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Tuesday Tales – Gold


Hi everyone! Welcome back to Tuesday Tales! Remember my old friends Gideon and Emma from my Steampunk Romance? They’re back! Our word this week is “gold”. Let’s see how I used it!

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The morning sun pooled on the wood floor like melted gold. Gideon tugged on one boot then the other. The shift of the bed was followed by a touch that sent a jolt through him. He turned to look in Emma’s sleepy eyes.

“Are you leaving me?” she breathed.

“Absolutely not. Quite the opposite. We have company arriving. I can meet them outside if you wish not to dress.”

“Who is visiting?”

“Edgar. He is bringing something to me. Hopefully he will have news about Katarina and the humidor also.”

Emma tossed the covers off her and hopped off the mattress. Gideon chuckled. “I take it you’re getting dressed?”

Emma’s gaze was pure sin. “Only to get undressed again when Edgar leaves.”

A growl escaped Gideon’s throat. “I am all right with that.”

The crunch of snow and the whistle of steam outside distracted him. He stood, pulled the half naked Emma to him for a slow, deep kiss then slipped on his coat. He stepped outside into the cold.

Edgar was bent across the seat of his carriage in search of something. With a grin, he climbed the steps and handed the bottle to Gideon. “Only the best for you, friend.”

Gideon stared down at the emerald green bottle on absinthe. “Thank you.”

The door opened again and shut. “You had Edgar come all this way for alcohol?” Emma questioned indignantly.

Gideon held the bottle up. “My love, I am going to make magic happen with this.”

She kissed him. “We have been making magic happen without it.”

“The journey is not a total loss, Emma.” Edgar smiled at her. “I have news. Katarina has planned a birthday celebration for her husband a week from Saturday. At that time she will present him with the humidor. It looks like your return to London is nigh.”

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