Tuesday Tales – Flexible


Welcome to Tuesday Tales! This week’s word prompt is “flexible”. The excerpt is the beginning of the sixth and final book of the Black Irish Series, Family Ties. Let’s catch up with Sloan and Abbey…
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The ear piercing tone of the alarm clock filled the large sunlit bedroom. A hand slipped from under the downy daisy yellow comforter to slap it silent. It quickly retreated under the covers. I don’t want to get up. Just five more minutes.

The creak of the door hinges and the sound of footprints reported someone else was in the room. “Ame, sweetheart. It’s time to get up. You don’t want to be late for school.”

Ame’s only response was a groan. She buried herself deeper into her bed. He could hear her mother sigh. “Amelia, you need to get up. You know what comes next.”

“I’m getting up, Mom,” Ame assured.

“All right.” By the sound of Abbey’s sigh, it was evident she had no faith in her daughter. She closed the door behind her. Ame snuggled deeper into her pillow. She could close her eyes for just a moment more.

“Amelia O’Riley, get up!”

Ame shot up in her bed, her heart beating out of her chest. She didn’t have to look up to see who was standing beside her bed. The deep Irish brogue told her exactly who it was not to mention his very large shadow now darkened the wood floor of her bedroom. “I’m awake, Dad,” she whined.

“Now you are,” Sloan scoffed. “Hurry and get dressed. Your mother almost has breakfast finished.”

Ame watched as her father slipped from her room, smooth and cool as a shadow. She tossed the comforter off her and scooted off the bed. Trudging to her ensuite, she started the water for her shower. She stared at her reflection in the mirror. Her long, nearly ebony hair was a rumpled. Her blue eyes with flecks of hazel were sleepy. And there was a zit right in the middle of her chin. She sighed. Sometimes being fourteen sucked.

After a quick shower, Ame shuffled to her closet to get her school uniform. Another sigh escaped her lips. She hated her school. The elite of the Twin Cities sent their children there. Being the children of billionaires, that included Ame and her siblings. She turned her head at the sound of squealing and screaming. Yeah, siblings. Six of them. Did anyone ever talk to her parents about birth control?

She tugged on her skirt and blouse, slowly fastening the buttons so not to miss one. She sat on her bed to pull on the regulation knee socks. As she picked up the navy blue blazer with the gold emblem on the chest she heard voices call out in unison. “Ame!”

Ame shrugged the jacket on with a huff. Grabbing her backpack she made her way down the hall to the staircase that led to the main floor. She froze as her foot hit the bottom step.

Her father was pressing her mother against the counter with his body, his lips roaming the curve of her neck. Ame could barely make out the tips of his fingers caressing her breasts. Her mother had her head thrown back against his shoulder in surrender. A soft moan escaped her lips.

“Seriously?” Ame screeched.

Sloan lifted his head confused for a moment. When he caught sight of his daughter he chuckled. “Lass, if I hadn’t done this to your mother, you and your siblings wouldn’t be here.”

“But at the breakfast table?”

“The breakfast table is over there in the other room.” Sloan pointed in the direction of the dining room where the rest of the children were enjoying breakfast. “What we do in the kitchen shouldn’t be of concern to you.”

“There are seven of us, Dad.”

“Are you adequately fed? Clothed? Do you have everything you need? Is there someone home for you at night?”

Ame sighed again. “Yes.”

Abbey cupped Sloan’s chin in her palm and kissed his cheek. “We can pick up on this later.”

“My office?”

“Sounds like a plan. I’m flexible.”

Sloan laughed again, kissing her lips then smacking her rump playfully. Abbey squeaked, winking at him before he strode to his office. She turned towards the dining room. “Come on, guys! Wrap it up. I need to get to work.”

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  1. I cannot wait for this book. I have all the others and have enjoyed them all. The growth of the characters and the story line for each book have been fantastic! Bravo Tricia!

  2. Well, why does that sound familiar ?? LOL … loved today’s post!

  3. Great scene. I enjoyed every moment.

  4. Such a great excerpt!

  5. Great scene with the parents, loving, sweet, and sexy. I loved the way you shared Ame’s thoughts. I felt like I was right there inside of her head with her.

  6. Great interplay between the parents getting Amelia up. Mom comes in all soft and gentle while Da blasts her out of bed. 🙂

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