New Release – Middleweight

Middleweight (Hallow Brothers #2)

By Tricia Andersen

#shifter #wolf #werewolf #werewolves #paranormal #mma #fighter #brothers #vampire #romance #love #mate #mating

Primal attraction brings Eve Romero together with Micah Hallow, one of the infamous Hallow Brothers. Will their union heal them—or destroy them both?​

Micah Hallow doesn’t believe he’ll ever find his mate. That is until a mystic tattoo appears on his back after a wild night with a stripper that marks her as his mate. Despite a life-threatening injury that brings him to his knees every time it strikes, he commits to a fight in the octagon to save her life. What will she do when she finds out he’s one of the infamous Hallow Brothers—and a werewolf?

Eve Romero can’t escape her violent boss, Deacon. That is, until the hottie she slept with puts his life on the line in exchange for hers. She can’t fight the primal attraction to him even though she doesn’t feel she’s worthy of the Hallow brother. Can she overcome her past to be with him? And when a new, murderous threat strikes close to home, will the two of them survive?

Eve gritted her teeth as her bike dipped and bounced around on the dirt road up through the dense forest. Despite the presence of so many pine trees, the ground was nearly covered with fallen leaves. Even though the carpet of reds, golds, and oranges was beautiful in the twilight glow, she nearly wiped out on her motorcycle three times. Shit. This is going to be a bitch when the snow falls. And I’m not about to go buy a car. Not that I’m moving here. But if I did, no car.

The urge for Micah that typically filled her resonated harder than it ever had. Her whole body was on fire, and he was the only cure. She could already feel his lips on her skin, his teeth nipping at her breast. She needed him now. His ridiculous talk about her being his mate didn’t matter. Maybe his lack of sex has made him delusional. I can fix that.

She glanced around at the thick forest that surrounded her. This trail had jostled her for nearly an hour. She couldn’t be going in the right direction. Where the hell had Micah gone? She was going to get lost in these woods and die, and he’d never find her.

She breathed a sigh of relief as the trees opened up to reveal a large clearing. She pulled to a stop and parked her bike next to a row of old antique cars and trucks. She did a double take. Even in the light of the full moon, they were easy to recognize. They were the same vehicles that were down at Sharky’s Garage. She dismounted from her bike as she scanned the scene before her. There were nine buildings made out of interlocking logs. Seven were nearly identical. One was a bit bigger. The final one was over a hundred feet long. There was no doubt in her mind the place must have been a summer camp at one point. On the other side of the clearing were several wooden box gardens filled only with dirt and a few sprigs left over from the harvest. Near the tree line were two tall wooden and metal towers with equipment mounted on the top. The place was sort of bizarre. Micah lives here so far away from the rest of civilization? No wonder he was a virgin before he met me.

She took a couple of steps toward the middle of the camp and then froze. Did she hear something? It sounded like a dog. There was a shuffle against the ground before she heard the deep, heavy pant behind her. It was accompanied by a snarl. Her heart clenched in her chest, almost driving the desire out of her. She slowly turned to face whatever large, angry animal cornered her.

She gasped in terror as she laid eyes on the beast. On all fours, it was taller than her. It was covered in coarse, brown fur. Razor sharp fangs shot up past its upper lip. Thick claws pawed the ground angrily. It snorted and stomped just before it charged.

Eve screamed as a second beast, bigger and stronger than the first, collided into it, knocking it to the ground. She backpedaled away from the monsters to slam into a third, even larger than the first two. It growled deeply before it padded to the second one. The two of them made a horrifying wall of feral, nightmarish animal blocking her from her bike.

Eve spun on her toe to sprint away. She needed to run fast and far from this nightmare. Instead, she found herself face to face with a fourth. Her fear went to war with her need for sex. She watched the fourth beast strain to focus on her. With what sounded like a sigh to her, the creature leaned in and nudged her. The touch sent delicious shivers through her. She shook her head. What the hell was happening to her?

She backed away from the unholy pack toward the rows of cabins. The fourth followed beside her, guiding her toward one in particular. When she tried to run, to deviate from the path, it herded her back on course. She studied the structure. It was the second one in from the larger ones.

The beast followed as she climbed the steps and scurried through the little building. The sound of shredding wood followed her. She looked frantically for a way out but found none. She was trapped. She would be an easy kill for this thing now. Glancing at the door of the bathroom, she took off for it. The room was far too small for the animal to get into. It was her only hope.

She made it to the shower before she turned to find the beast in the doorway of the bathroom. Eve’s knees gave out. She crumpled to the tile floor, shaking. It huffed as it raised a dangerous claw to her. It didn’t slash at her. Instead, it caught the door knob. In one quick, sharp motion, it slammed the door closed.


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About the Author

Tricia Andersen lives in Iowa with her husband, Brian and her three children – her sons, Jake and Jon, and her daughter, Alex. She graduated from the University of Iowa with a Bachelor of Arts in English and from Kirkwood Community College with an Associate of Arts degree in Communications Media/Public Relations.  

Along with writing (which she loves to do), Tricia practices Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, coaches and participates in track and field, reads, sews and is involved in many of her children’s activities.


About triciaandersen

I am the author and illustrator of the children's book "The Peculiar Princess". I am also the author of two adult fantasy romance novels, "The Sorceress of Savon" and "The Woodcutter King of Muladin". Along with being an author I am married to a wonderful guy and have three beautiful children. I coach youth track and field, sew and chase my children around to their various activities.

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