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Tuesday Tales – Christmas Prompt

Hello and Happy Holidays!  Welcome to Tuesday Tales! This week’s Tuesday Tale continues with Gideon and Emma in my Steampunk Tale. 

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Snowflakes floated across the thick lead windows and settled on the cobble stone street. The sounds of laughter danced between the bright flickering candlelight. Carolers filled the streets with song. If the merrymakers were not journeying to celebrate the General’s birthday, they were reveling in the upcoming Christmastide.

Gideon huffed, leaving a small vapor cloud in its wake. The fact that Katarina was throwing her husband’s birthday during the holiday made what she was about even more sinister. And then to pin his death on me in front of all her guest. I would never escape.

He felt a small hand squeeze his. He glanced down into Emma’s eyes. A strand of hair escaped her hood and fluttered in the cold breeze. He couldn’t help but smile. I will stop Katarina. And then I will make this beautiful nymph mine forever.

“What trouble are you getting into tonight?” a deep voice behind them rumbled.

Gideon’s grin cracked wider. “Only the most nefarious kind, good sir. And you?”

Edgar chuckled. “I believe I’ll join you. Dastardly mischief appeals to me.” Edgar grew serious. “The humidor is in the middle of the ballroom, Gideon. There is no way to access it without being seen.”

Gideon turned the corner towards the mansion looming ahead of them in the dark. The windows twinkled with candles. Many of the guests mulled around outside in the courtyard before stepping inside for the festivities. He led Edgar and Emma up the walk much to the astonishment of those standing there. He winked at them as he reached for the brass knob of the front door. “Then, my friend. There is only one solution. We will be seen. I’m sure the General will be pleased to see his recluse soldier.”

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Everyone Loves a Big, Bad Irishman…

And my favorite is back!

The rerelease of Black Irish, published by Hartwood Publishing, will be out January 2016. A new Abbey, a new Sloan, and a new story!

And here is the cover!!

Can’t wait to bring the story to you!

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Tuesday Tales – Evil


Hey Everyone! Welcome back to Tuesday Tales! Remember my old friends Gideon and Emma from my Steampunk Romance? They’re back! Our word this week is “evil”. Let’s see how I used it!

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“So she’s finally putting her evil plan into motion?” Gideon questioned.

“That she is,” Edgar confirmed. “It took her workmen this long to replace the glass you shot out. Three died in the process. She has invited nearly all of London’s elite class to witness this. And she has made it abundantly clear who designed the humidor.”

“All the more reason I need to stop her.”

“I need to return to the city. You’ll be joining me soon?”

“In a couple of days, yes.”

“Very well. I will see you then.” Edgar waved his goodbyes before climbing into his own horseless carriage. It belched steam as it crawled up the road and out of sight. Gideon escorted Emma into the house, shutting and locking the door behind him. He set the bottle of absinthe on the wood table before crossing to the fireplace.

“So what’s this magic you’re going to preform?” Emma queried.

Gideon winked at her. “Patience, my sweet love. Let me get the fire burning first. I believe you promised me that you would be naked the rest of the day and I don’t want your skin to chill.”

He knelt to stoke the embers into a blaze then crossed the room to the green bottle of liquor. He popped the stopper of the bottle then rummaged in the chest. He smiled when he found Emma at his side.

“What are you looking for?” she pried.

“This.” Gideon lifted his hand to reveal the brass spider.

She scooped its lifeless form from his palm. “You repaired him!”

“I’m not finished, my love.” He took a jar out of the chest and unscrewed the top. Dropping several drops of the green liquid into the jar, he stirred the contents with his fingers until it was a paste. He flipped open the hatch on the back of the spider and scraped a finger’s worth into the tiny reservoir.

Before he could closed the lid, the spider’s jeweled eyes fluttered to life. Emma gasped in surprise.

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