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Tuesday Tales – Call

Welcome back to Tuesday Tales! This week’s word prompt is “call”. We’re back with Fitz and Dani in Enemy Linez. And I’ve jumped ahead just a bit once again. It seems like I have another couple I can’t keep out of bed!

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Dani tied the sash of her bathrobe closed as the sound of running water met her ears. She smiled as she imagined Fitz stepping into the shower, lathering his naked skin up with her lavender scented soap. She laughed to herself. The guys at Diamondhead are going to get a kick out of that. It’ll be pretty hard to miss when they start rolling.

She opened a cabinet door and pulled out a frypan. Then she gathered eggs, peppers, spinach, chopped tomatoes and onion from the refrigerator. She cracked the eggs into a bowl, being extremely careful to deprecate the yolks from the whites. The yolks found their demise down the sink. The whites were dumped into the bowl.

She sprayed the pan with no-stick then dumped half the contents of the bowl inside. She felt her stomach twist a little. It’d been awhile since she cooked breakfast for a guy. And it sure wasn’t bacon and eggs. One of them had to look out for him. She rearranged the other ingredients again the heaved a sigh. She just hoped he didn’t hate what she was making.

As Dani carefully scraped at the cooking eggs to loosen them she felt a pair of warm arms wrap around her tight. The water droplets clinging to Fitz’s arms from his shower soaked through Dani’s bathrobe to her flesh. She shivered then chuckled. Yep. He smelled like flowers.

“Whatcha’ making me for breakfast?” Fitz asked just before he left a trail of kisses along Dani’s neck.

Dani bit back a sigh. “An egg whites omelette. All natural ingredients. Don’t bother bitching. You’re eating it.”

“I’d eat anything you’d cook for me.”

Dani scooped up a handful of each ingredient and tossed it on top of the eggs. She carefully folded the concoction together then patted it down with the spatula. “What if I laced it with rat poison?”

She couldn’t she his reaction but she could feel him shrug his shoulders. “I’d still eat it.”

“You can’t be serious.”

“I’m completely and totally serious, Dani. You’re perfect. I can’t imagine you could do anything wrong.”

Dani’s heart fluttered. Was she feeding her a line of bullshit? He was so smooth she couldn’t tell.

Fitz nuzzled her neck again. “So can I call you?”

“You already have once. I suppose I can’t stop you.”

“You could just not answer.”

“I’m pretty certain I will. I’m sure of it. Now go sit on the couch. I’ll bring your breakfast to you.”


“We’ll see.”

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Tuesday Tales – Paper

Welcome to Tuesday Tales! This week’s word prompt is “paper”. We’re back with Fitz and Dani in Ememy Linez, part of the Fighter Girlz series.

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The warm morning breeze wafted through the paper thin curtain. Dani felt her senses waken just before she was aware of the warm, muscular chest that served as her pillow. Instinct demanded that she sit up and get away from the naked man in her bed. Instead she snuggled a little closer.

She felt strong, powerful fingers brush the strands of hair from her face. A steady heartbeat drummed in her ear. She felt her eyes grown heavy again. A voice startled her awake.

“Good morning, beautiful.” Fitz’s voice was a deep purr, like a panther just before he took a bite of his victim. By her aching body, it was abundantly clear he had his feast of her all night.

“Good morning.” Dani lifted herself to gaze into his deep brown eyes. She still shuddered. How did such a crazy gorgeous guy end up in her bed? She was still trying to wrap her head around it.

“How’d you sleep?”

“We slept?”

Fitz chuckled. “True. Very true.”

Dani cocked a grin at him as she lifted herself high, scraping her breasts against his chest. He let out a low, dangerous growl in response.

“I should probably ask you how you slept. It’s my bed.”

“Like sleeping on a cloud.” He looked up at the tropical photo on the wall. “Nice poster.”

“Don’t dis my poster.”

“I’m not. I’d just expect it on the wall of a teenage girl’s room.”

“It’s where I want to go. Someday I’ll be sipping rum on a beach just like that. Life goals.”

Fitz wrapped his hands around her arms and skimmed her naked body across his. He was hard. This time she was the one to moan. “I see. It’s good to have goals.”

Dani could barely answer as he tangled his tongue with hers. “Uh. Huh.”

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Tuesday Tales – Spider

Hey everyone! Welcome to Tuesday Tales! This week’s word prompt is “spider”. We’re back with Dani and Fitz in the first book of the Fighter Girlz series, Ememy Linez.

**Warning…this is a PG-13 rated excerpt.**

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Fitz gently wove his fingers between hers and followed her up the stairs to the stoop. She brushed a wayward spider off the weather beaten handle then tugged in open.

She glanced over her shoulder at him as she gave him a half-hearted smile. “Did I mention that I live on the third floor?”

“Nope,” Fitz chuckled. “Guess I’m getting my cardio in today, huh?”

“Guess so.”

Dani led him up the steps. What was normally a jog for her was a slow sensual climb. She was so very aware of his touch on her hand. Occasionally his fingers brushed her hip. Her hands trembled as she dug her keys from her purse and unlocked the door.

“I have a couple bottles and a couple cans,” Dani offered as she scurried from him to the kitchen. “I also have some moscato.”

“A glass of moscato would be great,” Fitz answered.

She looked up at him as he stood in the doorway. She bit back a sigh. He was so insanely gorgeous. Why exactly did he ask her out again? She fought a grin on her lips. “You can shut the door.”

“Yeah. I was about to do that.” He nudged in closed with his foot then jammed his hands in his pockets.

She turned back to the counter and tugged the drawer open to search for the corkscrew. Her breath escaped in a squeak as a large pair of hands caressed her hips, pulling her against a strong wall of muscle.

“Thought you might need help,” Fitz rumbled as his lips explored the curve of her neck.

“I’m a big girl,” Dani finally managed through ragged breaths.


Dani moaned as Fitz scraped his fingers against her thighs tugging the skirt of her sundress up. Once he cleared the hem, he wrapped his hands around her legs. The corkscrew slipped from Dani’s grip and clattered across the countertop.

“Great job opening that bottle there, Dani,” Fitz muttered against her neck.

“Fitz.” She couldn’t think. She reached behind her head and wrapped her arms around his shoulders the best she could. It must have been enough. The growl that escaped his throat was primal. She glanced down to see his eyes locked on her breasts.

“Grab the wine bottle,” he demanded. “We’ll drink it later. Right now I need you or you need to tell me to leave. But for the love of God, make a decision quick.”

Dani snaked a grip around the neck of the bottle. With her other hand she pulled his from her leg and held it tight. “My bedroom’s down the hall. Follow me. Grab the corkscrew.”

She loved the dumbfounded expression on his face as he scrambled to find the corkscrew without taking his eyes off her. She guided him down the dark hallway but stopped as they reached the doorway. “Fitz, I don’t normally sleep with guys on the first date.”

He frowned. “Then why…”

“I just need you to know I’m not easy. This isn’t like me. It’s just that you’re…I don’t know…”

He stared at her for a moment before he pulled her to him. His embrace was tender. So was the deep kiss that followed. As they parted he laid his forehead against hers. “Baby, that’s the last thing I thought about you. I don’t think you’re easy. I think you’re amazing and I’m a lucky guy that you even went out with me.”

“Well, then you’re about to be really lucky.” She pulled out of his arms then tugged her sundress over her head, leaving her in just her bra and panties. She didn’t miss the curse word that escaped his lips as she pulled him into the bedroom and closed the door behind them.

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