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Breaking The Cycle – Post Three


It’s Tuesday so I feel like I should post something so here is the next section of Breaking the Cycle…

The small Italian restaurant was bathed in an amber gold light.  The booths and tables were stained in a deep chocolate brown and each table was draped in a red and white checkered tablecloth.  Max smiled.   He loved small independently owned places like this, not the big chain restaurants.

He glanced over to Chloe standing beside him.  She was biting her lower lip with an anxious look in her eye.  He hoped she would like this place as much as he did.

They were escorted to a table and given their menus.  Max pulled Chloe’s chair out for her to sit.  Anything I can do to impress her.  He took his seat at looked up to start a little small talk.  She had buried herself in her menu, blocking her entire face from his sight.  With a sigh he reached across the table for a breadstick.

He jumped back as his arm knocked over his water glass soaking the front of his lilac dress shirt and black tie.  He ripped his napkin from the table and blotted at the blossoming ice cold spot.

Max looked up as her heard the sound of giggling.  Chloe pressed her hands against her mouth to hide her laughter.  It was no use.  Max chuckled as he sat back in his seat.

What a way to break the ice.

“Are you all right?” Chloe asked.

“Yep.  Nothing but a little hurt pride.”

She reached across the table and wrapped her hand around his.  “If it means anything I thought you handled it gracefully.”

He felt the surge of electricity jolt him by her touch.  “Well, thank you.”

They talked as they waited for their food.  They chatted through their meal.  They talked so long past finishing supper they ordered dessert.  Chloe told him about growing up in Minneapolis.  She still lived with her mom in the house she grew up in.

Max told her about growing up in small town Minnesota – New Ulm to be specific, a town known more for its German heritage than health and fitness. He went to college in Mankato to study physical fitness before moving to Minneapolis.

Chloe reached across the table and brushed a blonde lock from his forehead.  “I can see the German heritage in you.”

Max couldn’t speak.  Her touch sent his heart racing.  He nervously returned her smile before handing the server his credit card.

Max wrapped his arm around Chloe’s as he led her outside.  The rain had stopped.  The street lights reflected in the puddles randomly scattered around the street and sidewalk.  They stopped as they reached Max’s car.

Max gazed Chloe meeting her blue eyes with his.  His breath caught in his throat as his eyes wandered to her lips.  He dipped his mouth against hers for a soft kiss.

He thought he felt he sink into the kiss.  He thought he felt her deepen it.  Suddenly she pushed against him pulling out of his grasp.  There was a look of terror in her eyes.  She backpedaled several steps then turned and rushed around the corner.

Max stared at the empty street.  He wiped his hand across his mouth.  Was kissing me really that bad?  He shook his head frustrated.  Part of him was ready to walk away.  But he knew he couldn’t.  He brought Chloe to this restaurant.  It was several miles from her home.  He had no idea if she had enough money for cab fare.  He certainly didn’t want her to take public transportation home.

With a sigh Max trotted off after Chloe.