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Well, things have become crazy again and I am once again putting aside writing.  I have a novel I am dying to share…ok, I’m dying to just finish.  When I did this with Woodcutter ( it was amazing how fast I kicked myself into gear to get things done.  So…let’s try this again!

A few words of warning:  I do have a graduation coming up fast.  And this novel isn’t actually finished.  So, please be patient as I post.  I will do my best to keep up with it.

Also…this novel has no title.  As much as I’ve tried I can’t come up with one.  So if you think of a great title please post it in the comments.  I can’t promise a great prize for the winner (and new name for my book!) but who know what could happen when we’re done.  For now it’s name with be IDKWTCTS (I Don’t Know What To Call This Story).