Tuesday Tales – Picture Prompt

Hey everyone! Welcome to Tuesday Tales. This week is a picture prompt. Last week we met Dani. Now it’s time to meet Fitz.

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Dani punched the pillow under her head then settled into it. Even hitting something so fluffy hurt. She quickly scanned her bruised knuckles. That and her swollen face would heal in a matter of days.

She propped her feet on the headboard and stared at the poster over her bed. The image of a book and a cup of coffee on the beach made her wish for warm sand and tropical breezes. Someday, she promised herself. Someday soon she’d go on vacation to someplace like that. She’d have to afford it first.

Dani glanced down at the vibration at her hip. The same number that called at least a dozen times earlier that day appeared on her cell. Whoever it was never left a message. She huffed. Telemarketer. She turned her attention back to her daydream getaway at the beach.

The phone spit out one last violent shudder. Dani sighed as she glanced at the screen. Voicemail. She frowned. Who the hell was this person? She tapped on the screen to play the message.

“Hey, I’m sorry for all the calls. I met this amazing girl at the bar but it’s obvious she gave me the wrong number. However, if by some slim chance I’m calling Dani, this is Fitz. I think you’re beautiful and I want to have dinner with you. So call me. Unless this isn’t Dani then I apologize. All right. Bye.”

Dani sat up as she stared at her phone. It was Fitz. Fitz, the tall, muscular Adonis with dark hair and deep blue eyes. Fitz from Diamondhead. The enemy. She couldn’t possibly go out with this guy. It would betray her team.

She had no idea how long she stared at the phone before she scooped it up and dialed Fitz’s number. It only rang twice.

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I am the author and illustrator of the children's book "The Peculiar Princess". I am also the author of two adult fantasy romance novels, "The Sorceress of Savon" and "The Woodcutter King of Muladin". Along with being an author I am married to a wonderful guy and have three beautiful children. I coach youth track and field, sew and chase my children around to their various activities.

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  1. Great snippet! Loved how you worked the picture into the excerpt.

  2. I love how the conflict is unfolding!

  3. Perfect, perfect snippet! Great scene. Wonderful writing. And I love how you worked the picture prompt into the story!

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