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Tuesday Tales – Key

 Hi and welcome to Tuesday Tales! This week’s word prompt is “key” and we’re back with Reese and Lily in The Heartbreaker (yep – I changed the name!). 

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The warm white sunshine poured through the large glass windows of the library turning the plank wood floors into honey gold. The fragrance of brandied pecan pies baking for the festival filled every part of Braden.  Lily smiled as she smoothed her powder blue sundress before picking up a pile of books to put away. 

The festival brought people from miles around to Braden for a chance to sample the secret pie recipe. Every business would boom today. Buddy was sponsoring a street dance. Reese and Molly spent until midnight helping Lily finish cataloging the baskets for the silent auction. With the amount of donations she received, there was no doubt she would raise far more than she had last year. Which was a good thing. Her wish list for the library shelves was a mile long.

Lily turned, frowning, as she heard the large oak door open. Speaking of the devil… Reese stood in the doorway dressed in his usual t-shirt and jeans and looking oh-so-sexy. “How’d you get in here? I locked the door.”

“You left the key in the door, Lilybug. At this rate anyone can get in here. Why are you working? The festival is about to start.”

She smiled as she readjusted the books in her arms. “Things are behind here since we worked on the baskets last night instead of cleaning up.”

Without a word, Reese strode to the circulation desk and picked up a stack also. Lily watched him, a lovesick sigh escaping her lips. He was so sinfully handsome. The lovemaking was unbelievably hot. And he would drop everything to help her. He is really almost too good to be true.

“Lead the way, Miss Dixon,” he grinned.

Together they wove their way through the shelves. Reese picked up on the shelving system quickly. Lily gave him an encouraging smile as he disappeared down another aisle. She found her category and started slipping the books onto the shelves.

Her breath escaped as she felt a large pair of hands caress her rump. “I thought you had books to put away,” she moaned.

“I’m done,” Reese purred, nuzzling his lips against her ear. “You know, after spending years watching you in this library I’ve come up with some pretty naughty fantasizes.”

“You’ve been gone for seven years,” Lily protested breathlessly.

“Baby, I would come here in high school just to watch you study. It was closest I could do to be with you. And I was a horny teenager so you could guess what I was thinking about.” He slid his hands around her, pulling her tight against his hard body. “You. Me. An empty library. I think we should give one of my fantasizes a try.”

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Tuesday Tales – Picture Prompt


Hi! And welcome to another Tuesday Tales! This week we are writing 300 words to a word promt. And we are back with Reese and Lily in Between the Shelves.

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 “So what made you decide to fight for a living?” Lily asked as she glanced at Reese. She loved the feel of his strong hand around hers. The towering trees above them shaded them from the hot summer sun. It was just them walking on the road to the lake. Things couldn’t be more peaceful on a Saturday morning.

“I hitchhiked as far as Omaha and was desperate for money. There were fights at some low life bar by the river. Ten dollars to enter. Two hundred if I won. I took a chance and put my last ten in to enter. You could tell it was fixed. The guy I fought was over twice my size. I laid him out a minute into the round. A local coach saw me and invited me to train. He paid me and gave me a place to sleep in exchange for doing maintenance in the gym. It’s all history from there.”

“And soon you’ll be going back to Vegas,” Lily sighed miserably.

“Maybe. Why does it bother you?”

“I don’t even know what we are. Am I your girlfriend?”


“Oh.” Lily’s heart sunk in her chest as she tugged her hand back. She couldn’t stop the sudden tears that burned her eyes. Reese held her hand firm. 

“You aren’t my girlfriend. I’m not waiting for you to call so we can go see a movie. We aren’t in sixth grade. You’re my lover, the reason I breathe, the reason my heart beats. You’re the woman I want to share my body, my bed, my life with. You’re my every thought. You’re more than a girlfriend, Lily. You’re my soul.”

Lily was so dumbfounded she couldn’t speak. Her only response was simple surrender as he pulled her to him for a kiss.

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Tuesday Tales – Nail


Hi and welcome to Tuesday Tales!  This week’s word prompt is “nail”.  We’re back with Reese and Lily in Between the Shelves.

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The rest of the ride was silent but the tension between them was thick.  Lily buried herself closer to Reese to escape it.  It wasn’t anger.  She knew the tension anger caused.  She had felt it multiple times when Rose, her little sister, and her would fight.  Or she had felt it frequently with her father.  His overbearingness wasn’t to protect her from the riffraff that prowled around Braden.  It was to protect his precious reputation.  Sometimes being the preacher’s daughter was just too much to take.  

No.  This kind of tension left a dull burning ache in her belly that only Reese could fix. Part of her hoped he would soon.

Reese parked the truck and stepped out, offering his hand to help Lily down from the cab. She clung tight to him as they walked into the restaurant. Memorabilia from several sports teams were nailed to the wood paneled walls. The waitress showed them to a booth along the wall, setting the menus on either side of the table. As she walked away, Reese slid them on the same side. “Don’t get me wrong, Lilybug. I could stare at you all night. But I don’t want to look at you. I want to feel you. I want to taste you. I bet you taste far better than their pizza.”

Lily shuddered at his words. The thought of being touched and tasted by Reese completely melted her into a puddle of goo. She slid into the booth, planting herself into the vinyl seat. He slipped in beside her until his thigh was pressed tight against hers. To insure there was no space, he gripped her leg and tugged it against him. Her gasp was swallowed up by a kiss, the kind of kiss she only saw in the movies. His tongue invaded her mouth, teasing hers to play. Lily had absolutely no experience with public displays of affection. The way Reese was going, by the end of the meal she would happily let him do her right there in the booth.

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Tuesday Tales – Speak


Hi and welcome to Tuesday Tales!  This week’s word prompt is “speak”.  I’m continuing on from last week with Reese and Lily in Between the Shelves.

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She glanced around the bar.  “Where is he?”

“Rehab in Waterloo.  Answer my question.”

Lily looked down at the stained wood of the bar.  “I came in to buy a bottle of beer.  One of the ones you donated broke all over my office floor.  Before I could step in here I could see him laughing and hugging your waitress.  She kissed him on the cheek.”

Buddy started laughing.  “That’s why you dumped him?”

“Why wouldn’t I?  I was obviously just a fling to him.”

The door to the bar was flung open.  Lily squinted against the sunlight to see who stepped in.  Her heart slammed in her chest.  It wasn’t Reese but the waitress who she saw him with.  The girl was juggling an armful of bags of pretzel buns from Merryn’s bakery down the street.  She glanced from Buddy to Lily as she dropped the bags on the closest table.  “What’s up?”

“Jenny, why did I hire you?” Buddy interrogated.

“Because my charming personality brings our customers back and makes you loads of money.”

“The other reason, smartass.”

“Because my cousin is your best friend.”

“And your cousin is?”

“Reese, you moron.”

Buddy grinned at Lily.  “Make sense now?”

Lily looked at Jenny.  “I know your entire family, Jenny.  They’re not related to Howard Cooper.”

“True.  But my mom was Susie Cooper’s sister,” Jenny returned.

Lily frowned.  “Was?”

“Aunt Susie left when Reese was one and a half.  She didn’t want to be a wife and mother.  They found her six years later dead in a motel with another guy in Oklahoma City.  It was a murder/suicide I guess.  Howard blamed Reese for her leaving.  It of course didn’t have to do with his drinking and sleeping around.  Here.”  Jenny hurried around the bar to get her purse.  She rummaged around inside, pulling free an old photo of three children swinging in the park, two girls and a boy.  A woman stood near them.  “That’s my mom.  The girl on the left is my older sister, Jane.  I’m in the middle.  The boy is Reese.  Howard would drop him off at our house for weeks at a time.  Told my mom that he was her problem since her sister left Reese with him.  My mom had to call human services and report him for him to come get Reese.  It was probably better for him just to stay with us.  It took days for him to speak to anyone.”

Lily gazed at the photo as she lovingly brushed her fingertips over the image of the boy.  Jenny slipped onto the barstool next to her.  “He’s told me all about you.  I mean, I already knew who you were. I’ve never seen Reese like this.  He’s so crazy in love.  Lily, whatever stupid thing my cousin did, please forgive him.  He really loves you.”

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