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New Release – Middleweight

Middleweight (Hallow Brothers #2)

By Tricia Andersen

#shifter #wolf #werewolf #werewolves #paranormal #mma #fighter #brothers #vampire #romance #love #mate #mating

Primal attraction brings Eve Romero together with Micah Hallow, one of the infamous Hallow Brothers. Will their union heal them—or destroy them both?​

Micah Hallow doesn’t believe he’ll ever find his mate. That is until a mystic tattoo appears on his back after a wild night with a stripper that marks her as his mate. Despite a life-threatening injury that brings him to his knees every time it strikes, he commits to a fight in the octagon to save her life. What will she do when she finds out he’s one of the infamous Hallow Brothers—and a werewolf?

Eve Romero can’t escape her violent boss, Deacon. That is, until the hottie she slept with puts his life on the line in exchange for hers. She can’t fight the primal attraction to him even though she doesn’t feel she’s worthy of the Hallow brother. Can she overcome her past to be with him? And when a new, murderous threat strikes close to home, will the two of them survive?

Eve gritted her teeth as her bike dipped and bounced around on the dirt road up through the dense forest. Despite the presence of so many pine trees, the ground was nearly covered with fallen leaves. Even though the carpet of reds, golds, and oranges was beautiful in the twilight glow, she nearly wiped out on her motorcycle three times. Shit. This is going to be a bitch when the snow falls. And I’m not about to go buy a car. Not that I’m moving here. But if I did, no car.

The urge for Micah that typically filled her resonated harder than it ever had. Her whole body was on fire, and he was the only cure. She could already feel his lips on her skin, his teeth nipping at her breast. She needed him now. His ridiculous talk about her being his mate didn’t matter. Maybe his lack of sex has made him delusional. I can fix that.

She glanced around at the thick forest that surrounded her. This trail had jostled her for nearly an hour. She couldn’t be going in the right direction. Where the hell had Micah gone? She was going to get lost in these woods and die, and he’d never find her.

She breathed a sigh of relief as the trees opened up to reveal a large clearing. She pulled to a stop and parked her bike next to a row of old antique cars and trucks. She did a double take. Even in the light of the full moon, they were easy to recognize. They were the same vehicles that were down at Sharky’s Garage. She dismounted from her bike as she scanned the scene before her. There were nine buildings made out of interlocking logs. Seven were nearly identical. One was a bit bigger. The final one was over a hundred feet long. There was no doubt in her mind the place must have been a summer camp at one point. On the other side of the clearing were several wooden box gardens filled only with dirt and a few sprigs left over from the harvest. Near the tree line were two tall wooden and metal towers with equipment mounted on the top. The place was sort of bizarre. Micah lives here so far away from the rest of civilization? No wonder he was a virgin before he met me.

She took a couple of steps toward the middle of the camp and then froze. Did she hear something? It sounded like a dog. There was a shuffle against the ground before she heard the deep, heavy pant behind her. It was accompanied by a snarl. Her heart clenched in her chest, almost driving the desire out of her. She slowly turned to face whatever large, angry animal cornered her.

She gasped in terror as she laid eyes on the beast. On all fours, it was taller than her. It was covered in coarse, brown fur. Razor sharp fangs shot up past its upper lip. Thick claws pawed the ground angrily. It snorted and stomped just before it charged.

Eve screamed as a second beast, bigger and stronger than the first, collided into it, knocking it to the ground. She backpedaled away from the monsters to slam into a third, even larger than the first two. It growled deeply before it padded to the second one. The two of them made a horrifying wall of feral, nightmarish animal blocking her from her bike.

Eve spun on her toe to sprint away. She needed to run fast and far from this nightmare. Instead, she found herself face to face with a fourth. Her fear went to war with her need for sex. She watched the fourth beast strain to focus on her. With what sounded like a sigh to her, the creature leaned in and nudged her. The touch sent delicious shivers through her. She shook her head. What the hell was happening to her?

She backed away from the unholy pack toward the rows of cabins. The fourth followed beside her, guiding her toward one in particular. When she tried to run, to deviate from the path, it herded her back on course. She studied the structure. It was the second one in from the larger ones.

The beast followed as she climbed the steps and scurried through the little building. The sound of shredding wood followed her. She looked frantically for a way out but found none. She was trapped. She would be an easy kill for this thing now. Glancing at the door of the bathroom, she took off for it. The room was far too small for the animal to get into. It was her only hope.

She made it to the shower before she turned to find the beast in the doorway of the bathroom. Eve’s knees gave out. She crumpled to the tile floor, shaking. It huffed as it raised a dangerous claw to her. It didn’t slash at her. Instead, it caught the door knob. In one quick, sharp motion, it slammed the door closed.


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About the Author

Tricia Andersen lives in Iowa with her husband, Brian and her three children – her sons, Jake and Jon, and her daughter, Alex. She graduated from the University of Iowa with a Bachelor of Arts in English and from Kirkwood Community College with an Associate of Arts degree in Communications Media/Public Relations.  

Along with writing (which she loves to do), Tricia practices Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, coaches and participates in track and field, reads, sews and is involved in many of her children’s activities.



~Available August 8th!~

#shifter #wolf #werewolf #werewolves #paranormal #mma #fighter #brothers #vampire #romance #love

Primal attraction brings Eve Romero together with Micah Hallow, one of the infamous Hallow Brothers. Will their union heal them—or destroy them both?
Micah Hallow doesn’t believe he’ll ever find his mate. That is until a mystic tattoo appears on his back after a wild night with a stripper that marks her as his mate. Despite a life-threatening injury that brings him to his knees every time it strikes, he commits to a fight in the octagon to save her life. What will she do when she finds out he’s one of the infamous Hallow Brothers—and a werewolf?

Eve Romero can’t escape her violent boss, Deacon. That is, until the hottie she slept with puts his life on the line in exchange for hers. She can’t fight the primal attraction to him even though she doesn’t feel she’s worthy of the Hallow brother. Can she overcome her past to be with him? And when a new, murderous threat strikes close to home, will the two of them survive?





Coming May 9th – Welterweight

~~Preorder Welterweight today – Releases May 9th~~

#mma #welterweight #paranormal #mate #werewolf #hallowbrothers #caleb #fight #mated @HartwoodBooks

A mysterious force binds Meg Riley to the dark, mysterious werewolf Caleb Hallow. Can they put aside their differences and give themselves over to their union, or will their pasts destroy them?

Caleb Hallow doesn’t need anyone. All he needs is to dominate in the MMA cage and become world champion. His plans are derailed when he wakes up with a mysterious tattoo of his ancestors after a one night stand with his opponent’s ex-girlfriend, Meg Riley. Sharing the mark with her joins them as mates for eternity. Can Caleb deal with Meg for the rest of his life? Can he keep her safe from his past as he falls deeply in love with her? And will she stay by him when she finds out he is actually a werewolf?

It was just a fling, a chance to get revenge on her cheating ex. At least that’s what Meg Riley tries to convince herself. But the indescribable pull that draws her to the dark, dangerous Caleb Hallow tells her differently. Although she is furious when she finds the strange tattoo on her back after their night together, and even though he tells her some convoluted story about him being a werewolf, she can’t stay away from him. She can’t stop herself from falling for him. When her ex threatens Caleb’s life, how far will Meg go to save him? Will she be willing to sacrifice her life for his?




Meet H.N. Sieverding!!!

untitled (3)

Today on my blog I have someone on who is near and dear to my heart – H.N. Sieverding!  She’s a great friend (even though we have never met face to face – and we live an hour away!).  She is also my co-host of our WON Radio show, Freshly Booked and she designed the cover to my new release. 

And she didn’t come alone.  She brought Caleb Mason with her, the hero of her Nightwalkers Series!  Yum….*fans self**swoons*

Better get started with the interviews…

1.       Tell me a bit about yourself. 

I’m a writer and freelance graphic designer.  I’ve written a HUGE amount of books and am partial to horror and paranormal romance (most are also contemporary as well).  I have a degree in art and though most people know me for my graphic design, my specialty is sculpture.  I’m also a mom and have a four year old son.  Oh, yeah!  And I host this radio show with you 😉

2.       How did you start writing?

When I was in grade school, I couldn’t really write yet, so I made comic books.  When we got our first computer, I vowed to write my first book.  And I did.  I sat at the computer in my parent’s crowded kitchen and wrote it.   After that, writing books became an obsession for me. I call it my “obsession” because I can’t get away from it.  I don’t think I could stop writing if I wanted to.

In college, I would spend every minute of my free time writing.  I didn’t have a computer, so I would hand-write all of my stories.  Some of my favorite memories of being a writer is sitting in the library working on my books.

3.       Who are your favorite authors?

Besides myself?  Hmm…this one is hard.  I’d have to say my favorite authors are my author friends, because their books are the only I really read.  I’ve always had a hard time settling my mind down enough to concentrate and loose myself in a book.  I always seem to get distracted or can’t remember what I had been reading.  I blame it on my concentration issues (I have ADD) or my anxious personality.  So, when I do read, it’s usually when I’m waiting for something or can’t get to my laptop and I only read short bits at a time.  If my laptop is there, it’s a too much of a tease and I won’t read anything.  I’ll be working on a book-or messing around with a design in photoshop.

4.       Where do you find inspiration for your books?

I don’t have a certain place or thing that inspires me.  If you need an “answer”, it’s an idle mind.  The best times are when I’m on a road trip, gazing out the window or doing a mindless task at work or home.

5.       Tell me about your muse.

I don’t have one.

6.       Do you carefully plot out what you are about to write or do you just go for it?

I don’t write outlines and sometimes I can’t predict where a book it going to end up.  Sure, at first I think I know, but my characters always change everything on me.  That’s okay though, because I love them.  The closest thing I do to outlining is taking notes as I’m going along to keep things straight, but that’s about it.  I don’t even do that much.  To me, outlining takes all the fun out of the story.

7.       How do you get prepared to write?  (Do you put on music?  Make a pot of coffee?)

This is weird.  In every other aspect of my life, I have a hard time concentrating on anything.  But when I’m writing or working on a piece of art, I can actually zone out and get into it.  Nothing distracts me when I’m in the writing mood, so because of that I don’t have any rituals besides opening my laptop.  But if I’m trying to write an email or something un-novelish?  You better shut up because I can’t concentrate when you’re talking.

8.       How have your real life experiences influenced your writing?

I don’t want that awkward moment where someone asks, “Is that based on me?”, so I try not to write about anything real.  The closest I’ve come is using names.  Besides, my life is rather boring, my stories aren’t.

9.       Tell me about your main characters.

Ooo….I like this question.  How did you know I like to talk about my books?

My Nightwalkers series currently has three books; Blood Kisses, Forever Black and Blood War.

Ashleigh:  She’s a horror/romance writer, who is known for her bestselling vampire series, Nightwalkers (hence the name of the series).  She uses the pen name, Victoria Allure, and there is a huge cult following for her books.  After her father’s death, she was raised by her grandparents.  She has a mother, but you don’t met her until Book 2.  Her grandfather hints that her mother has vampire tendencies, but not much else is mentioned about her other than Ashleigh hates her.

Ashleigh has a huge crush Caleb, a celebrity, who she mirrored the hero in her books after.  You don’t meet the man she bases her villain on until the second book, but Ashleigh mentions that he killed her father.

Caleb:  He’s the lead singer of the hard rock band, Armageddon, that he formed with his two childhood friends.  He’s a dare devil and has a very bold personality that often gets him in trouble.  But he’s friendly, generous and outgoing.  Though he doesn’t seem like the “reading” type, he’s actually a huge fan of the Nightwalkers series.

Natalie:  Ashleigh’s best friend and roommate.  She and Ashleigh work in a bookstore that their grandfathers opened together.

Spencer:  He’s the first vampire Ashleigh meets.  He tries to seduce her throughout the book, but I won’t tell you if he succeeds or not.  He’s a hunter, and brings home the dinner for the vampire Elders.  His master hired Nathan and him to find Ashleigh.  He also becomes one of
Ashleigh’s good friends, though for the most part he seems like a stalker.

Kris:  Caleb’s best friend.  He’s Armageddon’s guitarist.  He lives the classic rock star lifestyle and it’s hinted that he’s an alcoholic.  Otherwise, he’s a lot like Caleb and is very outgoing.  He’s also like Caleb’s shadow and spends the majority of his free time at Caleb’s house playing video games.

Robert:  He’s been Caleb’s guardian since he was a child.  Caleb regards him as a father figure and the pair is usually always together.   Like Nathan and Spencer, he’s a hunter and serves an Elder vampire.

Aiden:  An Elder vampire.  He has a bet going with another Elder to see who can seduce Victoria Allure first.  He falls in love with Ashleigh from her books, and is extremely wealthy.  He’s a huge snob, and philanthropist.  He tries to buy Ashleigh’s publishing company to find out the identity of New Castle’s mystery author, Victoria Allure.

Nathan:  He’s not exactly a main character in this the first book, but he’s in the rest of the series.  He becomes Ashleigh’s guardian in the second book, Forever Black and Blood War.  In Blood Kisses, he works for the same man as Spencer.  Natalie is in love with him, but Nathan doesn’t return her affections.

The Count:  He’s the villain of the series and knows the secret behind the storyline in Ashleigh’s Nightwalkers series (he calls her out viciously in Forever Black).  He’s also the first vampire and is immortal, unlike the other vampires.  He’s known for his poetic lines and is very princely in nature, unlike Caleb, who is childish and immature in a lot of ways.

Zander:  Ashleigh’s son.  Caleb and Kris nicknamed him, “Wolf Boy” because he likes to bite people.  He’s usually seen chewing on his grandmother’s “homemade” suckers to curb the urge.  He’s makes an appearance briefly in Forever Black, but is a main character in Blood War.

10.   Describe you favorite place to write.

On my laptop

11.   What do you like to do when you are not writing?

Graphic design, playing video games and traveling.  I’m a huge Fallout fan.  The game.  Not the band.

12.   Does your main hero/heroine have an interesting quirk?

Not that I can think of.

13.   What advice do you have for other writers starting on this path?

Get an editor.   It’s amazing how much you don’t know about writing and can learn from an editor.  It’ll improve your writing immensely.

14.   What celebrity would you chose to play the main character(s) in the movie rendition of your book?

This one’s easy.  Jared Leto would be Caleb 😀

15.   How do you feel about your character (the one you are being interviewed with)?

I love him!  He’s one of my favorite characters.

Now for some hot and naughty questions… 

1.       Which of your characters would you like wrapped in a bow and nothing else?

Ha!  I love this one.  But it’s hard to pick just one.  So, I’m picking two.   First, would be Caleb from Nightwalkers.  If he’s naked, then I can see ALL his tattoos, but his guitar would have to be an accessory he came with.  Second, would be Levi from The Doll Shoppe Murders.  Except he’d have to strip for me first.  Why?  Because I’d love to see him peal that uniform off his sexy self.  In the book, he poses for a beefcake calendar with some of his fellow police officers.

 2.       What kind of man/woman makes you purr?  Do you have any examples (celebrities?)

I think thick, muscular guys with tattoos are super hot. One who can pick me up and play rough. And if they have a devilish grin?  That has me sold.  I love bad boys.

3.       What part of a man/woman’s body makes you drool?

Eyes.  It’s the first thing I look at on a guy.

Bloodkisses_(nightwalkers_1)_cover   forever_Black_(nightwalkers_2)_cover

Hmmm…I’d have to agree.  Now, onto our sexy guest.  Caleb…

1.       Tell me a bit about yourself. 

I’m in a band called Armageddon.  Maybe you heard of us? (laughs)

2.       Who is the most important person in your life?  Tell me about them.

My fiancé and my son.  I don’t think I could live without either of them.

3.       When you have five minutes of free time, what do you like to do?

Well, with my hectic schedule, I don’t get much of that.  But if I do, I unwind by playing my guitar.

4.       What do you do for a living?

I’m livin’ the dream.  But seriously, I’m really lucky.  So, I’d like to send a shout out to my fans.  (waves)  You guys are awesome and thanks for supporting my music.

5.       What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

Feed Wolf Boy, so he doesn’t eat the first thing he sees.

6.       What is the last thing you do before you go to sleep?

Cuddle my girl

7.       Tell us about your author.  What do you think of him/her?


8.       What makes you happy?

My fans, coming home to my family and….something I can’t mention.

9.       Do you have any regrets?


10.   Are you afraid of anything?

Me?  Naw….

11.   What kind of music do you listen to?


12.   If you could convince your author to write a superpower for you, what would it be?

Mind reading, that’d be awesome.

13.   Describe yourself to our readers.  If you looked like a celebrity, who would it be?

I’m Caleb Mason from Armageddon and I am a celebrity.

14.   What was the most significant moment of your life?

Almost losing everything, then taking it back.

15.   Where do you want to be in five years?

Still on the top ten

Very nice!  It’s so great talking to both of you!  If you would like to get more of Caleb, you can find him here:

Blood Kisses (Nightwalkers Book #1)

And catch up with H.N. Sieverding on Facebook or her Blog!


Bitter Fruits by Sarah Daltry


1213 Bitter Fruits_1400

Book Info:

Title: Bitter Fruits (Eden’s Fall, #1)

Author: Sarah Daltry

Release Date: 12/1/2013

Publisher: Escape Publishing


For fans of dark urban fantasy comes a novel that questions why forbidden fruit is always the most tempting…

A vampire-themed masquerade party isn’t really her scene, but Nora is sick of frat parties and bars. When she meets Alec, the appeal suddenly becomes clear. It’s obvious that they’ve been struck by the same intense mutual attraction, but Alec keeps his distance. Intrigued despite herself, Nora pushes a little deeper — and discovers Alec’s unimaginable secret…

Nora is not afraid of following Alec into the darkness, but the choice is soon taken from her. Someone is hunting her — someone tied to the secret and desperate to see it play out. But when Nora finally meets her aggressor, she finds herself hopelessly drawn to him. She needs to make a choice between the two men, but can she save them both, knowing one is destined to die?

Praise for Bitter Fruits:
“This book is one of the best paranormals I’ve read, and I’ve read a lot. Five stars hands down! I am proud to pass it on to all of you. Buy this book, devour it and enjoy. ”

 Buy Links:


Amazon UK:


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JB HiFi:

About The Author:

Sarah Daltry writes about the regular people who populate our lives. She’s written works in various genres – romance, erotica, fantasy, horror. Genre isn’t as important as telling a story about people and how their lives unfold. Sarah tends to focus on YA/NA characters but she’s been known to shake it up. Most of her stories are about relationships – romantic, familial, friendly – because love and empathy are the foundation of life. It doesn’t matter if the story is set in contemporary NY, historical Britain, or a fantasy world in the future – human beings are most interesting in the ways they interact with others. This is the principle behind all of Sarah’s stories.

Sarah has spent most of her life in school, from her BA and MA in English and writing to teaching both at the high school and college level. She also loves studying art history and really anything because learning is fun.

When Sarah isn’t writing, she tends to waste a lot of time checking Facebook for pictures of cats, shooting virtual zombies, and simply staring out the window.


Author Social Media Links:









He sits in front of me and brings me to his chest. Our flesh is hot and sticky where it touches and I can’t stop the ache between my legs. His breathing is ragged and he tightens his grip on the back of my head as he tries to slow it. I am hurt or angry or frustrated, but I don’t know which. He runs his hands along my entire body and I push against him, needing him and not knowing how to accept his denial.

I want you, Nora. I have wanted you since I saw you. You are gorgeous. However, there are secrets that… Please understand, the steps that you want to take will reveal things. This cannot end well for either of us. I don’t want to make you suffer, but I am fated to suffer. Don’t make me bring you with me into the darkness. I can’t bear to lose you.’

I sense the pain that grips him. The darkness that he speaks of sounds frightening, but I don’t feel fear when I face him and meet his eyes. ‘I will follow you anywhere. Dark or light. Stop trying to make my choices for me.’

Our lips meet again, but it is with doubt. Neither of us knows what will happen if we are to move forward, but I want to have a chance to find out.

My body is still crying out for him but now my mind is calm. I want him, but I want him when he knows that I’m ready for whatever that means. His hands touch me and his caresses are soft. We both slow our breathing and I try to let my will match his. When he pulls away, he gathers the picnic and looks at me with longing and a hunger I do not recognize. It’s not sexual, but desperate. Almost as a dying man looks in the last moments of his life.

In three days,’ he says, ‘I will meet you again at the church where we first met. In the meantime, I want you to look something up — and if you do not appear at the church, I’ll know that what you found changed everything.’

Okay,’ I say warily. I’ll do anything he asks, but his fear scares me. What kind of secrets can he possibly hold? Little right now could stop me from going to him in three days.

Find the name Charles Samuels. He was an Oxford student in the 1960s. And then we shall see how much of the darkness you are willing to face.’

I’ll look him up, but Alec, I’m going to be at the church in three days,’ I say.

For your sake, Nora, I hope that you’re not.’







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