t pay her cut from the last fight. He used the purse to buy other things. If he didn’t fight she would take everything he had.”

“He didn’t have anything,” Lily protested weakly.

“Just before he left he put a down payment on a house in Braden and on half of my bar. The house is four down from me. And he bought something else I’m not at liberty to say but I can tell you it’ll look beautiful on you.” He tilted her head up to look into her eyes. “He planned to quit fighting. He was never going to leave Braden. He tried to tell you goodbye, to tell you he’d be back. You were visiting Adam. Roxy said he wouldn’t stop talking about you. It drove her crazy.”

Lily shook her head again as her hand dropped to her slightly rounding belly. “But Reese doesn’t know.”

“Yeah, Lilybug. I do.”

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  1. Oh gosh. Oh gosh! What happens next?!

  2. Great surprise when he speaks up at the end! Leaving me up in the air. Looking forward to more next week.

  3. Another lovely post. .. .Can’t wait to read next week’s snippet.

  4. (davee jones) sounds like Lily is about to get a pleasant surprise! great TT

  5. oooh. Love it. AND the last sentence has me totally looking forward to the next TT! Jillian

  6. Awh (wipes tear from eye) so glad they’re working it out.

  7. Sorry I didn’t get to this until tonight. Wow, I really love this scene. You do so well showing what several people are doing and saying.

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